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Yeah. I hate myself for doing this too but I can't help itttt.

For those who know me, Hi.
For those who don't, Hi.

Just a little about me before you head right on being interested in this roleplay, I am currently studying for my boards for nursing
and I'm dying but this is my de-stressor and it takes one hell of a time for me to come here and write my replies.
Seriously. I have plenty of things I honestly want to do during my free time besides just roleplaying because
I do need a de-stressor from the computer screen(which gives me migraines if I stare at a computer for so long; this sucks also).

So on a friendly note, I MAY DISAPPEAR.
If you aren't in for that, I understand and I respect that.
If I do end up disappearing and I do come back, I still want to work on my roleplay with my fellow
rper if they are still interested, if not, cool. I don't mind either.

A friendly reminder that I am twenty-eight, sadly (old fart now).
I try to write as much as I can as long as you give me something to write for.
For my 1x1 roleplays, I am looking for someone to play the female role .
I only do mxfs! Sorry >u< I support the community, but this is just my preference!

1. Please no one-liners. I don't mind a couple of sentences, but I can't go anywhere with that.
2. Pacing/posting doesn't matter to me! I'm very flexible towards this but please understand that if you stop posting for a great while,
I suggest that you aren't interested anymore ^^
3. Please understand. I MAY DISAPPEAR. My dedication to trying to balance my life with gymming, life, career, and my choices tends
to keep me super occupied. ^^
4. I will be taking the [Male] roles! We can have other characters that can help with the plot if needed! (Side characters)
5. Romance is a must! 99% of my roleplays often have romance, but we can have it slow and steady, because what fun is it if there's already a sudden love between the two characters already?
6. Did I mention there's some fluff?
7. PM/Threads are okay for me. Please let me know your preference! ^^

If you reached here, great! You've made it so far! Here are the plots I'd love to do!

  • 650dy3Q.png


    [Romance][otome-style][quest][anime fc]

    As a college student, you lead a busy life, devoting most of your time to your studies and striving to excel in your academic pursuits. However, when you finally get a chance to unwind and relax, you often find yourself immersed in your favorite otome games. Despite your love for these games, there's always been one particular otome game that you've struggled to beat. You're so focused on upgrading your stats in intelligence, beauty, and health in the game that you've never really had the chance to woo the guys.

    No matter which route you take, your efforts to win over the male characters always end up in failure.

    Throughout your journey, you've come across a host of characters, each one met with a tragic fate - death. Unfortunately, your affinity with these characters was never high enough to save you from your own demise. In the end, their hands were the ones that struck the final blow, leaving you with no other path but to meet your end.

    You've been attempting to elevate your in-game statistics to their highest possible levels, all the while avoiding any romantic interactions with the characters. This is commonly known as the "ALONE" ending, which you hope to achieve in order to unlock a secret and elusive conclusion. Your goal is to successfully navigate through the game without relying on any romantic relationships, and instead rely solely on your abilities and strategy.

    Unknown to your knowledge, the existence of a concealed conclusion in the game would unexpectedly lead to your transportation inside the game itself!


    Now, you find yourself transmigrated into the world of "Rendezvous Against Time," the very game you've been trying to beat all along.

    Equipped with your knowledge of the game's characters and their personalities, you must once again attempt to woo the male characters and improve your stats in intelligence, beauty, and health to survive in this world.

    Will you be able to beat the game this time, or will you meet the same fate of failure and death that has plagued you in the past?

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