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"Honey!!! Wheres my Supersuit?"
The fabric of Space and Time was once an infinite tapestry, a weave that flowed from beginning to end with those two points connecting forming the eternal construct that we know, the Nest that birthed all things. Yet that majestic eternal tapestry was torn asunder. Perhaps it was always destined to happen, perhaps destiny is not real and it was simply a poor choice. Either way the motives are irrelevant, what was, is no more, and what is will not last.

It possibly began in the 10th millennia, When time travel was refined. They could travel backwards in time for nearly two thousand years, but when a human named Robert Richter discovered how to travel forwards in time it cracked the entire timeline for our universe. Unaware of this he would go further until he reached the End of the universe. A point where all of space and time compressed into a singularity which would have birthed the universe again…if he had not destabilized the singularity with his presence. There was a flash and every Soul, Everything, all at once and in every time period…suddenly ended.

Robert was left there with the scraps of reality drifting in the nothingness but he had been changed. Existing outside of dimensions warped his perspective and his very existence. He had become a paradox and found that he could grab these scraps of space time and even piece them back together like a puzzle. But much had been lost. In the end he was able to preserve small fractions of the lifeforms, matter, energy, and arranged them in a fractured state connecting them.

This act would leave Robert as the closest thing to a god, but with a twist. This god wanted nothing more than to stop himself from becoming what he was. Yet it was beyond even his great power to change this himself, he was the paradox that started all this, thus if it were his hand which directly stopped this new reality from happening it would be set in stone. So he made a plan and has been trying it for aeons untold.

The seven timelines he maintains hold all of the universes denizens he could preserve. Every year one soul from each timeline is fetched, seven in total, and these souls are brought to “the starting point” where they can have their memories of the old universe restored, have their bodies changed, and begin a journey of epic proportions. They must journey around the seven timelines absorbing paradox anomalies, until they have enough of this paradox energy to open the last gate and complete the last task to reforge reality…the task of killing Robert Richter.

So far in the countless attempts made none have succeeded, the closest anyone ever made it wasn’t even halfway through the process. However You are not them. You are one of the new Seven. Plucked from your fractured timeline at the moment of death, you have been given a chance to see the universe from the perspective of a god. To share in the despair that grays the hairs of a creator. That knowledge alone is little, but when paired with your skills and determination, can possibly save reality from being consumed. You see with each passing year the anomalies become more frequent and large scale, more and more of the preserved timelines is lost. You MUST face the tides of chaos, you MUST emerge the victor in the face of impossible odds. You must embrace Pandaemonium.
Hello y’all so this rp is a bit of a brain teaser and there is a-lot of work until its ready, but i think with the RPN regulars this could be an amazing opportunity.

This story actually encompasses SEVEN earths, each is the same PLACE but a different TIME. Each character will be from one of these respective timelines, but they are all slightly off from their real world counterparts. Sadly Robert was a finite being, his memory wasn’t the best and even if it was its not like he would remember every twist and turn on an entire planet.

Year 10,000- The Futuristic Utopia era- earth is a member of the Galactic Federation of Peoples or GFP. Technology and lifespan have drastically improved, however the individual has nearly no importance in the grand scheme of things. It is a Very advanced and magnificent Dystopian society with technology that boggles the mind. The exception is Time travel, which Robert Smote the very idea from the universes collective consciousness.

Year 4,000- The Era of Armageddon- following an interplanetary war between earth and mars in which fusion bombs scoured both worlds surfaces, mankind has yet to be discovered by the GFP. The worlds are both irradiated wastelands filled with mutants who scavenge tech like it was Mad max. Yet these techno barbarians find hover craft and starships instead of cars, and Wield plasma rifles and beam sabers instead of firearms and metal blades.

Year 2,000- The Era of Modernity- A strange mashup of the modern day that seems to have pieces of culture and history ranging from the 1970’s to the 2020’s. You may find someone With a Cassette player in their car, Rocking skinny jeans and a flannel button up, while sporting an I-phone 14. Admittedly the Bombs used in the war of earth and mars wiped out whatever records we had on the planets, so this era is pieced together by what they could gather, and what robert remembers from time traveling there.

