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In this particular RP, a group of monsters are striving to target and ambush the response from the Adventurer Guild in investigating the disappearance of some lumberjacks from the outskirt village Rimeburgh. By doing so some of the monsters are hoping to potentially gain loot, and or meat, and have some fun along the way united by doing what Isekai [Monster]s do best.

It was just starting to turn to afternoon in the outskirts of a village known as Rimeburgh. It was just on the cusp of the civilized lands, it was culturally more like Ryke than anywhere else. Thanks to its relatively modest size and its location, it was not a village which had the highest degree of protection, beyond some volunteer guards who milled about the wood walls which had been propped up mostly just making sure that the place was safe from monsters. What Rimeburgh was known for however was it’s wood mills which sent quite a bit of lumber to trade routes via purchasers.
At this very moment people went on their business, however not all were at peace, the family members of those who disappeared were simply distraught, as they waited for the response from the Adventurer Guild to arrive on the scene to go and find out exactly what happened in the woods beyond the village.

Wapelin Woods
Not far from Rimeburgh just into the wilderness was the Wapelin Woods which produced some of this high quality woods. Beyond the occasional fae, traveler, merchant, animal, or low level monster not much else was all to typical around these woods, making it an ideal place to gather Wood for Rimeburgh.

Several days ago a group of lumberjacks went into the Wapelin Woods and while they were distracted collecting wood, and a group of monsters who had been carefully watching the humans patterns for several days knew just where to lie in wait and strike, so they did, and they slaughtered the humans, those who ate human meat feasted, whose who wanted to take gear pillaged them and those who just wanted to partake in violence did. One of the monsters decided to leave one of the lumberjack’s hatchets out on the side of one of the main pathways as a sort of clue, in hopes that it would be spotted and word would spread throughout Rimeburgh about the disappearance of the wood collecting party.

Wapelin Woods Ruins

Once again the monsters would wait hidden in the depths of the wood, using the nearby ruins as a makeshift camp of sorts where they could hide away until it was the time to strike once again, with the hopes of stronger opponents, with better gear, more meat, or just fun to be had. The remains of a building providing semi shelter, and a means to hide out of sight from the main road, as well as from most. A large portion of one the desolate building's facades still intact. With the way everything had been destroyed there was a suggestion of some kind of magical disaster or monster attack to the observant.

One of the monsters who was in this group was a demon named Zolgen. He had been in not the best mood since someone he had taken a liking too was recently killed, Gra. Fortunately for him partaking in the slaughter and feast of the Lumberjacks had made him feel slightly better but he was still feeling bitter about the whole ordeal.

For now the muscular Skull headed demon stayed in wait at the ruins every now and again waiting for an update on the road from one of his goblins who had been on periodic lookout, twiddling with some of the hatchets which they had grouped up.

Thankfully for Zolgen he had reunited with his Wild Hunt brother Achu at that last settlement raid, so he was there as well, which gave Zolgen some much needed company. The goblins weren’t very much for talking exactly, more like violent children running about than anything behavior wise. With the bloodshed out here with their luck they might attract the attention of other monsters, this far out. Of course one had to be careful, it wasn’t every day you could find reliable bonds with other monsters, not like the one Zolgen had been forging with Achu when they faced adversity together and got out of all kinds of situations.
He eventually looked to Achu, and would have probably smirked a bit if his head was capable of showing it.

“Oh you have no idea, how much I’m looking forward for the fun that’s to come, they’ll never see it coming…as confident as I am that we can do some serious damage, and as eager as I am..we should still be cautious, and I know that sounds rich coming from me..but really I've seen what those..humans can do and while you and I have reached a threshold where we can hold our own against even some more powerful opponents..quantity could still prove to be a problem."

He'd pause for a moment examining one of the swords which he was brandishing as per usual so he could jump into fighting at a moment's notice.

" Thankfully I really can't imagine that they’ll be sending anyone whose too high ranking to come deal with something that’s this trivial out here in the boondocks, so I’m hoping that we can just clean up whatever we can that comes, have some fun, take what we want and be on our way to the next place.”

Zolgen rationalized, to Achu. Whilst he waited in the cover of the ruins. Besides the lumberjack's gear there was also a pile of some very human looking bones which had been picked clean. If Zolgen's calculations were correct from what he had observed the time grew nearer that something worth while should be showing up to look for the dead...

