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Too little coffee, too many tasks.
Phased Earth -- Roleplay Thread

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The exact year and reason is still unknown, but Earth one in the DC universe and Earth 1 in the Marvel universe had some how merged. The residence of each earth did not notice and had no memory of life ever being different. They had memories of always seeing the Flash, Superman and Spiderman saving the day from Lex Luthor, Doc Oc or Captian Cold. Peter Parker still works for the Daily Bugle in New York while Batman saved the Gotham. Teams like the Avengers and the JLA merged to form one, going by the name Avengers. Places like Wakanda, Latveria and the Savage Lands still exist. Xaiver's School For Gifted Youngers still exists, as does the X-Men. The Weapon X program still made Wolverine and Deadpool. The Teen Titans and Young Justice still go around saving the world. As for Atlantis, Namor didn't make it over and the city is still ruled by Arthur Curry.

While some romantic interests stayed the same, others changed. Playboy Billionaire Bruce Wayne married Emma Frost, the CEO of Frost Industries. Superman never fell in love with Lois Lane, he instead found himself smitten with an enigmatic Amazonian Princess, Diana Prince. Others stood the phasing of the earths: Barry and Iris Allen, Peter and MJ, ect. What we are telling now are the stories of these children. There will be arcs for each team and baddies to catch. It will be as much social as it will be combat driven.


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Drake Swift

Walking down some New York streets was a dark-haired man with a black hoodie and black dress pants. The hoodie had "Heroes for Hire" printed on the back in white. The man sipped some coffee from a freshly bought cup with his name on it, Drake. "Ahhh, that place always knows how to make my Mocha just right," Drake said smirking. As he walked down the sidewalk he passed dark alley, which after hearing a scream he looked back into to see a woman getting mugged.

"Just give up the bag lady!" the mugger said trying to take the bag away from the woman, which just made her scream more. The mugger let go of the bag and was about to pull out a knife when a small pure black ball hit in the side of the head. "Ow, what the hell" the mugger yelled looking to the entrance to the alley to see Drake bouncing a pure black ball. "What's the big idea pun..." the mugger said before Drake threw the ball once more, but this time it grew to the size of a basketball and increased its weight before it hit the mugger. Once the ball hit this time, the mugger when down to the ground knocked out.

"Welp that was pretty easy..." Drake said walking into the alleyway and looking down to the pasted out mugger. Then look to the woman who was previously in trouble. "Well, since I saved how about you thank me by..." Drake said before woman look to watch.

'Oh no, I'm going to be late for my date. Thank you for the rescue guy" the woman said before rushing out of the alley in a hurry.

"...giving me a kiss..." Drake said under his breath with a sigh before slowly heading out of the alley. Just before he left the mugger was slowly getting back up, but Drake threw his shadow, now the size of a golf ball, at his head and knocked him out once more. "You save a girl, you be hero, and yet ya still can't get a date..." Drake said with a sigh to himself as he reached the destination of his walk, the Heroes for Hire offices.
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Black Mask

"... Then that's when the Birds of Prey came in and busted up the deal." a man suit explained worrying to another man in a white suit in a dark part of the room.

"So you're telling me that you lost the drugs and the money." the man in shadows said

"Because of the Birds of Prey" the drug dealer pleaded.

Then the man in the shadows walked out of the shadows to reveal his black mask with red eyes. Black Mask walked to the drug dealer and picked him off the ground by his jacket "Did I ask for excuses" Black Mask said in a calm voice. "I didn't, I asked for results. I don't give a damn if Batman, the Birds of Prey or any other customed freak that wants to make a name in Gotham. You know why? Because you're supposed to be discreet and not draw their attention." Black Mask explained before throwing the man to the ground. "Next time, you lose my drugs again I'll shoot the other leg..." Black Mask said turning around.

"Other leg?" the drug dealer asked confused.

Then Black Mask whipped around and shot the Drugdealer in the leg. "Now hobble your ugly mug out of here, I have other business to deal with," Black Mask said still calm as ever as when back his desk to deal with other issues...

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Cliff Barton (Hawkeye)

Cliff groaned as she woke, a dull pain throbbing across her entire body. She pushed back her hair from her eyes and looked around. She'd done it again. She'd fallen asleep on the couch in the back room of the Heroes for Hire building. The first time she'd fallen asleep in the back from her bosses had been fuming and angry with her. She'd promised not to let it happen again, but it did. Eventually, her bosses just accepted it, after all, she had no powers or healing factor, she was just an ordinary human, and humans need their sleep.

She slowly pulled herself upright, remembering the events of the night before. A routine job, that as usual resulted in her getting totally smashed up. For the millionth time, Cliff cursed her lack of healing factor.

She'd managed to patch herself up and change out of her work gear before falling asleep, thankfully. She was wearing one of her father's bullseye shirts-white with two concentric purple rings on it. It was teamed by a pair of purple tracksuit ends and purple converse.

