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Dice Rifts - The Thirteenth Mystery - Characters



Proverbs 17:9
House Rules forthcoming.

Rolling Attributes uses the Sherwood/Psychie Method Roll on the site or ask me to roll for you if you don't trust the die roller. All stats are determined by a 4d6 roll, rerolling 1's, and taking the top 3. If that comes out to a 16-18, you add another d6 to your total. If that one is also a '6', you add another d6, giving you a potential max of 30 on a straight die roll (or more if you're playing an OCC/RCC that 'naturally' rolls more).

  • Actual levels awarded in game will be done via a milestone system.
  • You gain a new skill every level, gaining your OCC Related bonus and IQ bonus if applicable, per the Dannigan method.
  • For every level, your character has a +1 they can award to any trait that isn't attacks per melee round (strike, pull punch, perception, etc.). This represents the fruits of their hard-earned experience. If spent on a skill, it's treated as a +5% increase.
  • Those with Psionic powers can use Sherwood's List as a source of additional choices.
  • Anyone who takes an Adventurers and Scholars OCC may do one of the following:
    1. Be a minor or major psychic per pg. 289 of the core (your choice).
    2. Be a Rifts Superhuman per pg. 43 of the Conversion Book 01 (again, your choice).
    3. Pick an RCC that is otherwise exclusively an RCC. In which case you pool your OCC and RCC skills and bonuses (if both have the same skill, take the highest bonus and add another +10% to it).
Playing a character with both an R.C.C. and an O.C.C.
  • Any 'Race' (i.e. R.C.C. whose writeup lists possible O.C.C.s available) is welcome to take any suggested O.C.C. If you want something outside of what's recommended, that's fine as long as you've got some rationale in your backstory.
  • If you want to take an R.C.C. that's a full character class itself (like a Dragon Hatchling) and pair it with an O.C.C., I'm open to the possibility but would need to see your proposed combination laid out. Excessively powerful combinations may be denied, particularly if they render other PCs irrelevant in an area that other PC would otherwise shine at.
  • Typically, R.C.C. and O.C.C. combinations use the R.C.C. attributes, use the O.C.C. skills and pool R.C.C. and O.C.C. 'other abilities' together.
  • If both R.C.C. and O.C.C. give a level-up bonus to the same trait, typically you can apply the highest bonus although I may approve combining for lower powered combinations.

  • Full Conversion Cyborg OCC characters use the Robot Strength chart.
  • Rolling with impact doesn't necessarily require rolling yourself through the air or across the ground.
  • Backflips gain full dodge bonus; they're basically a variation of the dodge action if your character knows the maneuver.
  • Body Block/Tackle modifier: Add 5% to the knockdown chance for every 1 point of P.S. or P.P. the attacker has over the defender (and lose 5% for every 1 point under the defender).
  • Large scale engagements with military units may use the Mass Combat rules found in the Rifter #23 pgs. 77-91.
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Character Sheet Template
Sample Character Template below. Feel free to add your own Tabs. If you're really attached to another character sheet format, I can roll with that. Please no Google Doc links, occasionally it's helpful to Ctrl+F to search for something across all sheets and I can't do that if the sheet data's not actually on RPN. Thanks!

  • Name:
    Rank: Optional



    Typical MDC:

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  • 1328686609092.jpg Name: Freya Tann
    Race: True Atlantean
    OCC: Undead Slayer
    Alignment: Scrupulous
    Age: 68
    Clan: Draco Amicus

    Iq: 19 - +5% to all Skills, +2 to Perception
    Me: 24 - +5 vs Psionic Attack, +7 vs Insanity
    Ma: 15
    Ps: 35 - 41 with Tattoo
    Pp: 31 - +8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge, +1 Initiative
    Pe: 26 - +6 to Save vs. Magic/Poison
    Pb: 21
    Spd: 37 - Running Speed of approx. 25mph

    Hand to Hand Damage:
    Supernatural P.S. 31 to 35:
    Inflicts 5d6 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 4d6 M.D. on a full strength punch, or 1d4x10 M.D. on a power punch (counts as two melee attacks).
    Supernatural P. S. 41 to 50: Inflicts 1d6x10 S.D.C. on a restrained punch, 6d6 M.D. on a full strength punch, or 2d4x10 M.D. on a
    power punch (counts as two melee attacks).