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Achu (#6593FF)
Achu was perched atop one of the crushed pillars of stone and rubble, bathing in the warm ray of sunlight that shone directly on his body with his eyes closed. The enveloping yellow light gave him a slight green-ish glow, phasing through the translucency of his indigo-coloured slime.

"You're as bloodthirsty as ever my friend." The blue slime commented with a low tone, each word of his strangely slow, gentle and drawn out. It was uncharacteristic of him. Considering his usual appearance of liveliness and chaos. But he was simply too relaxed in his sunbathing to put up the facade of constant amusement and joy at this moment. Zolgen was a long-term companion at this point anyway, there was no need to feign such things in front of him.

"That much is obvious. As long as we don't linger, we'll be fine." He affirmed whilst squinting and slowly re-opening his eyes. It's not that he didn't understand Zolgen's concerns, he simply just didn't care. Whether it was the joyful havoc of slaughtering the weak or a thrilling escape from a sudden, unexpected hero, either option sounded like a fun time. Pity what happened to that demoness though. If he could've, he would've liked to at least retrieve her body for his skull-faced friend.

"Just make sure to crush everyone you see. Don't want any wanted posters popping up with our faces on it." Achu's bright red gaze side-eyed his demonic brother, pondering for a moment as he slowly melted into a puddle of goo, spilling down the sides of the pillar. "Well... if you want to be more infamous though, I won't stop you." He added after a little while, having recalled Zolgen's deep affection for fighting stronger and stronger opponents.

Realizing he was seriously going to drift off, Achu abruptly opened his beady little eyes and pulled himself back up, squishing back into his usual tiny blue ball self. Noticing the discarded human leftovers nearby, he concluded he had digested well-enough by now to finish the rest of the meal. Letting food go to waste was a terrible thing to do after all. Hopping back onto the grass, he idly enveloped the pale bones left on the grass, taking them into his body to slowly erode and be digested whilst sitting on the blood-stained rags of clothing that been left behind.
Once upon a time.

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    There be they, a monster who looked very alike to an ordinary human if 'twasn't for their skin which was dyed in the colour of violet if 'twasn't for their sharply pointed ears and if 'twasn't for the tall and thin dainty horn with a not unsafe tip. Yes, this monster, who perchance could, at a glance, pass for a fae, was rather heavy as of here.

    Woe has befallen them, for why? Because it does be so that ere this, folk had chased the unthreatening one far far away from a village quite far from here. The maidenly Eros was not of the active kind, and as such had heaved quite an unnecessary effort to be without those town's folks' blades and bolts. Why oh why would they beshrew such a dazzling and fair folk? Only love they sought to surfeit, yet here they now were.

    Hither to thither, Eros peered at which what surrounded them at this moment. 'Twas but woodland and the verdancy of nature. Delicately, with a hand swathed with a glistening glove, they had taken out their handy hand mirror [Narcissus], to bear witness to their state. As Eros examined the face reflected upon the mirror's 'glass,' they did aimlessly walk through thickets and brush.

    "Strange it be..." Whisper they, putting a different hand onto their purple cheek, "Mayhaps not unlovely, methinks! Ay, there be not a hair too out of place, nay lashes be too curled with an uttermost comely face unscratched." Vainly spoke Eros to the reflected face accompanied by a content smile.

    However, anon would Eros hear the voices of a pair nearby. Yes, for they had come upon a ruined structure of sorts where in lay two not very human folks. A larger one with matching large weapons, and a smaller one which did indeed seem not threatening compared to the former. What was this gathering for? Eros had their interest piqued.

    "In faith!" Eros quite loudly exclaimed, taking gentle and verily slightly cautious steps towards the two as they'd softly tie the hand mirror back onto their beaded girdle. "Good morrow yon! Methinks that hither doth be not a graceless place." They'd compliment, however, whether 'twas comprehensible to the two was not really on Eros's mind.

    With a smile, Eros looked at both the slime and the larger monster with a smile, "Art the both of you well? From what I have heard, ye do seem to resolve something of greatest festivity, ay? Be it perchance ye will for more to partake?" Eros would ask, "An that doth be true, an it please ye wilt thee allow this one to partake?" They'd add politely. Thinking of polite customs, Eros would slightly be taken aback by themselves.

