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Fantasy mischief and misfortune ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・

The Unfortunate
Qin Wei
“Mortals are not to be judged by appearance, and the sea is not to be measured.”

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Qin Wei's eyes felt heavy. In front of his vision, it was nothing but haze everywhere he looked. Qin Wei wanted to move his body, and his brain commanded it to, but nothing in his own muscles listened. His body felt cold and a harsh, fast breeze brushed against his face, causing him to shiver.

"Where am I?" Qin Wei spoke to himself. He was standing in front of the orphanage, but this time, it seemed like a silhouette of a woman limped off before Qin Wei could focus more on what he was seeing.


Qin Wei breathed heavily, gasping for air as he was knocked back to consciousness. He turned his head around to see where he was, resting on a hay pillow he had made a couple of days before his rest in a small little cave up in the mountains. Qin Wei put his hand on his head, covering his eyes with his left hand.

"What kind of dream was that?"

He asked himself, trying to shake off what had happened in his dream before an aching pain caused Qin Wei to groan. That was right. He had a mission to sneak into one of the noble lady's homes, only to get caught by Chang Guo's men. It was a shame that he couldn't take the woman's jeweled pendant, as it had fallen down due to his escape from the minions. He shivered a bit, before realizing that he had taken in an injured fox while he was hurt himself.

Qin Wei laughed at himself, trying to comprehend why he would take in an animal when he couldn't handle himself at the moment. The fox slept soundly not too far from him, but Qin Wei began feeling cold. He used all of his energy to push himself up, taking off his torn robe (Qin Wei had been knocked unconscious after he took in the fox and laid on his bed). He was half-naked, revealing his muscular, upper body as he shivered. He pushed himself up from the bed, using every ounce of energy to use his torn robe to tend to the poor fox's wounds a couple of feet away from him.

Qin Wei's right shoulder was shot by an arrow, and luckily enough, the shaft of the wooden arrow had been broken. Unfortunately, though, the insert and point of the arrow were pierced pretty deep into his right wound. But this wasn't something new to Qin Wei. Since he's gone through so much abuse and mistreatment from Chang Guo, it was a surprise that Qin Wei was able to endure the pain at this moment.

Every time Qin Wei was moving his left arm to wrap the robe around the fox's wound so that it wouldn't bleed, he could feel the sharp pain in his right shoulder. Qin Wei slowly was sweating out the fever that was slowly running, and the felt the cold breeze coming through the entrance of the small cave again. This time, he carefully brought the fox closer to him on his bed, wrapping the fox around his arms.

"Sorry, little one." He softly whispered, barely able to hold his own breath now as it began getting slower, "But I must use your beautiful fur for warmth. I have covered your wounds with the top of my robe, and I hope that I don't bleed out to destroy your fur." He uttered. His eyes were getting heavier, and he felt weak now. Even more than ever, as his grip around the fox's body began to get loose. Qin Wei could feel the sweat coming from the back of his neck, back, and body, but he felt so cold. But the soft, comfortable fur allowed the large male to slowly fell asleep as his breathing became calm.
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goddess of mischief and thunder
sometimes getting lost is the best part of the journey
She thought she'd collapse in any moment. Her legs had been running by much more than what her physical stamina allowed her to, and considering she wasn't a mortal, it was quite the marathon. Turns out escaping the heavens was not as simple as it had somehow seemed in her rebellious mind. Diabella's pestering has gotten far worse than expected, there was no way she could escape her duties when her older sister was menacingly pointing her out the moment she rose from her throne. Alas, the worst thing you can do even amongst gods is try to imprison the goddess of mischief in a glass cage... For she always found a way out.

And so she did.

Counting on the help of Noir, who had always signed up for anything that meant going against the norm, Kalidea had managed to trespass into the mortal realm. However, much to her demise, passing onto the other plane without permission had taken her much more magical energy than intended, and she knew there would be no quick way of recovering that energy in the mortal realm, especially considering her use of forbidden spells to open the gates. The young, intrepid goddess had only merged amongst humans for a couple of quick occasions, never really staying for a full day. It was, of course, a situation that led her to a vulnerable state, as most of her magic was used to keep herself in a human-friendly form. She had been training to make better use of her magic, to let herself have some advantages in the human realm, but still not strong enough to protect herself properly.