Her arms were covered in white sticking plaster, as well as some bloodstained bandages. Her face was the same. Pulling up her shirt she saw a mottling of green bruises around her ribs. She sighed. Coffee, that's what she needed. She carefully put in her hearing aids (the bulky purple ones) but didn't turn them on, she prefers the silence. Her hair completely covered them, unlike her fathers which were always visible.

She attached her quiver to her waist and slung the now over her shoulder before walking into the small kitchen. She caught sight of her reflection and sighed. A plaster on the bridge of her nose was nothing new and neither were the ones on her cheeks. There was dried blood (most likely her own) crusted across her eyebrows. She wiped it away and made the coffee, an entire pots worth.

Ten minutes later she was leaning against the counter, feeling much more awake, slurping coffee straight from the glass pot and checking something on her phone when the door opened and a guy in a Heroes for Hire hoodie walked in.

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"Damian Wayne. . . .

amian was uneasy as the city was too quiet. Bludhaven was silent, Gotham was silent and now New York proper was silent. He didn't like this. Normally there was henchmen to beat, a robbery to stop or something in the pipe line with the Heroes for Hire. Not tonight. It made him itchy. It didn't help that he hadn't seen either of his sisters in a few days. Grace was doing something with the X-Men and he didn't know what was up with Helena, so to keep his mind from going to the worst possible scenario he was looking for some bad guy to keep him occupied. Tonight seemed to be the one night the the bad guys decided to stay in and be decent human beings.

Either that or other Avengers where out patrolling. After a few moment of checking and rechecking his utility pouch and swearing up and down, he made his way back to his shitty apartment in Bludhaven. One of the things he didn't learn from Alfred the human was how to clean or keep a house tidy. Upon coming in he walked past empty pizza boxes, empty beer cans and a pile of laundry that hadn't been done in a week or two. He wasn't short on clothing, just patients. The only things that remained clean in his apartment where his dishes due to the dish washer and the littler box for Alfred the cat. He put some food down for both animals as Titus' bowl was also empty and decided that if there was nothing going on in the city he would head over to the Heroes for Hire HQ and see if the team had any leads or needed anything. After a quick change into an X-Men t-shirt, black jeans and his black leather jacket, he was on his motorcycle and on the way.

It didn't take long before he was at his destination. He put his helmet and jacket in the coat closet and headed into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, wondering if anyone else was here.

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"Zara King. . . .

night off. Zara had heard of them but didn't think they actually existed. Between the bar and Heroes for Hire and some other things she did that she didn't tell many people about, she never really had 'down time'. It didn't stop her from sleeping most of the day away and coming out after dark. She was dressed mostly the same as she always was, skinny jeans, Doc Martin's, purple t-shirt and an army green army jacket. She stopped into a coffee shop and ordered an obnoxious drink that took the poor soul a few extra minutes to make. She was making her way down the street when she heard someone yell out and then saw a familiar figure stop a mugger.

She stayed back in the shadows until the woman left and chuckled to herself before making her way back out. She was conscious to make noise so he heard her coming knowing the dangers of sneaking up on people. "Looks like you are having a better night then the poor sap out for a few bucks." She said grinning and then sipping her drink.

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Zaria was just finished filming for her her show, and feeling a bit restless. Perhaps it was because she'd been working so
much lately she really hadn't spent any tie with anyone other then her co-workers, and not really doing anything exciting.
Sure she loved her show, and it was fun to do, but it wasn't thrilling for the person creating it as it is for the viewers to watch.
She was in a in a new city due to it having the perfect place to perform her newest stunt, so why not go out on the town?
It wasn't as often as you'd might imagine that she gets the chance to doll up a bit and just go out for fun and not publicity.

She made her way to her hotel and showered to freshen up a bit before applying her make-up and doing her hair.
She grabbed her red dress and black short boots to call it a day with a matching small black clutch bag. It had all
the essentials, and a few things from her father she never leaves home without. What would normally take girls hours to do,
Zaria finished in only one with a little help form her magic. Why hand apply make up then do your hair then get dressed
when you can do it all almost simultaneously by having the make-up apply itself and your curler do your hair for you.
Some might call it lazy, she liked the term time conservative. She gave herself a once over to make sure everything was perfect,
then walked out the door googling where the hot spots of the city where.

She took an Uber to the first spot and started making her way to the club, but got side tracked by the fact there was a
bakery nearby that surprisingly wasn't closed only a few buildings away. She figured the short detour wouldn't hurt and
started walking. As she walked by an ally way she felt someone grab her arm and yank her in covering her mouth with their hand.
"Just do as I say and this will all be over soon pretty lady." He guy whispered greedily in her ear as two more thugs showed up in view.
One had a knife and the other had a gun both pointed at her. Zaria rolled her eyes grumbling to herself since this was the
3rd time this month someones tried to rob or attack her. She paused a moment wondering if it'd be easier to step on this guys foot,
or bite his hand to get him to release her.​
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The Phantom Hexblade
Drake Swift
Location: New York City, Heroes for Hire Offices

After leaving the alley and reach the Heroes for Hire office when he heard a voice behind him. The voice belonged to one of his fellow "Heroes", Zara. "Well I guess your right, even with my bad luck at picking up beautiful women like you, at least I'm not cold in an alley with a possible conclusion," Drake said turning around to see his teammate. "So my dear Zara I assume that you're also heading to work, mind if I get the door for you," Drake said gesturing the doors to the office.