    "Ah, nay!" They'd exclaim, "Where do be my politeness?! Shun that, I pray thee to hark." Eros spoke, brushing off their legs as they'd remember their [Etiquette] F, with a very slightly quicker than usual curtsy Eros would begin introducing themselves, "Salutations, I privy ye my name as Eros. 'Tis as fair as the fragrance o' flowering spring be it to make your acquaintances." Eros would say with a marry smile.
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Wapelin Wood Ruins
The goblins apparently hadn't taken notice of Eros as they made their way into the space. Perhaps it was because they were far away enough in another direction, it wasn't as if they had extrasensory skills which would have alerted them to that. The peaceful sounds of the forest was what dominated the sound waves for the time being, besides the pair presumably speaking in monster which always had a unique sound to it. The light hitting the ruins and casting some shadows. Occasionally the sound of animals could be heard moving around the bushes and birds chirping. Truthfully the scene would have been quite idealic for even a non-monster had there not been the pile of human remains near by, which Achu was making work of by digesting bits of bones. For now they still had time.

Zolgen couldn't help but chuckle a bit when he heard Achu comment that he was as blood thirsty as usual. He did take notice that Achu was more relaxed at the moment which was probably a good thing given he knew they wouldn't be relaxed for too much longer with the waiting they had already been doing.
"Well you think about it, it's only natural is it not? I'm a demon, this body was created for me.." He'd flex his muscles a bit. before extending one of his retractable claws.
"The body of a predator..It only seems right to use what I've been given to have some fun..It would be such a waste to sit back and take it easy when there's so much to be done."

After going back into a more neutral standing stance with his blades out and bringing back his claw into his hand, he nodded at the linger comment in confirmation that he understood and agreed. At the next two lines however he found them most amusing too in their own way.

"You really do know me well don't you? As fun as it would be to get everyone on edge with my picture, and as much as I enjoy battling people who actually can put up some kind of fight..I think we're too early for any serious notoriety..that raid against those in the beast nation taught me that much, there there's still plenty of time to grow even stronger before I really put myself out there, after all I have some big plans..It would be nice if we could find out family again..we had something nice going on there.."

He would have smirked if he was capable of forming one after saying that, before shifting to a more serious look toward the later part.

When Zolgen heard 'in faith' he spun around to face the person who had said it. Zolgen listened intently to Eros looked guarded at first, truthfully he wasn't entirely sure all the stuff Eros was saying, he hadn't exactly been the most stellar in English class in his last life during the Shakespear portions..

When he first saw them he could have thought they were a fae but that wasn't true, he had a feeling that despite their looks they were of the same tree. Upon seeing the fancy curtsy, Zolgen made his way over cautiously keeping his dominant stance the whole time, and his blades out before he paused, before he put one on his back before giving him a bit of a friendly wave in response, not missing a beat.

"Why hello there Eros. My name is Zolgen and this is my brother.." He'd gesture to Achu, figuring the slime could introduce himself on his own terms. Zolgen then went over to get close enough to Eros and offer them a handshake with the non bladed hand. While he did this he used Appraisal D on Eros, a slight red gleam in his eye holes appearing.

Before suddenly Zolgen's voice suddenly sounded more friendly as he was a bit surprised at what he saw.

"Who would have thought another demon could be so pretty looking." He couldn't help but sound amused.

"Well then, Eros, as long as we're one in the same and you want to join in our little fun..you're more than welcome to join as far as I'm concerned, as long as my brother is okay with it too.."

"We're waiting here for some adventurers to come and find out what happened to some people from a nearby village that I'll just say...disappeared."
He said with a dark chuckle.

"So if you don't mind getting involved in combat..though I can't imagine any demon would mind, I am open to it."

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Achu (#6593FF)
"You do you brother. Whatever you decide on, I'll be with you every step of the way." The slime piped up after Zolgen had shared his plans for the future, giving him a little bob of the head which was meant to be interpreted as the equivalent of a thumbs up with his body.

"Yeah, I wonder how Maikoa and Shuten are doing. Hope they're alright." Achu mused at the mention of family, somewhat lost in thought. It was funny to think that both in his past life, and this life, he had a large family that meant quite a bit to him. Funny how some things never change, even after changing from a human to a slime. He hoped they'd reunite someday, but if not, he hoped he could at least see and bury their corpses. Life for a monster was as fleeting as ever after all.

A sudden exclamation drew Achu out of his thoughts, forcing him to abruptly swallow the giant bone in his mouth. Coughing slightly, he took the opportunity to flick a mental switch, transforming from his calm state to his usual friendly and lively bubbliness.

