1. GojiBean

    Fantasy Spiritual Threads

    Hoyo! This is an RP idea combining the good ol' romantic tropes of fated meetings and arranged marriages. Also, if you have questions or are interested please ping me in a DM! Plot TLDR My character is hiding the fact that he was born to a race which is greatly hated by the nation he lives...
  2. Agent23

    Multiple Settings Pandaemonium- a Time/Space RP.

    The fabric of Space and Time was once an infinite tapestry, a weave that flowed from beginning to end with those two points connecting forming the eternal construct that we know, the Nest that birthed all things. Yet that majestic eternal tapestry was torn asunder. Perhaps it was always destined...
  3. Wise Owl

    Fandom Seeking Destiny 2/ Long-term Roleplay

    Hello~! My name is Cattileona but you can call me Catt for short! I'm looking for a longterm partner to roleplay that is OC x Canon. I am/ I do: - Semi-lit - Write in 3rd person - Detailed 5+ paragraphs each reply - Can be a little delayed on replies but I do try and get them done within a...