Whether or not Zara let Drake open the door, Drake headed into the building and finished up his Mocha. Once inside the building, he threw away the cup into a nearby wastebasket. Then he noticed another one of his teammates, Cliff, drink a literal pot of coffee. "Well good thing we got coffee before we got here I guess," Drake said looking to Zara. "Hey, Cliff you at least let the coffee cool a bit before you started chugging it down right? I wouldn't want your beautiful face burnt." Drake commented walking over to the counter Cliff was at before leaning his back on it. "Anyways since you were here first, you know if the boss got any work lined up for us yet?" Drake asked figuring since Cliff arrived the earliest she may know if Luke Cage had any work for them. "And if he doesn't, How would you ladies feel about getting something to eat, my treat of course" Drake offered, smiling.

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Too little coffee, too many tasks.
Jon Kent

"And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man like him."
location: NYC.
with: @Kitsune2202
wearing: Casual non costumed

Jon had been looking forward to a cold beer and some piece and quiet, unfortunately the flu had struck the clinic he worked at so he ended up pulling a double shift. His immune system was something that was envied around his office and he felt bad lying to them saying that it was due to his upbringing and his diet. He couldn't just come out and say he was a Kryptionian and Amazonian hybrid and that getting ill just wasn't something his people did. Once he was finally out of the office he started walking with his earbuds in, but even with those in he could hear the sounds of a scuffle.

He used his x-ray vision to see that in an alleyway not to far from him was a woman being held by three thugs. He could alert the police and keep going but that wasn't his style. He wasn't the type to save kitten from tree's or break up gang fights but he couldn't abide a woman in trouble. Especially since these men looked like they may want more then her purse. He used his flight to levitate off the ground just enough so they would have a harder time hearing him approach and then landed in the mouth of the alleyway, blocking their exit. At this point he was all in and didn't even think of the fact that he wasn't wearing his Saladin outfit, the one with the cowl that hid his face. He crossed his arms over his chest and let his eyes start to glow with his laser beams but kept that back, basically using this as a scare tactic.

"Evening gents. I think you should let this lovely lady be on her way and discuss whatever problem you seems to be having with me. I'm sure I could help you come up with a solution that will make you happy." They probably wouldn't come to a happy out come but that didn't matter, he just wanted the lady to get away unharmed.

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Cliff Barton (Hawkeye)

Cliff reached up and turned on her hearing aid just as two other teammates, Drake and Zara walked into the building. Upon seeing her Drake immediately made a comment about her drinking so much coffee. Cliff just rolled her eyes at this. She needed coffee to get her through the day. It was something her father had instilled in her from an early age. She rolled her eyes even further at his comment about her burning herself on the coffee and proceeded to finish the entire pot in one giant gulp.

She left down the glass pot on the counter which Drake came over and leant against. He asked her if she had seen their bosses and did he know if there was any work left for them. She shook her head "the last time I saw him was the job we did last night, you guys missed out on another great villain monologue, by the way." Her voice dripped with sarcasm on the word "great". This was typical of Cliff, she always complained about villains monologuing about how amazing they were, she usually turned off her hearing aid as part way through and shot the villain in the mouth with a tar arrow.

"I checked the boards, there is nothing left for us yet, I presume if we are needed they'll just call us." she paused to reattach some of the bandaging on her arm before continuing. "And if free food is on offer, then count me in. I'm broke again and the only food in my apartment is frozen peas." It was an accepted fact that Cliff Barton was broke. She claimed all the money was going towards hospital bills, but she herself rarely went to the hospital, instead choosing to patch herself up at the Heroes for Hore HQ or her apartment. She refused to go into any more detail and Cliff wouldn't be surprised if her teammates had done some investigating behind her back to find out why.

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Elliott Quinn (AMP)

Elliott had just finished his shift in Craters Coffe Shop and Cafe. The cafe was one of the few that stayed open 24/7, which meant that the staff often ended up doing very strange hours. But that didn't bother Elliott, strange was his normal. He put on his old leather jacket and slung his guitar case onto his back as he walked out. He had no real plan, maybe check in with the Avengers and see what they been up to or with the Heroes for Hire and see what was going on there.

But that would have to wait. The alley near Craters was notorious for muggings, theft and the like, and that was exactly what seemed to be going on at that moment in time. There was a woman there, surrounded by three men. A very familiar looking woman. He had to bite back a laugh. These robbers had no idea what they were robbing and if they did, they would be running for the hills.