In that instant, nothing of that mattered. Her four legs sprinted across the valleys as her body morphed into an unusual pink-toned fox.
"Just a bit more"
she told herself until a sudden sting of pain raised on her side, causing her to tumble and collide against a thorny vine. Her gaze turned blurry and all she managed to see was an arrow poking from her side. In her more mortal state, she could feel the enormous pain humans felt, and her abilities were reduced to whatever she had been able to learn. So far, her body could cure her wounds, but at a much lower rate due to the tiredness and the fact that most of her energy was used in keeping the fox state. Gods feared pain more than anything, they weren't used to it, not as humans are, thus the tremendous wave of agony caught the female off guard, leading to a sudden quick faint.

All the world blackened for her.

The hunter never found its prey, but another human did. Kalidea was still in a deep slumber, yet she felt something covering her, and the warmth of another body. In that instant, her gut, which had never betrayed her, knew that so far whoever she was embraced with meant no harm. However soon her magic dissipated as during her sleep most of it focused on curing her wounds, which were still rather fresh, yet the pain had been mostly neutralized. To anyone who'd been awake that instant, they would've seen the sakura-toned fox slowly transform with a gentle glow into a female body with same-coloured hair. Her body was covered by a simple white robe that covered most of her torso yet revealed ost of her back, legs and arms, which were all decorated with superficial and not-so-superficial scratches. On the left side of her ribcage, the whiteness of the robe was already getting stained in tiny drops of crimson red with a golden shine, as the male's clothes which had once been enough to help the fox form now just managed to cover the larger wound.

As a result of slowly waking up, the young goddess cuddled closely finding the resting position rather comforting, it had been long since she had been embraced in such a way, and for an instant, she completely forgot what had happened hours ago, and where she really was. As her eyes fluttered open, reality kicked in, alas she stayed there, staring at the relaxed male face in disbelief, before blinking a couple of times to confirm what she was seeing.
"Huh..? HUH??"
She tried to get up, but the slight pain she felt all over her body was enough for her dramatic self to stay where she was wondering what her best options were in the unexpected scenario she found herself in. In that instant, she decided her best option was to try and wake the other up, and so, with a gentle poke on his cheek, she spoke in a sweet gentle voice,
"Excuse me human.."
Kalidea had barely interacted with humans, so it wasn't surprising that she didn't always use the appropriate vocabulary. The moment she touched him, she felt he was in physical pain, and wondered what could've happened to him. As she scanned for wounds, she realized he was topless.. which, as the young female she was in such a position, only lead to a light pink tone rise in her cheeks out of pure disbelief and anger, was he some sort of pervert?

Kalidea already thought of the curses she would put on him as soon as she had the chance to gain enough magical energy and her wounds were better treated, so for now, a light pull on his cheek in order to get him to wake up should suffice,
"It is time for you to wake up for heavens sake!"

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The Unfortunate
Qin Wei
“Mortals are not to be judged by appearance, and the sea is not to be measured.”

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There was a feeling of reassurance when Qin Wei enveloped his arms in the fox's warm body. Despite his body aching in pain while Qin Wei fought against the fever, he was able to silently tolerate the pain by himself with the fox's company. Maybe it has been a while since Qin Wei had interacted with someone-- or something at least. The last interaction Qin Wei had before fleeing the bandit camp was with Chang Guo.

It was the breaking point for Qin Wei, which caused him to leave. The stench of alcohol mixed with a strong odor of the leader filled the room. A long, tall wooden table loaded with various jars of alcohol, gold, and food while Chang Guo's vile expression clung to the memory of Qin Wei's. Chang Guo was no small man. He was double Qin Wei's size, his body covering half of his, and the large, horrid man was an avaricious person. Qin Wei never asked for his age, but he presumed the leader was about forty-three years ago.