Year 1,000- The Dark era of Magic- An odd time where myth and history have blended. King Arthur and Merlin live in this time period as do Dragons, vampires, and any number of monsters from the dark ages. The fanatical church of Morgan Wages war with Camelot the nation which rules the world all the while a misinterpretation of the black death’s history would result in it manifesting as a zombie virus.

Year 0- The Era of Olympus/Rome- In this era the majority of mankind is gathered around the Mediterranean sea and split between the two kingdoms of Greece ruled by their olympian gods, and Rome, Ruled by the Caesar and equipped with advanced technology for the era. Those not caught on either side, can find themselves affiliated with Amazons, Mythological Monsters from Greek and Roman mythos, and Even the Gods of the underworld.

Year 10,000 Minus- Era of Godmen & Empires- An era Robert never actually went to as it exceeded his time machines power to travel that far back. Thus this realm is built of knowledge gleened from the Bronze and early iron age scholars he met in their own times. Thus this era is marked by a three way war between the Amazing Magitech empires of Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu.

Year 1,000,000 Minus- The beginning era- A time when Dinosaurs walked the earth, Lizard people called the Zerpan ruled a powerful empire, The mighty Psychic ape empire was supreme though pacifistic, and The ancestors of mankind, who Robert believed to be the neanderthal were barely coming into tribal prominence. This fantastical era has the most paradoxical anomalies which the Neanderthal can use as a kind of Proto-Magic. The ability to absorb anomalies possessed by the Seven is actually a modified form of this same gene.

Each player will be from one of these era’s. I will be joining us in the RP as Robert’s “Angels” the Guide drones. However your characters will steer this story. Shenanigans are abound and your character will have to face many challenges. Sadly superpowers are not a thing here…at least not immediately. You will start out with a few interesting abilities that are needed for the job but for the most part you will need to be crafty and creative to make it through some of these challenges. We will need some characters who can punch enemies in the face really hard, but we will also have problems that CANNOT be solved by punching things no matter how hard your doing it.

No two players can be from the same timeline or know each other in any capacity. After all you are divided from one another by at MINIMUM a thousand years, and at maximum 1,010,000 years. Interestingly enough if you want you can make descendants of another persons character and this is encouraged.
As our characters progress and accumulate Paradox Energy we WILL gain new powers and abilities. Currently characters all possess these abilities.

Regeneration- they can heal stamina and damage much faster than a normal human being. This cannot regrow limbs or organs, and still leaves scars, by no means are you immortal. But if the wound doesn’t kill you within ten minutes odds are it wont. This comes with a boosted resistance to poisons.

Energy Resistance- The portals leading from one world to another are Hellishly turbulent, To a point where no craft or structure can withstand the forces associated with going through them. The suits Robert gives to the Seven allow them to withstand this amazing storm of energy. This same suit can actually take shots from energy weapons and resist impacts and electrical forces. These resistances are not reliable enough to save your life, nor is it meant to be any kind of armor. The defense is just a side effect of making portal suits. You will need one as its the only kind of clothing known that can survive the transition.

Paradox Energy Absorption- All of the Seven can absorb paradox energy and doing so can close Anomalies. As a member of the seven absorbs this energy it is distributed evenly between all members of the seven. Absorbing this energy not only heals and replenishes the seven, it also can accumulate enough to mutate them additional abilities, such as spawing energy blades from your hands, shooting eye lasers, flying, making forcefields, and more.

Paradoxical resistance- just being near a paradox can cause someone to fall out of reality, mutate into a monstrous being, hear whispers drive them insane, and even twist the surrounding life and land into a horrible mess. NOTHING is immune to this effect…except for the Seven who actually draw benefits from Anomalous radiation generated by Paradoxes.

This is Drone 80881 (Bobbi). I will be playing this little guy to help aid our adventure along. Don’t expect much help from him when it comes to anything more than some advice beeps, and identifying things. It cannot fight even a little bit and is designed not to influence your decisions. Just inform you of the situation and aid in navigation. I suppose you could make him carry your stuff. He is about the size of a large dog.

As stated Above. There is alot of work to do in this project to get it off the ground. But I’ve been at it for a while now and should be able to get it lauched in 1-2 weeks tops.

The Seven Adventurer Roles
Year 10,000 :
Year 4,000 :
Year 2,000 :
Year 1,000 :
Year 0 :
Year -10,000 :
Year -1,000,000 :
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