He leaned against the wall and called out to the thugs. "hey guys! You might want to quit while your ahead, you clearly have absolutely no idea who you are attempting to rob, do you?" he shook his head in pity before continuing. "So if I were you guys, I'd run, before you get yourselves beaten so hard you'll fly into next week."

Elliott didn't really give off imposing vibes. He was 6 foot in height with long messy hair dyed red in places and a swimmers build. But the one thing that made people think twice was the scar cutting diagonally across his left eye. Combined with his thin face and the gloom of the alley it gave him a more menacing look.

He turned to Zaria and in his typical jokey style "hey Ria, long time no see" He could only imagine how much she was rolling her eyes at that.

And then he looked to the other end of the alley and saw another familiar face- Jon, who just so happened to be a fellow Avenger. "And you most definitely do not want to mess with that guy either, so basically, you guys are screwed"

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Just when she decided to go for the bite she heard someone else start to speak. All four of them turned their attention to the
oncoming stranger who was...levitating? If that wasn't enough now his eyes were glowing and that definitely started to freak out the thugs.
She was sure this isn't what they had in mind when they nabbed her. She could tell by the way she could feel the one holding her
trembling, and the slight steps the others took backwards. However their fight or flight nature apparently is stubborn enough
to pick fight because they didn't just immediately let her go and run away like she would've hoped. If anything in fear
they got closer to one another, and the guys grip tightened on her.

If that wasn't bad enough another presence entered the alleyway. Wow was this that popular of a spot? You'd think muggers
would pick a more secluded place to be, and perhaps not stay in the same spot for too long. However she wasn't going to sit and try
to figure out villain logic. This was a presence she knew, and part of her was glad to see him because it had been quite some time,
but the other part was a bit embarrassed to be seen like this. She did roll her eyes at his introduction because of course
she wasn't in any real danger to begin with. She supposed it was time to stop being passive and get this over with.

"Back up freaks or else the lady get's it!" The one with the gun shouted turning his gun to now point at Jon whom Elliot had claimed was a threat.
The man with the knife now had it pointed at Elliot. The man who was holding her released her mouth to pull out a gun of his own and
held it to her head. This was getting a little too dicey for a trip to a bakery for her liking. Luckily obviously these guys had no idea who she was,
and just thought she was some random pretty woman walking down the street. They had to or else they wouldn't have been dumb enough to
release the one thing that was holding her back until now. Her voice.

"Thanks." She chimed with a sly grin curled onto her lips, "Your hands are filthy, don't touch a lady until you've washed your hands."

"Why you little-!" He started to scold her, but was cut off, "Snug yot ot nrut (Turn to toy guns.)" Zaria spoke with a snap.
Instantly both guns the men had turned into plastic nerf guns. "W-Wha? What's happening?!?!" He shouted out scared and confused.

Zaria used his confusion to finally push him off her as she now glared at the three men who tried to mug her.
"So Lot, what should we do with them?" She grinned, and looked over at him before turning her attention to Jon,
"By the way thanks for the help. Heroes really are everywhere huh?" She chimed offering him a smile and a small wave.
Between the three of them the thugs were surrounded. With the two of them blocking the entry way, and now
she was blocking the back way there was no where to run. Zaria flicked her finger towards the one with his knife at Elliot,
"Tar a otni nrut (Turn into a rat.)" magic swirled from her finger tip and circled the knife until it turned into a regular rat
and bit the man before scurrying away leaving him to yelp in pain.​
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Whovian /Arroverse /Lucifan /D&D player
Elliott Quinn
Elliott smirked as Zaria used her backwards magic on the guys, who were getting more and more freaked out by the second. They really had picked the wrong person to mug. He couldn't help but grin as the knife was turned into a rat, and the guns turned into toy nerf guns. Even though he saw Zaria use herr magic many, many times, it never got old.

"Hmm, I don't know, something humiliating that's for certain. And completely immature," he said, pretending to be in deep thought. "I mean we could have some fun with them on a trampoline and portals" referring to that summer where they had rigged up a series of portals between three trampolines that launched them around like a bouncy ball on steroids, leaving them with no control of where they were going.

"or maybe wrapping them up like Chritsmas presents outside the nearest precinct?" He mused, his brain working overtime to think of something humiliating.

Elliott raised his eyebrows at Zaria "or do you have a better idea?" he turned to Jon, who was probably very confused by now, maybe even more so than the muggers. "feel free to think of something" He could tell by the looks on the muggers faces that they thought Elliott and Zaria were completely insane. They were also terrified of what the two would do to them.

