dice system: robotech

  1. Sherwood

    UEEF Marines - IC Thread

    @Eonivar @Psychie @GunMan2 Welcome to the Third Heavy Assault Division AKA the Dragon Slayers. You are currently on the Ikazuchi-Class Command Cruiser MacArthur traveling through deep space on your way to Tyrol, the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. For Pyrrah, this has been a long trip from...
  2. Sherwood

    Futuristic UEEF Marines - Characters

    With each level increase, you get to add a new skill at a level one proficiency instead of what you are supposed to get from your OCC. Also, as you go up in level, you can add one (1) to any of your attributes, with the only restriction being that you can boost any particular stat every other...
  3. Sherwood

    Futuristic UEEF Marines - Lore and Equipment

    Info incoming. Rolling all attributes will be done in the OOC thread. Standard die rolls are for you to use 4d6, taking the top 3 dice. If the total is a 16-18, add a fourth dice to the roll. If that roll is a six, add another 1d6 for a potential top score of 30. Reroll all 1's. For alien...
  4. Sherwood

    Futuristic UEEF Marines - OOC Thread

    Lets bring our musings here. @Psychie @Eonivar
  5. Sherwood

    Starship Troopers inspired Palladium Robotech Game (Open)

    After re-reading Heinlein's book Starship Troopers, I am interested in a UEEF-based PbP game based on using Cyclones or Silverbacks instead of being focused on the other Veritechs like the Alpha, Beta and Valkyrie, or the larger ground-pounding Destroids. I would be using the 2e rules, dipping...
  6. Psychie

    Robotech: Army of the Southern Cross - IC Thread

    We will start once everyone is ready.
  7. Sherwood

    Ongoing Robotech game (Palladium System) looking for 1 or 2 new players [closed]

    Hey everyone. I have a UEEF saga Robotech game using the second edition that I have had a couple of players back out of, and now I'm looking for one or two more people to add to the mix. The characters have just hit third level, so you have not missed out on much of the action. If you are new...
  8. Sherwood

    UEEF - The Shadow Chronicles - IC Thread

    It has been a long three weeks in fold space since the fleet has left Earth on its way to Tyrol, the homeworld of the Robotech Masters. Luckily for you, this time has been spent on board the Command Cruiser MacArthur, giving you access to one of the bigger ships of the division, and more...
  9. Psychie

    Robotech - Southern Cross Adventure

    Welcome to Psychie's first Robotech Game! IC posts to come later.
  10. Psychie

    Wanting to run my first Robotech game

    Hey everyone! I have been a member for a while, and now I want to try my hand at running a Southern Cross setting game of Robotech. It would start out during the time of the Malcontent Uprisings, then move into the invasion by the Robotech Masters. I will tag a few players that might be...
  11. WlfSamurai

    Robotech - Expedition Under Fire

    The Haydonite betrayal has struck a blow to the UEEF. Inter-species relations have become strained, at best. Some of the men and women of Earth have fallen into blaming their alien allies for their problems. The aliens have followed suit. To contain the issues, the UEEF Admiralty has launched a...
  12. Sherwood

    Robotech - Tales of the UEEF (Main)

    Here is our story thread.