"Hi there! I'm Achu." The blue slime beamed with friendly eyes, hopping over alongside Zolgen to greet and analyse the stranger that both spoke in riddles and somehow snuck past Zolgen's goblin guard. Perhaps he should convince his dear brother to train them a little better.

Eyeing up the tall red-haired humanoid with quite the spicy clothing choice, Achu's smile couldn't help but grow more genuine, his eyes twinkling with a growing curiosity. Alongside their unique Shakespearian-resembling tongue, the name of Eros also faintly rung a bell. Wasn't there some Greek god in his past life with that name too? How funny, this person really had a whole theme going for them.

It took a little bit, but Achu could pick out some key words and figure out what the stranger was saying. They said 'good morning', and complimented the area they resided in. Then, they asked 'how are you?', and asked to join in the fun they had planned. Finally, they introduced themselves and said 'pleasure to meet you', or something along those lines. All in all, a pretty standard entrance to make. If Eros started talking about more complicated things however, he had a feeling he and Zolgen would be doomed by the language barrier.

"A demon eh? I mean, the other demons we knew were quite pretty too." Achu piped up in response to Zolgen after harmlessly staring at Eros for a little while. "I'm fine with it, the more fighters, the more fun. So, welcome Eros! The more the merrier as they say. Looking forward to seeing what you'll bring to the table." Achu beamed with glowing beady little eyes, hopping around by the demon's feet.

"I like your horn, it looks dangerous. Do you use it as a weapon? Headbutt people?" He inquired curiously, staring at the sharp pink-dyed weapon. "Also, your mirror, the cute and heart-shaped one on your waist, it's pretty! Is it so precious that you carry it around with you everywhere?" Achu continued to excitedly interrogate the newcomer, having caught a glance at the object before Eros had put it away.
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    Eros had wondered if they had made a not disgraceful impression upon the two. 'Tis be truly horrid if they had a fie first impression of the sharply horn'd Eros. However, reflecting upon the demon's amber-dyed eyes were little speckles of starry gleam, after all, the palely violet-tinged folk had come to feel desert. Blessedly, unalike to how Eros may have afeared, they had seemingly been cheerly welcomed.

    The much larger and more 'shrewishly built one, with clarity was not well-worn. An aught, the palely violet had not even the right to bear such a thought, for they themself was scanty suit'd with such livery. Forsooth, Eros would have belike averted their eyes in life 'ere, but hither they be no longer bound jail'd by a gentle life.

    From the depthly-ocean colour'd creature with a strange form to that which introduced himself as Zolgen had the amber-eyed thing looked to and back. Shrewishly witted it'd be for Eros to voice their bemusement with regards to Zolgen and the thing's kinsmanship. Instead, Eros smiled gently to hide what cur'd questions of which they would have asked.

    Forthwith, the lavender skin'd Eros have their cheeks slightly pinkened with the very simple compliment given by Zolgen. Ay, for praising one's self did not abash the demon as did being praised by another, but how dreary it'd be for the maidenly one to be rosey cheek'd upon hearing sweetly words voiced unto them. A, forbear, such unlaced pleasantries would not apace puncture Eros's heart with Cupid's dull bolts.

    Aroint with such love-craven thoughts, Eros shook their head apace. Apparently, the shrewishly-built one was kinsman with Eros in that both of the two shared their race as demons. It'd plague the 'maiden' to be reminded of their now devil'd life. It was then that the strange-shaped creature would quoth his introduction.

    The slime seemed to present himself as marry, though also verily privy. But Eros indeed did not find that trait knavely, for the lavender maiden owe a rather vain self. Covering their lips and allowing for a quaint snicker, they had quoth: "My thanks bright as the e'en star's glow." Cheerily voiced Eros.

    "Fair as a summer's day 'tis to be meeting ye, master Achu and master Zolgen. Gramercy for your praises to this apparel." Thanked the shrewishly-horned maiden. "In sooth, 'tis true that I hath not once raised colours to partake within a fray e're," Quoth Eros, smiling, "Although, as master Achu is privy, I do bear means to protect mine self if foe will befall 'shrew unto I." The lavender maiden did reassure.

    "But, indeed it be that mine skill lay in sweet suggestions, for a not undainty flower fight not, still it be unto one would touch its verdantly needle-woven stem. For a flower be ne'er sooth." They would compare. Eros turned their head to look at Achu, prepar'd to answer. "You smooth me, master Achu," began Eros, moving sheen glov'd hand unto the orichalcum hand-mirror. Softly, they unclutched the glass from the beaded girdle 'round their waist.