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Emily Allen (Impulse)

Emily wakes up with a smile because today is the she begins her awesome path of becoming the greatest hero ever. After a quick shower she tried on multiple outfits in front of mirror before deciding on a black shirt with the flash logo, blue shinny jeans, and a small blue jacket. "Lets see clothes check, superhero costume ring check, breakfast...… I forgot to eat breakfast". Instantly she runs in the kitchen and eats 15 bowls of cereal happy that no one is watching since her parents usually never allow her eat at super speed since it's important to practice moving at normal speeds so she can interact in public without making a scene.

She runs over to one of the greatest places in the world in her mind at least the Flash Museum in Central City. She looks at all the statues of the great speedsters great grandpa Barry, her dad, her dad's former mentor Max, that weird guy Pietro, Wally, Jessie, Johnny, Jay, and Dawn's statute which is still in construction. "It's my turn to show the world what I'm capable of and prove I'm the best by doing things that none of you could". She shrinks her body by only a faction of an inch for a moment before going back to normal size.

She spends the next ten minutes running around Central City looking for some to save with no luck at all. "This is so annoying how am I supposed to show how awesome I am if I can't find any bad guys to fight. Maybe working with a team will help? Avengers no way. Maybe those Heroes for Hire, Dad did say to try to get a job so I can learn to interact with others better and maybe some of the girls that work there are cute". She runs all the way to the Heroes for Hire headquarters in New York.

When she arrives she notices four people in a room so she runs into it. One is a girl she thinks is kind of cute despite being covered so many bandages and her eyes look like they are telling her that this girl needs a hug very badly and only barely resists hugging her since mom said to not hug people you don't know without permission. The other girl seems a bit too old for Emily's taste but still kind of cute in a slightly scary way with the tattoos. The other two are boys so she doesn't pay too much attention to them.

"Hi my hero name is Impulse but you can call me Emily. I'm kind of new to this hero thing so I hope working with others will help me get better at this and my parents kind of wanted me to get a job and what better way is there then going here where I can get money and do my dream of being a hero. My powers are super speed and size manipulation. Plus I'm fluent in English and Interlac (Hello Friends)" she says that all with a huge smile on her face. She runs into random spots in the room at superspeed, then shrinks down and gets on a table. "I Hope we can all be friends".

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The text in the () was translated from interlac.


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Helena Kyle/Helena Wayne woke up and changed her clothes, after she took a quick shower and dried herself. She then ate breakfast and walked out. Helena went to hero's for hire headquarters, she normally went to bed at 2:30, Max 3:00 in the morning and slept until 9:00 in the morning, so she used the rest of the time to hang out, as she worked from 7:00 in the evening until 1:00 in the morning and at 2:00 she was already at home, at 1:00 in the morning, max 1:15 someone switched her until 4:30 in the morning when the bar closed, so she was fine with that. Also she tried not to think about that.

Helena walked into heroes for hire and looked around herself, as she had her huntress clothes on. "Yo, hey guys," she said to those that she saw inside. "Do we have enough coffee here? And if someone goes to get food, I am fine but would definitely need lunch and dinner later on," Helena said as she looked around. "Tell Damoan that dad said he left his personality at home," she said a minute later as she teases her older brother as she normally did. Helena laughed at that. She loved her brother sure but she also loved teasing him, even if he was indeed older than her. Helena found it fun teasing him but all in fun and games, as she adored him to pieces and her sister too. She liked being the middle child. Even if at times she wished that she was older or Damien's twin but said nothing about it. That moment especially.

Helena looked around and sighed. "Why do our parents always take all the cases and leave us with scraps? We aren't babies or like 6 or 10, we are adults and yet they still cuddle us, I say we have to do something about it, what do you guys say?" She said as she wondered what they all thought. As in those inside the building. "By the way, had anyone seen Jon Kent?" Helena asked out of curiousity.

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Cliff Barton (Hawkeye)
When the girl rushed into the room Cliff's first thought was that she was hallucinating from the coffee. The girl seemed to be speeding a round and talking really, really fast. Cliff looked at the empty coffee pot in worry, if she was hallucinating it couldn't be a good sign.

But when Cliff looked around, she realised that the others were also looking confused as hell. So this girl was real, and by ths look of things- a speedster. A speedster very new to the whole heroing thing. She had a hero name- impulse - which seemed quite fitting actually, this girl was definitely of the act first, think later class. She mentioned her parents, speedsters too? And the fact that being a hero was her dream.

This was going to be interesting. This girl was so new to the hero thing, Cliff had to bite back a laugh. And she seemed to have s secondary power of shrinking. Curiouser and curiouser she thought to herself.

She ran a hand through her hair, pushing it back out of her face, intense speedster wind in a small space meant her hair was in even more of a mess than earlier. "Hey, nice to meet you. You're welcome to work here, but you've got to impress our bosses first, then us. And they're not here currently."g

It was at that moment that Helena arrived. Cliff couldn't help but wonder why heroes arrived in groups. She spent a lot of last night wishing for more back-up than just her boss (powerful as he was), but receiving none. Now they were all arriving at once. Helena Immediately inquired about coffee. Cliff greeted her by saying "You're in luck, I didn't drink us out of coffee for once" that had happened once the fallout hadn't been pretty.

