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Simply put, in this game you have to confess a secret about yourself or something that you find wrong with yourself or something you did wrong and the person below has to attribute a related pubishment before posting their own. 

Notes: punishments don't have to be realistic. 


person 1: I confess I forgot to pick up the milk yesterday

person 2: as punishment you will have to bath in milk and you're not allowed to clean it off.

I confess I am really lazy

person three: You now turn into a potato if you sit or lie on a couch. 

I confess I....

get it? Well, then...

I confess I am procrastinating instead of doing my homework.
Your punishment is to be put outside and have objects thrown at you. Doesn't matter what type of objects it may be.

I confess to stealing pencils. Also cheating on 2 tests 
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You'll have to cut them up and sew them back together into some horrible frankenstein monster and then marry it.

I'm too young to have my own email on Google.
Your punishment is to deliver a speech about one of your interests for five minutes.

I confess that I really dislike getting sweaty.
Your punishment is to exercise without showering for a month.

I confess to having a terrible personality.
Then you must kiss 100 boys on the lips, then you might find a boyfriend.

I've never had celery and peanut butter before.
Your punishment is to have peanut butter on celery as part of all your meals for a week.

I confess to having slipped on a banana before ._.
Your pun-ishment is to get better puns until you make the most serious person in your life laugh.

I confess that I cram every single day of my life.
Your punishment is to live with an abusive mother, and you can't tell anybody.

I confess to depression.
You must surround yourself with blank dolls with full clothing during your spare time and nothing else.

I confess to being scared of interacting with groups.
Your punishment is to spend 2 weeks with the people you hate the most.

I confess to forgetting important things and remembering them in the last moment.
You will lose a loved one by forgetting to buy them medication or food

I confess to being a scrubby terumi player, who is the character im best at online.
Your punishment will be four weeks without internet and games. 

I confess that I get embarrassed very easily in person. 
Your punishment will be four weeks without internet and games. 

I confess that I get embarrassed very easily in person. 

I sentence you to being locked up in a moderately-comfortable, low security jail with fairly passive, not aggressive prisoners of ?(somehow)? both genders. You cannot leave, or contact anyone until you have made 20 friends and 4 close friends amongst the prisoners, or even staff and guards.

I confess to being very, very afraid of my local graveyard. Seriously, though. That place is creepy as s*** . I always walk as far away from it as possible, especially at night.
You will be forced to deal with zombies and skeletons from 10:00pm to 6:00am in that graveyard

I confess to being unable to beat genocide undyne (i dont have the reflexes for it)
I punish you by forcing you to go to that cemetary alone and camp out there for a week. Mwahahaha, all because you hurt whittle Birdsie. And as a second punishment, you are forced to fight six waves of five bouncers, adding five to each wave.

I confess that in person, I somehow fantasize about the opposite sex... I'm a boy. I swear, I'm not a pervert, or try not to be.
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