    Eros held up the ornate hand mirror, showing it with fain. "You mean this, yes? Nay that, it be not precious as salt and it be not hilding a rose. What be skill be that which it reflects. For this face of mine be the verily most important thing to I. Thus, to peer it ev'ry so second unto rid it o' spoils." Quoth Eros, "An aught, I will for it be fair by all times, and would fain rather a corse an it spoiled," Eros folded that arm, pressing gently their other hand's finger unto their cheek, eyes awander. "Mayhaps that shall bring trouble with how my means o' protection be placed. Alack me, for crimson stains stubborn." They would think.

    "Shun that. Reasons there are not to be feared for such skilless things," Quoth Eros, waving a hand to that statement, "A, may I perchance be privy to wherefore the both o' you hath come hither? From whence hath ye' come? Oh! Perchance may I divert the 'adventurers' attention? Mayhaps that shall open timely moments to surprise they?" Asked the amber-eyed demon, glittering wonder sheen within their eyes. The thoughts of others interested them exceedingly.
Wapelin Woods Ruins
For now the idle sound of nature could be heard as Zolgen and Achu tied up the ends of their conversation. And Eros had continued to speak in a most unique dialect which the demon and slime likely were not all too familiar with, at the very least what Eros was saying so far seemed to be going over well with the duo. So far the Goblins still weren't really anywhere to be found.

Zolgen would have nodded in agreement with Achu, he would have also understood the head motion since he had been getting to know Achu better as time had gone on quite a bit as they had spent more time together talking and working together since reuniting once again. It always felt nice to hear Achu typically be pretty supportive of what Zolgen wanted to do. Zolgen hoped that he could reciprocate the same. Zolgen never thought that he would have made friends as a human never mind in this demon form he had been given but surprisingly he had been feeling quite close to those who had been mentioned including Achu, and then there was Gra. He really thought that could have been something..alas all he could really do was think forward now, and continue to sew violence and destruction as he desired.

"I'm sure they're doing just fine, Maikoa was managing well enough before she met us and Shuten has only become more powerful I can imagine." Zolgen replied confidently, of the belief that it was likely they were still alive. Of course it was difficult to tell with monsters where exactly they had ended up.
Zolgen wasn't really surprised in the slightest when Achu said that that he was on board with Eros joining in, as far as Zolgen was concerned Achu tended to be, but out of respect for his brother he always wanted to ask just to make sure since any one of these days Achu could say something which was completely contrary. In order for The Wild Hunt to work or what was left of it that they knew about these sorts of decisions needed to be coordinated and agreed upon, Zolgen had determined.

"I'm tellin' ya buddy, the demons we've been seeing have been fortunate in the bodies they were given, I've seen some pretty gnarly ones on the dark continent, Not that that's a bad thing by any means, I like them both ways." Zolgen reaffirmed, speaking in common for the time being for their guest.

"I must admit I'm pretty curious too, I'm sure you gotta have some kind of way to maim your targets." He followed up After Achu's question about the horn.

What surprised Zolgen a bit was Ero's follow up comments. From what he could gather and understand from the way Eros spoke it sounded like to him Eros was saying that they hadn't really been in many fights yet, Zolgen's appraisal would have revealed such though he supposed it was possible that Eros was an alternate identity or had atoned for any misdoing but he had no reason not to believe his fellow demon.

"So what I'm hearing is that you're good at making people vulnerable through suggestion rather than ripping them to shreds, not really my forte, but since it's yours sounds like we could definitely use that to our advantage, If you have anything in your skill set that could help distract the people who are going to show up here that'd be great actually, especially for a big guy like me, I can use all the help I can get." Zolgen asserted positively before chuckling a bit at his slight morbid joke given the context that it was him sneaking up to murder innocent people.

"Also it's pretty likely you're gonna have to defend yourself if you hang around here with us, so hope that killing people if you need too won't be an issue, but sounds like you got a way to defend yourself too like you said so should be all good there." Zolgen further asserted.

It was refreshing to get some small talk from this fellow demon too. "Oh me? I come from the dark continent myself, It was a long walk I can tell you that much, dangerous place when you're just starting out and your powers haven't grown to their full potential." Zolgen chuckled again. He wasn't really sure it was the best idea to start telling Eros out the gate he came from another world originally and was human and sort of just woke up in the dark continent after dying in his world.