Then Helena teased her brother before promptly going on a rant about parents and never getting good jobs. Cliff didn't say anything, she never did when the topic of family came up. "Jon wasn't here when I arrived".

Cliff leaned back against the countertop and waited for somebody else to speak.

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The Phantom Hexblade
Drake Swift
Location: New York City, Heroes for Hire Offices

Drake happy and looking forward to getting some food with some beautiful women, when more showed up and ruined his plan. As Drake was turning around to head to the door, a speedster going by Impulse and Emily showed up and introduced herself and her powers. "As Cliff said, you have to meet our boss and get his approval before you can join the business. He should be here sometime soon or at least I hope, if you can wait for him" Drake said to Emily. "Also if you do join the team, it would be good to remember my name, which Drake or NeoShade, take your pick" Drake smirking proudly of his hero name.

After that Helena showed up. "Well I was going to take a few people out for food but with this crowd, I'll just order some pizza while we wait for the boss to come with some new jobs," Drake said pulling out his phone after Helena said something about food. "Though keep in mind if any of you lovely ladies want to go out to eat later, I would still be happy to take you out... Just everyone at the same time." Drake said before calling the pizza place on the phone. He orders three large pizzas for the group and set it to take money from a company card. After that Drake sat down at a nearby table and looked to Emily. "So Impluse, why do you want to be a hero?" Drake asked curiously but half excepting one of the common answers to the question.

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Zaria Zarata-Fox

Zaria felt like she was holding back on the muggers even with this. She was more playing with them then anything, and maybe that was due to how bored she was from the start of all this. She really should find better ways to entertain herself. Messing around with guys who think it's ok to harm a lady because she's lone sounds good in her head, but talking out loud about all the different possibilities sounded a bit dark in her mind. Was that going to stop her? Nope.

She sighed, "Trampoline? We did that already, and wrapping them up is too cliche." She felt like versions of that were always done. Still nice to look at but common, and Zaria was anything but common. "I'm thinking something a little more fitting the crime."She hummed tapping her index finger against her cheek in thought, but still making sure to keep t guys in view in case one of them tried to pull a fast one on them while they were talking. Good thing was they all seemed to be paralyzed in fear now so no bold moves being made there. The only other unknown factor was her original knight and shinning armor. She didn't realize who it was since he was in casual clothing, but Elliot seemed to know him and that was good enough for her. She just didn't know if he was going to want to join in on the fun, or leave now that he saw she was fully capable herself.

Just then an idea struck her and she let a big grin curl onto her lips, "Oh I got it!" She snapped her fingers excitedly. "How about I doll them up...since they like pretty things so much" She smirked with a slight glare in her eyes at the men for a moment before relaxing as she looked back at Elliot, "And have one of my furry friends escort them to the precinct? Lola hasn't gotten to stretch her legs in a while." Lola was her pet white tiger. " You can summon anything you like to help too of course, and we'll be there so no pedestrians freak out too much."The image of her head of the culprits jumping in fear every time Lola snapped at them was too good to resist. Them doing it in high heels and dresses liberally covered from head to toe in glitter also helped. "We should also have them carry with them all the things or money they've stolen tonight." She looked at the men. "So how about it, you gonna tell us where your loot is, or are you gonna make us ask you? I don't think you'll like the latter." The mischievous glint in her eyes was all they needed to know that she wasn't joking. Toying with them yes, but not joking.

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Emily Allen (Impulse)

Emily watches the cute girl with bullseye shirt brush hair out of her face before explaining that the bosses weren't here, but Emily did blush a little during the part where the girl said nice to meet you. With all the weird looks she got from the girl Emily begins to wonder is this girl into girls too and would want to be her first ever girlfriend. She listens to Drake/Neoshade introduce himself and begins to wonder if this guy is related to former villain that used to battle great grandpa Barry that she read about in the Flash Museum. "Nice to meet you too Drake".

She watched as another cute girl enters the room wearing all black and with beautiful eyes that kind of look like a cat's eyes for some reason. Emily listens to the girl complain about her brother Damoan which is a weird name in Emily's opinion and her parents. She then hears about this Jon Kent guy who Emily instantly assumes is this girl's boyfriend which confirms to Emily that this is straight until proven otherwise.

She watches Drake walk over to the table she is still standing on in her shrunken size and ask her why she wanted to be a hero. "I want to be a hero because I come from a family full of heroes and was told all kinds of amazing stories growing up about how they saved the world and I wanted to do it too. I love how much people respect and love the heroes that protect them and how the heroes will be remembered forever with amazing places like the Flash Museum in Central City. They are probably I'm going to my own statue at the Flash museum soon considering how awesome I am and that I took my dad's original superhero name." Emily's face gets a bit red. "Plus all the cutest girls are into superheroes".

