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Multiple Settings Plots for Everyone! /// Meisaki's Plot Search

it's 11 oclock, do u know where ur children are?

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mighty lil goon
Hola amigos and amigas!giphy.gif

ok im gonna note this: plz dont be intimidated i promise im not mean or blatant like this haha

So im not going to be coding this at all (except for inserting spoilers) bc i dont have the time and effort to do so and also...
i want this to be mobile friendly.
i have another thread that does include plots -- but im going to make strictly a plots thread just to make it easier really.

i'll link my og thread in case anyone wants to check it out -- some of the plots there will be listed here.

Anyway, let's get to it

What you can expect from me:

  • so basically im monkey
  • i pretty much came up w most of these plots, so i hope this shows that i give my two cents in while working w u
  • uhhh i write 3+ paragraphs of semi-detailed to detailed writing consisting of 6-10 sentences
  • i write both genders, i prefer MxF pairings tho. some of the plots i prefer a female but like -- if u really wanna be a female... ig i can do that haha
  • im pretty chill and nice in ooc chat so uh, that's that ;-)
  • again, im flexible with plots and such -- and im really good at answering questions. so ask me questions regarding the plot and we should be gucci
  • im a student and part - time worker. my replies vary but im good with responses regarding ooc chat, depending on how long our rp is depends on how long it'll take me to respond
  • long story short, i response at least once a week
  • i like to know a guideline of whats going on in our rp, so if u like being spontaneous and just throw urself into an rp w no guideline -- have fun! but the back button is the top left, gbye
  • im kind of ghost friendly, i give u a bump after seven days of inactivity. i stick in the pm or whatever for about fifteen days before i peace out (unless our rp is really bomb then i'll stay just to reread our responses)
  • in my other thread, i paint myself to be really like cutesy and kind of aesthetic-y??? but im very chill and i also have grown a bit of a shell?? i dont really tolerate much dumb crap anymore
  • in regards to that tho, im really nice and usually civil
  • if u read this, tell me ur favorite movie and why, or send me a meme -- if u dont im calling u out on it
  • also if u read this, tell me what you want to expect in this rp, what rubs u the right and wrong way, shit like that
  • oh yeah, im 19 and on EST -- so know that.
  • i prefer writing w people my age, but if ur like 16 or 17, it's fine bc i was rping when i was like 13 so I GET IT.
  • that being said, most of my characters will be adults. if we do high school rps, 17 is the youngest i go bb.

Alright, what i expect from u:

  • so basically, ur monkey
  • ok haha so basically i want someone to give me the same effort that i give, I CAN TELL when you're bored and give me simple questions and answers to things
  • it really pisses me off when im trying to come up w more ideas in a plot and u give me: ok sounds good. BYE.
  • follow rpn rules, etc.
  • i hope we have similar response times -- but if not i kind of appreciate when ur like: hey uh, gtg for like a week, bye.
  • i expect equal participation in this
  • i hope ur not one of those people that just play one gender and nothing else. like cmon bro branch out pls
  • i enjoy doubling but it really isn't required, i enjoy having multiple characters and world building so -- i hope u can see what im getting @
  • we dont have to ooc chat if u dont want to, im not gonna bother trying to make a convo w u if ur shy. its ok homie, we're cool <3
  • pls dont be awkward tho
  • send me a pm telling me what u want to do
  • i really enjoy it when people are direct and clear with their wants, i hate passive aggressiveness lmao

Okay so basically: the plots that say -- Flexible Plot -- means that if you pm me and ask whats up, the plot can go in multiple directions. For some I have specific ideas that I couldn't decide on which one to use for that plot, so that's why it's listed that way.

anyway, have at it homies:

(MxF // MxM double)
Modern // Action // Romance

Male A has recently had a confrontation with Male B, due to a bounty on his B's head. Male B manages to flee, not seeing Male A's identity clear enough to identify his assailant, but enough to scare him into hiding, where he decides to stay with Female A (a previous lover). Female A decides to help Male B into hiding, not knowing exactly why.
Muse C is a detective going around to search for Male B due to suspicions. Muse C comes across Male A, and mistakes him to be a Male B's concerned friend. They offer for the two of them to search for Male B together, and because his trail's gone cold, Male A accepts Muse C's offer. What will happen to Male B if he's found? What caused his head to be listed? Will him and Female A repair things? How will Male A handle things now that he has the cops on his side? Will something form between Male A and Muse C? Or will this all end in destruction?

