1. ZeeLeah19

    Multiple Settings The Sandman

    I just started watching the show on Netflix called the Sandman and I really want to roleplay it. I’m up for doubling but I would really like somebody to roleplay as Dream of Endless Morpheus for me. Pm me if interested.
  2. Selee-01

    Fantasy Blackwood High: The Gods Walk Among Us

    You all, no doubt, are wondering why I summoned you here. Why draw you to a isolated boarding school in the Pacific Northwest? I’ll tell you. You are gods. Not the cold images on temple walls, not distant dispensers of lightning, but human to the bone. The only difference is that every century...
  3. nyxxie

    Fantasy mischief and misfortune ⋆.ೃ࿔*:・

    coded by bad ending fonts used Name Role coded by bad ending /*IMAGE*/ /*FACECLAIM NAME*/ sign & nyxxie /*ROLE OR CHARACTER NAME*/ our‏‏‎.‎‎‎fate /*DESCRIPTORS, SHORT/* misfortune meets mischief
  4. RoosterRiot

    Multiple Settings Lf God/Goddess x Mortal/Worshiper (fxf/fxm)

    Okay this has just been stuck in my mind for so long, I'm really interested in playing the mortal in the dynamic with a very specific character- my oc Loretta. Tw for abuse and cannibalism! Loretta is a dainty, mischievous woman who tricked her own children into thinking she herself was a God...
  5. Rose Tyler

    Fantasy In need of roleplay partners.

    Hello! I'm looking for new roleplay partners! I love fantasy, romance, action etc. I do consider myself a semi literate to literate and aspire to become an author one day! If anyone wants to roleplay just let me know. :)
  6. Rose Tyler

    Fantasy Golden Blood of Life

    *Hey all, I have had this idea for a while now and would love to have someone take up the role of the God of Death. If interested just comment down below ^__^* ~Golden Blood of Life~ Yin, Yang. . . Push, Pull. . . light, dark. . . Life and Death. All of these are one and the same. The world...
  7. AEONmeteorite

    Fantasy ATLAS: What Remains

    Beginning of roleplay is soon to come. ---------- @Idea @Mayali @Worthlessplebian @The_Regalia @Mirai-chan @Calibutcher
  8. QuirkyAngel

    Fantasy The Godly Team of Universe rzc00123

    Universe rcz00123. The World is Yours to Create... The Premise: Loosely based on animes/mangas like Heaven’s Design Team, Kubera, and another rp I’ve been in…You, along with your fellow players, are gods that have been assigned Universe rcz00123 (to be renamed in rp). Essentially a blank...
  9. Lucipurr

    Fandom Death of Olympus // Character Thread

    The Death of Olympus // a PJO RP // Character Thread You can use whatever sheet you desire for this roleplay, and you can provide as little or as much information as you wish! It doesn't have to be crazy coded and can just be a simple sheet as well, do as you see fit! Additionally, this isn't...
  10. Lucipurr

    Fandom Death of Olympus // Lore Thread

    <fa-solid fa-quote-left Percy Jackson and The Death of Olympus A new era of heroes I need your help 1 new recording* fa-solid fa-arrow-rotate-left fa-thin fa-backward-step fa-thin fa-pause fa-thin fa-forward-step fa-regular fa-heart You click play. There was static. "Is- Is this th-" There...
  11. Lucipurr

    Fandom Death of Olympus // OOC Thread

    The Death of Olympus // a PJO RP // OOC Thread Hello everyone! Welcome to the OOC thread for "Percy Jackson and the Death of Olympus". This will be the official OOC spot for everyone to discuss their characters, ideas, or other plans. Remember, I am more than open to listening to what ideas...
  12. Lucipurr

    Fandom Death of Olympus // a PJO RP // CLOSED

    // second border // reddit part  fa-sharp fa-up  -5  fa-sharp fa-down r/help • Posted by u/ThrowAway_Halfblood 25 days ago The Gods are missing from Mt. Olympus and the world is going to end!!!! Discuss fa-regular fa-bell // main body Alright, now that I was able to grab your...