"I met up with Achu in Ryke originally, we were apart for some periods of time but now we're back together again."

"And where are you from?"
He asked not only to be polite but out of genuine curiosity.

After enough time for the group to keep talking, One of the goblins from Zolgen's small group approached making sounds like it was excited and Zolgen looked over curiously, and started making goblinish sounds waving it's arms around.
Goblin Javelineer #1
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 11.47.32 PM.png

"What's that you said you saw something down the road?" Zolgen inquired in monster.

The Goblin nodded it's head excitedly.

Zolgen then spoke back in common to the pair.
"Sounds like there's a small group headed down this way, probably from the adventurers guild which is exactly what we wanted, though if it's some of the town militia instead I don't mind taking them on too, adventurers probably have better loot though."

"I say we make a move closer toward the road, and use the vegetation to conceal ourselves, Eros, as you're our distraction I'm presuming you'd be most effective if you got to act first, but correct me if I'm wrong."

"I'll get the goblins to hide near the road as well."

"If we're all ready we should probably get moving if we want to be in a good position"

Zolgen then proceeded to make his way over closer to the road at a brisk pace, drawing his other sword out again and keeping them at his sides, when the goblins say him they all moved over near him, as he gestured for them to spread out, which prompted the five to move spread out incrementally along the bushes, after explaining the plan.

Zolgen himself took a spot behind a thick tree and largish rock where he crouched down in wait for them to see just what they were going to have to deal with.

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Achu (#6593FF)
A narcissist. I see. Achu mused internally, feigning interest as he listened to the demon's prattling. He can't say he didn't expect it, with their ostentatious garb and choice of item, but to hear Eros admit it is so bluntly was kind of refreshing. The fact that he had been called 'master Achu' was an amusing experience as well.

"Yeah, I'm from Ryke." Achu nodded after Zolgen. "I've been to the West Empire's deserts as well though, it's pretty wild over there. Crazy weather." He mused at the memory, recalling those strange crimson lightning strikes that seemed to chase after him and Jareth way back then.

Not saying much after that, the slime quietly watched the pair of demons converse, his head turning from one to the other as they each spoke.

It had been a while since Achu last saw Zolgen so talkative. The words he had said earlier... about missing the family they once had, echoed in the slime's mind. Hm. Perhaps he should pay the matter more notice in the future. Although Achu himself didn't care too much, he didn't mind the idea of going out and recruiting more allies if it'd make Zolgen happier. They could also help protect his brother too. Hm. Yup. That sounded like a fun task to take on; not like he was doing much else with his life at the moment anyway.

As he mentally concluded his thoughts, a familiar little grey-skinned and red-eyed figure waddled over excitedly, conveying their news to the group. Although Achu called the goblin 'little' mentally, at least in comparison to the two demons, the creature was actually still much bigger than his tiny blue self. "It's about time. Feel like we've been waiting around these ruins forever." Achu yawned as he picked himself up.

Following after his designated leader and brother, Achu mused for a moment before deciding that positioning himself for a pincer attack would be better than grouping up in one big cluster. Didn't want to accidentally take one of Zolgen's swirling cleaver swords to the face, that's for sure. Gently headbutting two of the goblins nearby, he asked them to quietly and quickly follow him across the road, setting himself up parallel to his brother's forces.
Silvanthos, Flowers of the forest.

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    'Bodies they were given' were the words that took the attention of Eros. For in sooth, it had been so by the will of the thing which calleth itself god that Eros was given such a body. Truthfully, they had not considered wherefore they came to be in this world. Had it been a mistake, or was it thought out as fate? For whatever reason it may be, Eros would have much preferred a more delicate form. The face was well enough.

    "So what I'm hearing is that you're good at making people vulnerable through suggestion rather than ripping them to shreds, not really my forte, but since it's yours sounds like we could definitely use that to our advantage, If you have anything in your skill set that could help distract the people who are going to show up here that'd be great actually, especially for a big guy like me, I can use all the help I can get." Zolgen asserted positively before chuckling a bit at his slight morbid joke given the context that it was him sneaking up to murder innocent people.

    "Also it's pretty likely you're gonna have to defend yourself if you hang around here with us, so hope that killing people if you need too won't be an issue, but sounds like you got a way to defend yourself too like you said so should be all good there." Zolgen further asserted.

    Stayed silent they did, closely harking the words spoken by the other demon. Just as how Zolgen and Achu may have found it quite difficult to understand the lavender maid's words, th'on had found it perhaps similarly difficult to understand the means in which they had spoken. Ero understood not what Zolgen meant by 'Not my forte.' What playeth part music in this talk?