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Cliff Barton (Hawkeye)
Cliff noticed the mew girl blush slightly when she spoke. Cliff just put it down to nerves and listened as Emily explained her reasons for wanting to become a hero. It came as absaloutely no surprsie to Cliff that she came from a hero family, a speedester one to be precise. But what was surprising was that she came from the flash family- basically royalty among speedsters. She had quite the legacy to live up to. And they had a museum honouring them! Slightly OTT if you asked Cliff, but then again nobody had every buolt a Hawkeye museum, but now that she thought about, it would be an excellent idea.

Her secondary reason made Cliff smile- girls. When Cliff smiled her whole attitude changed. She opened her mouth to say something, but was rudely interupted by her phone ringing. Her ring tone was set to the TARDIS materialising sound.

Cliff made a face and answered it. "Hawkeye here" After a brief pause, she followed it up with "hey Simone, what's the problem? Did the tv dish finally loose it for good?"

As she listened she seetledinto a slumped posture, with a scowl on her face."please tell me this is just a prank call, its far to early to deal with this" She sighed and made a noise that sounded kind of like "blaragh" as she grabbed her gear bag, from the pile in the corner. Jamming the phone between her elbow and her ear, she strapped on her arm gauntlets and slung her quiver onto her back, before attatching something to her belt.

Aware that she was being watched she finished with "I'll be there in 10, and I might bring some of the others along." Cliff ended the call and truned to facr the other heroes. "I gotta go, there's a situation back at mine feel free to come with." She left the offer hanging as she walked out, grabbing a motorbike helmet as she left.

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Elliott Quinn
Elliott grinned at her suggestion "oh yes, I know an outfit that would look absaloutely delightful on them. Plus of course some furry rabbit ears and maybe some make-up while we're at it" Elliott's imaginination was running wild with ideas.

He stood up and moved towards the muggers, his eyes starting glow the strange purple colour they always glowed when he was about to use magic. His eyes went blue when he used his Inhuman gift, and a sort of indigo when he used both.

He turned to the muggers, "ih yes, Lola would be delighted to get to know these guys, espescially considering that they positively reek of steak from that great steakhouse down the road. It's such a pity that Crowley died, he would have enjoyed these guys so much."

Crowley was this mongrel dog that Elliott had adopted when he was about 12. The dog was a stray and a fighter and reminded Elliott of himself in ways. The two were inseperaple until the day where Crowley developed a terminal, uncurable illness and had to be put down.

He turned to the muggers, "shes not messing and neither am I, so don't even consider trying anything stupid. So, whats it gonna be then boys?"

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Drake Swift
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"So you're related to the Flash? My dad, the one and only Shade, used to fight one of the heroes going by Flash when he was a villain. He said how much fun it was to fight him and that he always went easy on the Flash" Drake said teasing and fibbing a bit on the last part. "Also doing it for the cute girls is something I can respect," Drake added happy that they had some kind of common ground with each other, even if it was just hoping to some girls through hero work.

Then Cliff got a phone call and talk to some for a few minutes. Then Cliff said, after hanging up, that she had a situation to deal with and that they could come help if they wanted. "As long as you or someone else give me a ride, I'll tag along," Drake said following behind Cliff, turning his shadow into a bike helmet.

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Azriel sits in his office, gloved fingers tapping on the table as he examines his notes about a certain client. Celia, Age 7, was talkative in state care then suddenly went non-verbal at new foster family. Nothing Azriel tried though tradition psychology worked on this poor girl, it was like she was trapped in there, screaming for help but no sound came out. Something was seriously wrong and she needed someone to hear her. He'd have to look a bit deeper.

Blue eyes rise from the paper at one of his nurses comes leading his young client into his office. "Hello again Celia." His voice trained to be a bit softer. Children tended to open up more to those who were quieter. The scared child drew near and placed herself into the chair across Azriel's desk. Odd for a child to not be distracted by all the toys he had in his office for them and just go straight for the chair. Truth be known, Dr.Roth had two offices, one for children which was decorated so cheerfully and had enough toys to make a toystore jealous. He found the best therapy sessions with kids were typically through constructive play. His office for adults was across the hall and was a more lightly painted version of the typical psychologist's office, couches, tissue boxes, books everywhere. Lately he found himself in his children's office more. Seemed more and more troubled kids were coming in now a days.

Today was no different than the last therapy session with Celia. She was silent eyes glued to the hemline of her skirt. Azriel goes to remove the leather gloves from his hands, wincing as the blackened fingers were exposed to air. Luckily his full sleeve of tattoos made it quite difficult to notice to the human eye, but it did still hurt. Can you trust me for a moment dear? He asks, extending his hands toward Celia's as it rest on the table and stops. He wanted it to be her choice to give him her hand. Slowly the little girl sets her hand in the psychologists... and lowly his sweet smile fell. But he didn't let it show too much, no need to scare Celia while she was still in therapy, all he could do was mask it for now.