"You stupid, insolent! Why did you not kill them again? The next time you do this and they track us back here, you're going to be dead!" Chang Guo's large fist hurled Qin Wei in the air, only connecting back to gravity as he tumbled to the ground, a couple of feet away from the leader. Qin Wei struggled to get up, laying on the ground for a second until he regained his strength and will to do so. Chang Guo gave him empty promises again, but at the same time, he wasn't terrified by the bluff that was coming out of the leader's mouth. Qin Wei got up, standing a couple of feet away from Chang Guo this time. He didn't utter a single word, dropping half of his body and head while Chang Guo chortled with satisfaction at the gold and treasure positioned on the table. He raised out both of his hands, ready to haul in the money and alcohol, but stopped with a disgusted expression on his face upon noticing Qin Wei at the side of his eye, up and standing again.

"You. Go away. I don't want to see your face." He uttered, "Now, where was I again?"

Qin Wei's face never changed. He had a monotone expression plastered on his face upon reaching back at the camp again. The woman and the child's faces as Qin Wei and the men came in to steal the gold in their home. He remembered how he had let them go.

"Please. Don't kill us. Take anything, but us!"

The mother begged, rubbing both of her hands before she hauled her child's head close to her to console the crying child in front of the door to their home. Qin Wei took the chance to let them escape while the other bandits were occupied digging around the house.

It was one of the rats that probably snitched on Qin Wei, but he didn't care. Qin Wei was sitting outside of a tent he shared with another man. He was by himself, sitting on a large log, spinning a bronze coin until he heard a woman's scream. Qin Wei immediately got up to see where the sound was coming from.

The bandit's camp area was pretty large for such an association and group. It covered about an acre of land, and Qin Wei's little tent was in the middle of the campground. The woman's scream sounded familiar.

"No... it can't be." Qin Wei rushed to the execution ground, an area where Chang Guo specifically made to execute his men or people that have betrayed him.

A large crowd of men were yelling, wooing the man near the hole.

"This rat almost escaped from us, but it is I who found her and her little damn child!"

Qin Wei's eyes widened, shocked upon seeing the same woman and child that he had let go of a couple of hours ago.

"You monster! How dare you kill my child!" The woman cried, her hands and feet tied up with a rope. Her face was dirtied from falling on the ground, and a lifeless little body lay on the ground near the mother.

"Shut up! You're about to go next!"

Qin Wei couldn't bare to look anymore. It was time that he did something now. He had saved enough money from stealing Chang Guo's personal stash, but Qin Wei could only do it little by little so that the leader wouldn't find out.

"I'll never forgive you." Qin Wei pledged to avenge all of the people and most of it all, to himself. He was treated like a puppet by Chang Guo. Qin Wei was done being a coward now. He wanted vengeance for the dead souls that would never be able to come back to their normal lives. Qin Wei understands that he wasn't a considerate person himself, but hopefully, he would be able to help prevent an incident like the woman and child again.

"Excuse me human.."

There was a faint voice that was calling out to Qin Wei. A female's voice softly uttered to him again, but Qin Wei had processed this as a dream, too. His eyes were barely opening, trying to think about his dream with Chang Guo and his escape (which really happened to him). He took a deep breath, pressing both of his eyes. He realized he was still embracing the fox from last night. He attempted to move, but the pain in his right shoulder didn't allow him to.

"It is time for you to wake up for heaven's sake!"

Qin Wei felt a soft, pinch on both of his cheeks which made him open his eyes now.

"O-Ow" He uttered, his voice husky from being awakened. He then paused, at the sight of a female in front of him. His sharp eyes enlarged at the moment, upon the presence of a strange person that was resting on his chest!

"Wha..." Speechless, he didn't know what to do or say. He observed the female from the bottom to the top. There was no way that he slept with her in an intimate way! She was a petite girl, but the strength of her pinch on his cheeks was contrary to her stature. The light-pinked hair girl only stared at him with her deep, purple eyes, wearing a white robe that covered the front of her body.

Qin Wei's reaction was to instantly push her away, but he didn't have the strength to do so. He tried to get up as quickly as he could. He had forgotten that he was half-naked, exposing his upper body to the female. "Who are you--- argh"

Qin Wei felt a sharp, aching pain in his right chest, enough for him to stop what he wanted to say. Qin Wei was heavily breathing now, trying to process what was going on. He skimmed around the area, unable to find the fox that he had rescued the night before. "Where did you go, little fox?" He softly asked, wondering where the creature had gone. Maybe it healed up and left him after recovering. At least the fox had a way back home, unlike himself.
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