    Eros nodded to affirm the 'shrewishly built one, "Ay indeed," 'gins they, "Ere now, I possess skill to reach into the mind 'n heart of those I touch. That then is accompanied by talents of which I have honed not indolently o'er time. Few illusionary trickery is too what I bear." Spoke Eros of their few abilities and limitation. They smiled, "And if fray were to fall unto me, I perceive that this dainty glass may provide a marry guard." Quoth th'on. After all, the handmirror was quite large, perfectly so to be a shield.

    It was refreshing to get some small talk from this fellow demon too. "Oh me? I come from the dark continent myself, It was a long walk I can tell you that much, dangerous place when you're just starting out and your powers haven't grown to their full potential." Zolgen chuckled again.

    "I met up with Achu in Ryke originally, we were apart for some periods of time but now we're back together again."
    "Yeah, I'm from Ryke." Achu nodded after Zolgen. "I've been to the West Empire's deserts as well though, it's pretty wild over there. Crazy weather." He mused at the memory

    The sharply-horn'd Eros would clasp together their hands, as they would smile with a slight tilt of their head. "A, how marry well!" Eros exclaimed, "The dark continent? Truly does sound fearful. Is it named such for 'tis swathed beneath a heavy shadow? Verily fie, you truly are not unbrave and cunning to have made it hither." They would praise,

    "From Ryke say you, master Achu?" Eros turned to Achu "And the West Empire's deserts? In faith! Truly I seem palely so compared to you and you. Mayhaps ere spending leisure playing with simpkins and being beshrew'd by rudesbays, I shall travel more to one perchance meet the one holding quaint my heart." The lavender maid mused.

    "And where are you from?" He asked not only to be polite but out of genuine curiosity.

    Zolgen's ask would pull th'on out from their heart-dyed thoughts. It made Eros think for a moment, for he had been taken aback by it. Indeed, they had thought, whither hath they come fro'? They'd think for a moment few, ere perking up with a simple smile. "Where fuchsia trees o'ershadow the horizon and where rose 'n briar particoats the ground endlessly. That is whither I was, now hither I walked. Silvanthos is what I named it, the place's true name is one I know not." Quoth Eros, covering their lips with a pale hand as a light chuckle would leave them.

    Eros chose not to divulge further, after all, how ridiculously unpregnant it'd be to tell them th'on was a princess eternally trapped within a tower? How unintelligent they'd think th'on is to have purposefully jumped through the window unto a briar o' roses? Truly, it would be ever so unfavourable to speak of such deedly stories.

    Faithfully for the lavender maid, It would soon appear that the lot of them would have company that would soon be joining them. However, from what the demon had said prior, this group would be embossed. In sooth, Eros was truly surprised at how they were not even slightly affected by the idea of ending the lives of others. Yes, as a true maid, she would have been, but as they are now 'tis barely even a sigh.

    "A, well!" Clapped Eros delightfully, following behind Zolgen and Achu with gentle steps. Cheerly they were to be doing something with a pair of gossip. It felt nice, they would like to surfeit in this feeling for longer. Eros would heed the 'shrewishly built one's words, nodding, "I fain do the bestest that I can." They would answer, smiling. Eros had in mind a story they heard once.

    Eros would unclutch from his gilden girdle th'on catalyst mirror and held it close as they chose to hide somewhere in the bushes a tit closer to the road than the rest of the group. Planning to make themself known once the adventurers were in their sight. Choosing to appear in the middle of the path once it was of time. The mirror th'on held glass would begin to swirl silently with a hubris-filled light-shimmer.
Zolgen did listen to what Eros had to say giving a nod and a thumbs up at the mention of the mirror being a good shield. As long as Eros was capable of fighting and defending themselves while they contributed that was mainly what Zolgen cared about as far as them joining in on the ambush.

"Yeah it's a pretty dark place you could say that, stuff gets pretty strange..I had to get out of there pretty quickly after some training..there are some very powerful monsters there, not to mention high grade non monsters who quest there from time to time which at my current state I would need to grow much stronger to properly take on.I plan to head back there someday..show them what I can do." He said, still having a more realistic view on what he was capable of with a touch his personal aspirations.

