Other Obscure fandoms you'd like to RP

Several web comics that I follow on Tapas (namely Hazeshift and Blackbird's Requiem) and Over The Garden Wall. I'm not interested in writing with canonical characters for any of these, I just love the concept for each and would absolutely love to make my own Roleplay with them.
Kpop, mainly boy groups. It's hard to find anyone that likes the same groups I like. I've had a few ideas for K-Pop roleplays too, like an ATEEZ Pirate AU, EXO Space Travel AU, BLOCK B Mafia AU, and a couple ideas that aren't AUs. I would usually play my OC for these rps, along with some of the members from the groups so my partner doesn't have to play them all. Anyway, yeah.... It's just hard to find this type of rp for some reason...

I mean, I wouldn't think this would be considered obscure, as most people have at least heard of the fandom. It was movies, video games, comics, and even a variety of toys. But as far as RPs go, I've never EVER seen anyone advertise a Terminator group RP. So I guess in that regard it could be considered obscure. One set in the bleak, post-skynet future of course. Would be pretty cool to RP the remnants of humanity trying to survive against various T units and Hunter Killers, etc.
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A game on Roblox called 'Crazy Stairs'. There might need to be a system that could bring in the random factors without feeling too janky, but the concept of racing your way up constantly moving stairs with different classes of magic to manipulate stairs or sabotage others just feels like it could make for a really fun group rp.
I am back to say HBO's Barry, Numbers and the Netflix Defender's series, specifically finding anyone who watched Iron Fist and is willing to play Ward Meachum. I know y'all are out there. Where are you?
Star Wars Red harvest/deathtroopers/Blackwing Virus.
Resident Evil Village RP
COD Modern Warfare/Ghosts RP
I am back to say HBO's Barry, Numbers and the Netflix Defender's series, specifically finding anyone who watched Iron Fist and is willing to play Ward Meachum. I know y'all are out there. Where are you?
*raises hands for defenders and iron fist then lowers it* sorry friend wish i knew how.

Spy x family au or platonic rp
The Disney ducktales reboot is definitely on my list.

The original Bubblegum Crisis ova series is probably my number one pick as far as obscure anime goes.

Super Robot Wars Zengoku. I really love gainax, but a bunch of other of my favorite mecha anime (The Big O, Mazinkaiser, Gurren Lagann, etc.) are featured too!

I’ve never seen anyone do an rp based on OK-KO/Lakewood Plaza Turbo. That’d be cool.

FLCL is so wacky and crazy that I’m sure I and my partner(s) could do a lot with the setting.

LokiIRL doesn’t get enough love. Though I’d probably need to get caught up on it to do a good rp.

For that matter, stuff like Skarpworld or the newgrounds-verse in general would be great if it weren’t so blatantly nsfw and nsfs (not safe for sanity)

Craig of the creek is such a fun concept! I love recapturing the feeling of childhood LARPing.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World has basically no rules other than the nature of the world both does and doesn’t run on tropes. That’s fun in and of itself.

Mao Mao heroes of Pure Heart has a buttload of potential for fan expansion of the lore.

If anyone wants to discuss these, actually. They could DM me. I might be interested in doing a 1x1 or group depending on interest.
It's not obscure but for some reason nobody wants to do Legend if Zelda. Though it might also be because the interest check is super long.
A universe where a comet face several people superpowers but none became heroes and overthrew the governments dividing the world into city states
Inazuma Eleven, Ape Escape, Chrono Cross/RD/Trigger, Azure Striker Gunvolt, Klonoa, NiGHTs, Code Lyoko and several others.
Mind we do the Azure Striker Gunvolt one…want me to make a PM(and yes, I played all the games and I think if they make GUNVOLT 4, it will be only GV but in a different world because inti creates knows everyone loves GV
not the most obscure since it's picking up popularity, but i recently got into the overlord light novel series and lord am i sad to see how scarce it is in the roleplay community.

i don't often latch onto something so soon after i pick it up, especially with canon characters, but the main character being an almighty necromancer blundering his way through world domination because he's so damn good at monologuing really tickled me, so now he's the only thing i want to write for lmao. but alas, i've yet to really find anybody else who is both familiar with the series and also writes.
I would absolutely adore some AmRev stuff, a la the Hamilton musical, but based on the actual historical figures. RPF and historical person fiction is always walking a fine line, which I understand, but it makes it hard to find roleplay for it.

Please, I just want Valley Forge shenanigans…
I feel like Castle Crashers would be a stupid-fun group RP (or maybe just stupid? idk). Recently got back into it as I downloaded it on the family Switch. I had it back on the PS3 like 10-ish years ago, and I still love it! My 4-year-old is really into it, too. So, we play together, now.

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