(MxF predominately)
Action // Futuristic // Romance

Muse A is a newly recruited agent for a corporation known as the Command and Control Special Operatives. The world has undergone a viral outbreak decades ago, the city they live in is surrounded by a massive dome to keep the virus away. The CCSO is formed to protect one of multiple standing cities left-- That being said, any agents assigned to the job is sent out into the dangerous world outside of the dome. Muse B, who prefers to be alone on their journey is forced to work with Muse A. The two are tasked to find certain information to find a cure and save the rest of humanity. Little does Muse B know, Muse A has a secret they so desperately try to hide. Will the pair be able to work through their differences and dangers they come across on their journey? Or will they end up killing each other on the way? The world is in their hands.

Horror // Fantasy / Futuristic // Suspense

Muse A is a scientist at a high tech lab; this isn't an ordinary lab though, this lab is creating and mutating species. During Muse A's duties, they notice within the structure an unfamiliar figure. Muse A decides to check on the facility to make sure everything's okay. Unfortunately, Muse A gets trapped inside the structure. The figure turns to be Muse B, Muse A is unsure whether or not to trust B due to the suspicion if they're a real human or not. However Muse A can not stay in there forever, Muse A has to depend on Muse B to find a way out of the facility and back home. Is Muse B really who they say they are?

Flexible Plot // Medieval // Fantasy // Romance

This Kingdom, Alirarmar, has every kind of beings residing here, from Humans to Werewolves, Witches, and Vampires. But there are other Kingdoms around Aliramar that still want blood. Supernatural blood can be used in all kinds of ways, for money, medicine, etc. Other Kingdoms have supernaturals as slaves. With other species residing along with humans, the idea is still new, some humans still don't get along with each other. Born a bastard child, Muse A has to keep his life a secret. Residing as a resident within town, Muse A has to contain his secret and live a normal life. He holds a dangerous secret that he can't contain at times. Muse B enters town (more to be discussed) and comes across Muse A, will Muse A let Muse B into his life? Will Muse B ever learn the secrets that are being hidden within the kingdom?

Based off of Outlander (MxF)
Past // Fantasy // Romance

Character A goes off on a trip to another country. There, they explore a famous attraction by themselves and end up time traveling to the past X amount of years. Here, A has no clue what's going on and is forced to adapt into a life that is not theirs. Here, they meet Character B who provides help to them both freely and against their will. Character B will be a major help for Character A later in the roleplay. As time goes on, they fall for each other. The thing is, will Character A develop deep feelings to stay in the past with them and create a new life? Or will A want to go back home to their normal life?

Flexible Plot // Romance // Mystery // Supernatural

Being a new student in high school isn't always what it's cracked up to be. This high school is not like the rest, something is wrong with this school. Students go missing, people's attitudes fluctuate constantly. Is it simply because of the school or something more? Muse A is the new student of this god forsaken school, there they meet Muse B, a student who's hiding something just like everyone else in the school. Along the way, the pair's paths constantly cross each others in a strange way. Is this a sign that the two should be concerned about?

Action // Romance // Supernatural // Flexible Plots

The world has more species than just humans; demons reside with them in secrecy. However humans lack the knowledge of demon's existence. The government has a small group making efforts to understand demons by dissecting them and torturing them. Muse A is a simple demon being trying to get by just like everyone else, but is always worried of being caught and discovered. One night while working, they come across Muse B who has a different scent from the rest. Once they leave, Muse B is attacked by a fellow demon. Saving B, they've blown their cover and worries about their well being. Muse B, in shock about the existence of demons, ends up helping Muse A; the two end up helping each other. With that, comes unwanted attention and dangers around every corner. Will the two be able to overcome these obstacles, or will Muse A become another lab rat and Muse B tossed aside left to die?

Action // Romance // Comedy // Flexible Plots

Muse A is a serial killer. Just an average serial killer, working as a bounty hunter, going about every day life. That is until something goes haywire while they're on the job. They meet Muse B, who also happens to be a serial killer as well! The two don't know of each other's secret, but they both are suspicious at times. While both being dangerous beings, there are times when relationships can get difficult as well as daily life. Will the two be able to keep up with a semi-healthy relationship and keep their secrets by each other? Or will one end up killing the other?

ok so that's it for now. i might add more. im also kind of tired so--

if u have any questions, plss pm me about it. if u respond here, thats fine, ill probably respond to u -- but then im deleting our responses.

ok i hope to hear some input, ty for reading beans !

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