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  • I hope you're doing doing somewhat okay at least, given what ya said in the newsletter thread.
    I hope you'll be fine lad. 👊
    I hereby declare Mal to be my oathsworn Doomknight.
    Anyone caught slipping their shoulders or spilling honeyed words at my precious Doomknight will be executed.

    - sincerely, Princess Sashina, Principality of Mooncha
    The vanishing mind,
    A death of self;

    Who am I,
    If not in good health?

    Blue like the lion;
    A sea of the sea.

    Shapes take form,
    But I cannot see;

    Let me be me,
    But who am I truly?
    It is better to distance yourself from the sea, than to drown in its encompassingness; to walk away from people than to have you ruin the relationship you have. Memory is sweet only if it is brief and beautiful: too much and you rot its worth with your wrongness. The end is in sight ever since the beginning. I must remember this.
    I dreamt of the End,
    "Help," it said to me.

    "I don't want to disappear,"
    It whispered at apogee.

    It's strange will,
    Bore a hole in me;

    "But 'the End,'
    Don't you want to be free?"
    Pain is my God,
    My Guide,
    My King.

    Pain is the measure
    That keeps me clean.

    Pain is what shepherds change,
    It is the progress that never leaves.

    I am in Pain,
    But it is good for Me.
    You may appreciate this other look at Hell
    I'll check it out properly tomorrow, friend. My brain is beginning to fail, and sleep is edging closer.
    No need to hurry; I'm about to retire myself. Just thought you'd enjoy it when you found yourself with the time and inclination.
    Walk a million paths,
    With a million minds,
    Shattered a million times.

    Again, cried the rapture.
    Never, whispered silence then.
    But they will do it all again.
    It be privilege to be knighted, aye. But one must remain unbent; to neither house nor country. If an arm be lost, or a leg be broken in the process, then so be it. The greatest gift is the free man's road.
    Faith is the strongest power; if something is believed to be true, then it is true. And all truth is real. That power makes impossibilities become reality.
    There be something amidst the cosmic sea;
    They came, and constellations quake; seven suns reigned at their wake; almighty in brilliance, profound in profundity.
    They left, and the constellations weep; seven suns shattered at their wake; omnipotent in devastation, void in remembrance.
    All that could be, was to be nothing.
    All that will be, is nothing.
    Never is forever.
    why tf another fire emblem got into smash tho?
    Because Fire Emblem is the, hands down, best franchise on Nintendo-devices.
    I can respect that, but another s w o r d u s e r?
    Swords are easy for game balance.
    By the way
    Keyboard is malfunctioning
    Apparently I cannot even enter a message in RPnation
    Sending message here just so you know
    I'll keep it in mind.
    Historical Storyteller
    Historical Storyteller
    Wait, I got that wrong.
    I couldn't send a message in Discord is what I meant.
    When I hit the "enter" key, it didn't send the message, it only added more space to the text.

    Also, this problem affects my mouse as well.
    I'm just waiting to see if there are even more problems.
    Mmm, I understand.
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