Azriel leans back in his office as Celia goes back to the lobby to go back to her foster parents... Azriel watches through his blinds as they leave and immediately scrolls through his phone to dial an old friend.

Ello? Dr.Roth?
Hey June, Remember Celia? I need you to get a search warrant for her foster family's home. Do not let them be in the house alone with her.
What? You sure? They seem so nice.
Have I ever been wrong? Mr.Womakk isn't quite as nice as he may seem. Get a case together and get her out of there.
Right, Well. I'm trusting you on this. Goodbye Azriel.
Bye June

These where the days he hated his job. Had he only thought it acceptable to do that last week. Poor girl. At least he could help her now. He sits back in his office chair and takes a deep breath, settling back just trying to forget what Celia's mind had shown him. Then more ruckus through his walls. That was supposed to be an alley way, who the hell could be making so much noise? Azriel pulls his gloves back on and moves his hand to the outer wall, wincing as he uses his magic to teleport through it, a dark hole opening up at then end of the alley and the psyhologist stepping through only to find somewhat familiar faces. He didn't know most of them, but he did recognize one of them by a file his mother sent him on who he'd be expected to be working with. Oh, Hello, Terribly sorry to interrupt, but do you think you could keep the volume of your ass kicking to a minimum? The teifling asks in a mostly-joking tone. I would offer to help out with the villain butt busting but sadly I am at work right now.

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Emily Allen (Impulse)

Emily was surprised that Drake willing mentioned that his dad was a former villain since that seems like someone that people would normally try to hide from people and that even if that guy was holding back Great Grandpa Barry would also be holding back since he believes in the no kill rule for dealing with villains since he believes they can change for the better if you give them the chance and he was right in this case since this guy stopped being a villain eventually. "I'm actually related to multiple Flashes and pretty much all of them after the one that fought with Captain America in the forties is related in one way or another." While saying that she noticed that the girl with bullseye shirt began to smile after Emily revealed herself as a lesbian which caused Emily to start blushing again and start thinking if that girl is going to ask her out.

Emily's thoughts were slightly interrupted by the girl getting a phone call but she still continued to watch the girl with a small amount of pink on her face and some thoughts on the possibility of dating her. She watches the girl who she now knows is called Hawkeye get serious and start preparing for action. The moment Hawkeye said that she can come with, Emily got off the table and back to full size and activated the button on her costume ring before beginning to change into her costume at superspeed. She now has googles covering her face with yellow wings covering over the heroes inspired by the original Flash's helmet, red gloves, red boots, and a tight fitting one piece superhero outfit with red in the middle with yellow around the red in a lightning pattern and all white on the sides.

"I could carry you there but I hear people often throw up after their first time getting carried at superspeed. Since I don't know where we are going should I follow you or show I shrink down and hide in your pockets or something?".

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Helena watched Cliff, as she listened to her. "Good, thanks," she said and got herself some coffee. Helena then spoke again and sighed as she nodded. "I see, well, I guess he is typical him then huh? At least he didn't have to deal with a light bulb blowing up," she said to Cliff.

Helena then glanced at Damien. "Sounds like a plan. I could go for a pizza. I am sure you remember my favorite, don't you Damien?" She said to him with a smile. Helena looked at them all and then glanced at the new girl. "By the way, it's normal for me to call my Brother, Damien Wayne, Damoan. I tend to tease him a lot, so he is my oldest brother," Helena explained in case it was needed.

"And boys Girls and guys go for superheroes. And you are related to the flash? He is pretty cool," she said. "Oh and Damien, be careful what you wish for," she said to him. Helena then looked at them all. She watched Cliff, as she then walked over to her. "Mind I come with you," she said to her.

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Cliff Barton (Hawkeye)
Drake, Helena and the new girl all volunteered to go. "the more the better, to be honest, these guys are idiots who don't listen and will probably try brute force before thinking." The new kid had a costume that could materialise instantly. Cliff found herself being slightly jealous as she always had to change and that could be inconvenient at best. She hadn't bothered with the full gear, just her arm pads, and waist belt. As long as she had a now, she was happy.

She made her way to the garage, where her motorbike was parked. It was a sleek black with purple detailing and had under-seat storage that contained arrows, food and bandages. Her motorbike had been custom made for her, a present from her father who was totally ok with her being an underage driver at the time. Clint had also got a similar bike for himself. She slotted the bow into the specially designed holder on the side of the bike. There was another bike (not hers) in the corner.

She turned to the group. "superspeed transport probably not a good idea, and besides none of you lot know where we are going" She turned to Drake and Helena. "you can either share that bike, find your own transport or one of you can come with me, but be warned, my driving has been compared to being on a rollercoaster." she internally smiled, remembering a weekend spent doing highly stupid motorbike stunts with her father. Needless to say they got injured.

She then went back to Emily. "Shrinking is your best bet, I'd say. As long as you don't mind travelling with a whole bunch of arrows that is."

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