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Mythyc System RPs (Custom System, Discord OOC) - Kenterra (High Fantasy Magitech Heroic Monster Hunting) - Ur-Myth (Sci-Fi Heroic Adventures)


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Hello! I've been working on a system I'm calling the "Mythyc System" and am very excited to use it! I have built two variations, one each for settings of mine I want to run. The basis is to mix narrative justification with dice rolls, both of which I enjoy.

The core mechanic is taking two sets of dice (from your ability scores) and adding the results with skill and attribute bonuses to see if you succeed
Core Mechanic: When attempting a feat; select (with the approval of the Narrator) 2 Abilities most applicable to the feat attempted and roll them. If you have skill ranks for that feat, add those ranks to the total. Add any applicable attribute bonuses. Compare to the difficulty of the feat. if you match or exceed the difficulty, you are successful. For each multiple of five by which you exceed the difficulty, the Narrator will describe an additional degree of success.


Kenterra is my fantasy setting. It is high in magic and includes magitech based around the refining and usage of magical crystals that grow like plants around the world. There are two species for character creation (though both are quite varied in their actual features).

The Player Characters will consist of beings born with crystal hearts, their game-story beginning when their hearts fracture (due to intense stress and trauma). When they become things known as shards. They will be rescued from having their hearts shatter completely by beings known as Vigilants, who will take them to the Vigil (the small white island below Denoia) to learn how to harness their new powers.

When a crystal heart breaks, the magic contained within begins to seep into the body. This grants the shard greater physical, mental, and magical power (the amount of each depends on the individual) though it also begins to drive them insane. When a heart breaks, the shard first kills the cause of their trauma, and then — if left unchecked — will begin to rampage until they become shattered: more crystal-covered monster than man, though frighteningly intelligent. The shattered focus their hunt on those with crystal hearts — especially whole hearts — to devour the essence inside of it.

The Vigilants are, as a whole, uncaring about worldly politics. Though an individual makes their own path, the Vigilants are attuned to a single goal: to hunt and destroy shattered. Some work as individuals, others as cells, but once they are attuned and stable, they will all be able to sense crystal hearts. They focus on saving those with broken hearts if they can and destroying those with shattered hearts. Once a shattered is destroyed, the crystals upon their body will dissolve and the magical essence inside them will flow into nearby Vigilants, both enhancing and sustaining them.

(My hope is that the PCs will be heroic beyond being Vigilants, taking on quests, and helping those in need)


Ur-Myth is my sci-fi setting. It includes a lower amount of magic than Kenterra, though a large part of the setting is the fact that every device (excluding mass-produced weapons) manifests a spirit that certain people can communicate with. In addition to humans, there are 8 species a player character can be.

The plot for Ur-Myth is more open, but the starting idea is that the Player Characters are a small adventure team under a GMPC. They are free to pick their own missions, explore, save people, etc.

Thank you and I hope to find some players~

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