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Realistic or Modern Nice to Meet You. We're Aliens. (LF three more members)

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Doctor Llamabean

New Member

Usually when you go on a late walk with your best friend, you don't expect to fall witness to the crash landing of a UFO.

In the case of Human1 and Human2, that's just what happened.

Forty-five minutes ago, Human1 and their best friend, Human2, were shaken to their core when they watched awestruck as what they assumed was an asteroid come falling down to Earth. It landed in the woods behind their neighbor's house, Mr. Bennett, who's been away on vacation since June.

Before anyone else could arrive on the scene, Human1 and Human2 found themselves face to face with a massive crater in the ground, and dead in its center was a large, metal container that resembled something of a computer mouse, only more futuristic and dangerous with dim lights along its outer edges.

Now, in Human1's living room, along with Human2, stand four other Humans--or what appear to be humans but are actually aliens--who are very curious about the planet Earth that they call the Planet Green.

Human1 and Human2 have so many questions, but it seems these aliens have even more. Who are they? Why did they come to Earth? What harm do they intend!?

The Aliens--Alien1, Alien2, Alien3, and Alien4--were criminals on their Planet Galaxii for personal reasons that are unique to each of them. They were also masterminds of science and feared as such.

When one day they came up with the bright idea of escaping their planet, news also surfaced that Galaxii would soon meet its end by the self-destructive nature of its core. And so, having set their sights on Planet Green, also known as Earth, the four Aliens escaped Galaxii. Unbeknownst to them, they were followed.

Now, these four aliens have come to realize that in order to forever escape their criminal pasts, they must protect the Planet Green from being overthrown by their own race!

Human1 - taken

Alien1 - taken
Alien2 - taken

There are no gender requirements for any of the characters!
As for the Galaxiians, they originally look like this, but have taken on the appearance of deceased humans using the technology on their ship before crash-landing on Earth.

1. At what point will the story start in-character?
(The story will begin with all of the characters in Human1's house to discuss the reason for the aliens' arrival on Earth. The events of Human1 and Human2 witnessing the crash-lading will have passed just moments ago. This allows us to still write our introductions and ask questions and such!)

2. What do the Aliens look like, and what planet are they from?
(Well, the aliens originally look like this: Click. And they are from the planet Galaxii. They call themselves Galaxiians.

3. What are some characteristics that we should know about the aliens?
(The aliens are all capable of telepathy between each other, but they cannot read each other's minds without being granted access. The communication must be willing. The aliens cannot read the minds of humans without the use of technology.)
(All of the aliens are scientifically inclined and very intelligent; however, they appear rather dumb in the face of human interaction.)
(Galaxiians do not have genders. They are born from star particles in space. So, basically, they are manifested will.)
(Before arriving on Earth, each of the four aliens studied about the nature of humans. They studied multiple languages, including body language. They have each taken on the appearance of a deceased human through the research of obituaries found on the internet.)
(The aliens were in search of Earth for 11 years. They lived on their space ship during that duration.)

4. How old should our characters be?
(I would prefer that everyone's characters are 18 or older. As for the Galaxiians, their seasons last longer on Galaxii, so if you want them to be 30 years old, they are technically 15.)

5. What is the plot for dummies?
(Basically, aliens 1-4 were criminals who escaped their home-planet at the exact same time that information about the inevitable destruction of their planet surfaced. So, an intelligence group was sent after the criminal aliens to see where they might go. This group follows our aliens to Earth and ends up deciding to rid the planet of the human race so that they can inhabit the planet on their own. Well, that would mean that our aliens would be pursued as criminals again, so they join forces with the humans and fight against their own race. Despite the action, we will also be enjoying the image of our aliens trying to fit into daily life on Earth as they make friends and enemies, and learn what's normal and what's not!)

6. Will there be romance?
(Of course. Did you really just ask me that?)

7. Do the aliens have any special powers?
(Electrical communication! They can control and redirect electricity through their bodies, as well as speak to computers through touch.)
(Telepathy. The Galaxiians can speak to each other with their minds, but they cannot read each other's minds.)
(Thermal/infrared vision. The aliens can visually detect objects that emit heat or radiation, giving them a sort of night vision. Kind of like this: Click)

8. What is the genre of this RP?
(The main genre is COMEDY! Have fun with your characters! ACTION, ADVENTURE, and ROMANCE!)


Occupation (do they have a job?)
Unique (a characteristic that might not be in their image)
Backstory (can be bulletins that detail the important moments)


Name (they only have first names)
Alias (a first name and last name that they gave themselves to fit in)
Age (think of an age for a human, then half it)
Gender (what gender did they choose for their human form)
Image (just of their human form, also specify who or what their stolen appearance was from the obituaries)
Unique (a characteristic that might not be in their image)
Backstory (can be bulletins, but mostly focus on their reason for their criminality)

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✰ open your heart up to chaos ✰
This looks fun. I'm new though, so idk what you need from me lol. I'd like one alien pls

Doctor Llamabean

New Member
This looks fun. I'm new though, so idk what you need from me lol. I'd like one alien pls
Hello. I just woke up, lol.
We're off to a slow start right now, so we need dedicated members. RpN seems to have died since I was last around. It used to be that these RPs would fill up fast.

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