Punish the person above you for their confession

Your punishment will be wearing a harmless fuzzy furry costume.

I confess to not doing my homework.
Your punishment is 30 pages of homework

And im not really being punished because i confess to being a furry. Cat, to be exact
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Your punishment is being incarcerated as if you carried out those thoughtcrimes.

I confess to falling for online scams (get free in-game currency) when I was younger and f*cking up the computer by downloading a virus.
Your punishment is that any and all computors you get will be flooded with un-removable viruses

I confess to disliking all the boys in my class .-.
Your punishment is that you are now a lesbian. (Not really, just a joke)

I confess I love McHanzo and Reaper76.
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(Blush blush)

your punishment is that those ships will never become reality

I don't like most pizza.
Your punishment is that you have to eat ten whole pizzas. No stopping.

I confess that I watch cringy Minecraft RPs.
Your punishment is to go out and build a brick wall out of dirt.

I confess to have had a sudden shift in the gender of my characters, from practically all male to practically all female.
Your punishment is from now on, make transgender or trap characters.

I always make sexual or dark jokes.
Your punishment is to listen to a speech by the pope for two days in a loop.

I confess to being into some really weird stuff...
You have to do an incredibly mundane task for an entire week (such as sitting down, jumping, or looking at a wall)

I confess to Being incredibly bored most of the time
Your punishment is to Watch a Twitxh stream. You cannot turn off your device or close the stream.

I still like Killer Keemstar.
Your punishment it to stuff yourself inside a closet until your entire body is covered in dust.

I confess to making my own GIFs and wasting a ton of time on that.
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Your punishment is that you can't use and make gifs for a year.

I confess that me, a twenty three year old man, cry in songs that have feels.
Your punishment is to go watch "mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku" right now.

I confess a sudden interest on magical girls...
Your punishment is to tell everyone you meet your true magic girl name. It is Sugar Sprinkle Special Sparkle.

I confess to loving my little brother's remote-controlled cars way more than I should(and using up the batteries).
Your punishment is that all your battery-run electronics (like cell phone, laptop) will be used by other people and run out of battery life.

I confess to not clicking accept in league of legends...
Your punishment is to be forced to watch My Little Pony porn for an hour.

I confess to reading the terms of service sometimes. 
Your punishment is to write a terms of service for every terms of service you read, including the ones you've already read.

I confess to burning my finger on the oven yesterday.
Your punishment is to stick your hand in the oven with no oven mitts.

I confess that my characters are usually Pansexual.

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