"Sounds like you're from a less than typical place too then hm?" Zolgen replied, unable to pin point where exactly in the realm Eros could be from, the plant life they were describing..maybe it was the See? It was possible for demons to form anywhere in the world with enough exposure to dangerous high concentrations of Mana for prolonged periods of time, or perhaps they too had been talked too by that strange god like figure?

Goblin Javelineers #3 & #4
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 11.47.32 PM.png

The goblin Javelineers looked at Achu after they were gently tapped, before they followed him across the road. Zolgen had no issue with this transpiring since Achu getting into position was probably a good thing on the other side so that they had a more balanced means of attack. As a result Goblin Javelineer #3 and #4 followed and were on either side of Achu hiding in the greenery on the other side of the road. While the Goblins were more simple minded at the very least they could follow instructions, communicate basically, and were driven by very base desires, if following what Zolgen said meant they could get more of what they wanted then they were willing to continue helping do what they already did but with a less chance of them being slaughtered by their natural enemies.

For now Zolgen lied in wait, but it wasn't long before the sound of movement on the road could be heard as well as the sound of people talking in some Terran as well as common here and there. Unfortunately Zolgen couldn't understand the Terran bits nor could his goblins. Zolgen wasn't sure what languages everyone else knew for sure. Regardless it shouldn't matter all too much since the plan was Eros was going to jump into action first followed by the rest of them. If only he could get a better look at the party which was moving through. The sounds of the voices were motivating, the tall demon didn't really have a way to take a look without exposing himself but they sounded more youthful which if all was what it seemed would mean access to more tender meat for him, maybe some interesting gear even if it was lower tiered, there was probably some monster that might like the materials that they could find some value out of it,


A youthful dark blue haired dagger and sword wielding figure spoke, wearing what appeared to be light armor in common. "Oh give me a break they're just giving us busy work because they don't think we can handle anything more important, they said that just two guys who were cutting wood went missing or whatever, we'll probably find them and take them back to the village." The male spoke sounding a bit disgruntled with what his opinion was of what was happening, he spoke in common.

"I bet we'll be back before the day's over..how am I supposed to further my career with child's play like this? I was really hoping to sink my blade into something worthy of my skills."

Near him was another youthful individual who was wielding a bow, and a hat which had a most unique glowing feather. She appeared to be rather annoyed with her looks over at her blue haired companion. She spoke to him in Terran. "So? What makes you think you got everything figured out already? This is a serious mission that we've been directed by the guild to fulfill, if we can pull this off we might get promoted as trivial as that might seem to you, but I for one am tired of having to do chores for people, I want to get into real adventure too but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take this any less seriously. Every quest is an opportunity to make a good impression regardless of what you think of it. There could be something dangerous around here that nabbed those wood cutters and we'd be none the wiser, so in the mean time if you could just focus on the task at hand, plus last time i checked you didn't exactly score perfectly in the practical assessment so you can cool it about this being beneath you while you're at it."

"Yeah Yeah I know, if we run into trouble..as unlikely as that seems being out all the way in hicksville, I'll call him okay? You don't need to nag all the time..I know what I'm doing." The blue haired male responded with a tone of annoyance after an eye roll. This prompted some more verbal back and forth between the two sounding like a quarrel than anything, about who was competent in their role and how serious the quest should be taken.


Just behind the pair there was a shorter female with longer ears and more ornate clothing, perhaps a fae? Even so she stayed relatively quiet until she spoke up softly, in common, She was holding onto some sort of wooden staff which appeared to have oak tree bark curling from the sides upward, and a light blue gem center held in a small wooden cage like structure in the middle. With the expression on her face it looked like she really just didn't want to get involved with what was going on, as she looked around the landscape every now and again, thankfully not noticing the monsters hiding, but at one point her ear did twitch a bit..and an inquisitive look fell upon her face.
The group was finally along far enough that they'd be in sight to Eros, the opportunity for Eros to take the spotlight so to speak as they wished too had arrived.


Zolgen was a bit surprised to hear that, someone had evidently given them bad information since they thought that only two had gone missing..perhaps someone had misrepresented the request to the guild, which meant that they were coming under prepared perhaps..this only got better and better, even if Zolgen liked fighting stronger opponents he knew that he needed to bring destruction to the weak to bring upon his own power..long term, he would have grinned sadistically at this realization if he were capable of expressing it on his face. Now all he could do was wait for Eros to make a move and distract the group presuming the demon was capable of it as they had advertised themselves to be. Depending on how things went maybe they would have a new member of the Wild Hunt on their hands.

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