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Fandom Partner Search! ~ GoT, Walking Dead, etc.

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plant mom💐
Hello!~ I am Danny and I am looking for a long-term role play partner :) I am fairly good at matching post length with my partner, but it has to be two or more paragraphs, with five or more sentences within. I require my partner to have good grammar and punctuation, and I will let you know if you don't meet my requirements.
I do not role play sexual scenes as I do get uncomfortable with them, and they are against RPN rules, but that aside I do require my partner to be of 18 years or older because I am 20.
I do prefer to play female, but I can definitely double up.


They're mostly a character x OC because I don't 100% like going along with the story line, but a few have character pairings, but if you have any ships you'd like to try let me know. (bold = me)

Tris x OC
Four x OC

Game of Thrones:
Jon x OC
Robb x OC
Tyrion x OC
Jaime x OC
Gendry x OC

The 100:
Clark x OC
Octavia x Lincoln
Clark x Bellamy
Bellamy x OC

Hunger Games:
Fox Face x Peeta
Thresh x Fox Face
Haymitch x OC
Finnick x OC

Vampire Diaries:
Elena x Damon
Klaus x Caroline
Klaus x OC
Damon x OC
x OC

The Host:
Melanie x OC
Jared x Melanie
Jared x OC
x OC

Jack x OC
x OC

The Fosters:
Callie x OC
Brandon x OC
Jesus x OC
Aaron x Callie

Shadow Hunters:
Clary x Jace
Clary x OC
Jace x OC

Thor x OC
Scarlet Witch
x OC
Bruce x OC
Bruce x Black Widow
Peter x OC

Lip x OC
Carl x OC
Lip x Mandy

Freddie x OC
x OC
Effie x Chris
Freddie x Katie
Thomas x OC

Walking Dead:
Daryl x OC
x OC
Daryl x Maggie
x OC
Amy x Daryl
Glenn x OC

Jamie x OC
Brianna Frase
r x OC(past)
Claire x OC

The Hobbit:
Legolas x OC
Kili x Tauriel

Wolverine x Jean
Wolverine x OC
Young Professor X x OC
x OC
Rogue x OC

American Horror Story:
Tate x OC
Jimmie x OC
x OC


The next ones are OC'S within the worlds: (bold = craving)
Game of Thrones
The 100

Vampire Diaries
28 Days/Weeks Later
Chronicles of Narnia
Harry Potter

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