    Level: 8
    MDC: 529
    Invulnerability Tattoo MDC: 600
    Blazing Comet Tattoo MDC: 160
    Battle Fury Force Field MDC: 100

    PPE: 328
    Power Matrix 1 PPE: 80
    Power Matrix 2 PPE: 80

    Combat Bonuses
    Number of Attacks: 7
    Strike: +11
    Parry: +12
    Dodge: +11
    Roll with Punch: +6
    Initiative: +12
    Critical Strike on a Natural 18-20
    Critical Strike From Behind
    Death Blow on a Natural 20

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  • 1685200913574.png Name: Doctor Priya Maheswaran
    R.C.C.: Demi-God/Major Psionic
    O.C.C.: Body Fixer
    Age: 26 as of 101 PA, 35 as of 109 PA
    Gender: Female (She/her)
    Alignment: Scrupulous
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 140 lbs.

    Level: 8
    XP: (milestone levelling)

    Attributes (all Supernatural):

    IQ 24
    ME 25
    MA 19 (trust/intimidate 55%)
    PS 30
    PP 24
    PE 30
    PB 17 (Charm/Impress 35%)
    Speed 40

    MDC: 248
    PPE: 188
    Current PPE: 188
    ISP: 67
    Current ISP:

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  • Name: Ellis Mandel
    Race: Human
    Age:28 at our start time, 36 at the time warp.
    Gender: transmasc, They-Them pronouns, unless they give permission to use others,
    Rank: Optional
    Alignment:Principled (I meant the other one but look at the smile. its a good sign.)
    Weight: not your business

    OCC: Rogue Scholar

    IQ: 26 (+12% to all Skills, +6 to Perception)
    ME: 14
    MA: 29 (96% to trust/intimidate)
    PS: 18 (+1 to S.D.C. damage, but see Wingless Flight in R.C.C. Powers.)
    PP: 14
    PE: 21 (+32% Saves vs. Coma/death, +3 Saves vs. Magic/Poison)
    PB: 14
    Speed: 12 (about 8 mph/14 kph but see Wingless Flight in R.C.C. Powers.)

    SDC: 35
    HP: 58
    Typical MDC: ?
    PPE: 8


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  • IMG_0185.jpeg Name: Reyna Tann
    Race: Atlantean
    Age: 75
    Gender: Female
    OCC: Cyber Knight

    Iq: 24 - +10% to Skills, +5 Perception
    Me: 30 - +8 to Save vs. Psionic Attack
    Ma: 18 - 50% to inspire Trust/Intimidate
    Ps: 41 - Augmented Strength - +26 SDC HtH Damage
    Pp: 33 - +8 to Strike, Parry and Dodge, +1 Initiative
    Pe: 28 - +7 to Save vs Magic/Poison
    Pb: 21
    Spd: 32

    Augmented P.S. 41 or 50 inflicts 3D6 S.D.C. + P.S. damage bonus on a restrained punch and 1d4 M.D. on a full strength punch, 3D4 M.D. with a power punch or power kick.

    Level: 10
    Hit Points: 65
    SDC: 191

    Cyber Armor M.D.C. by Location:
    Shoulders (2) - 14 each
    Back/Shoulder Blades (2) - 21 each
    Forearms (2) - 16 each
    Thighs/Upper Legs (2) - 21 each
    Chest Plate (main body) - 67 M.D.C.

    Invulnerability Tattoo MDC: 750
    Psi Shield MDC: 80
    PPE: 91
    ISP: 105

    Combat Bonuses
    Number of Attacks: 8
    Strike: +10
    Parry: +10
    Dodge: +10
    Roll with Punch: +9
    Initiative: +6
    Perception: +8
    Save vs. Horror Factor: +3

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  • CYBERNAUTICA Character - Derby Bell. By Eddy-Shinjuku
    Name: Jeanne-Marie Dumas
    Race: Human (Mind Melter)
    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Rank: Master Sergeant
    Alignment: Unprincipled
    Height: 178 cm (5'10")
    Weight: 72 kg (159 lb)

    Level: 10
    RCC: Mind Melter
    OCC: CS Special Forces

    IQ: 18 (+4% to all skills)
    ME: 21 (+3 vs psionic attack, +4 vs insanity)
    MA: 12
    PS: 17 (+2 SDC damage)
    PP: 20 (+3 strike, parry, dodge)
    PE: 18 (+6% vs coma/death, +2 vs poison)
    PB: 13
    Speed: 23 (15.7 mph, 25.2 km/h)

    SDC: 53
    HP: 52
    Typical MDC: 36 (425 in SAMAS)

    ISP: 267
    PPE: 5

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