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Multiple Settings [c a r p e d i e m ] —— nyxxie’s search ˚ ༘ ೀ⋆。˚


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nyxxie’s interest check




  • 01.



    nyxxie / nina



    she / her





    fc preference.

    both anime + realistic



    tends to fluctuate. max 3 weeks.



    hi there! i’m really looking forward to writing some stories with you all, let’s just jump right in shall we? also i know this code is a character sheet but oh well, it looked cute :p


    ✧ i write it third person always, i just feel more comfortable with it.

    ✧ the no caps is an aesthetic preference, i do respect my punctuation in the roleplay haha

    ✧ i prefer coded answers, using threads and making it all look pretty aesthetic (will only do it if you do it too). this is optional and not a dealbreaker at all

    ✧ for now, i’m only comfortable writing female characters, but do not mind occasionally doubling secondary characters of any gender for the plot to develop.

    ✧ i do not write extensive novella, but i do like to type around 500 words as a comfort zone, going higher with no issues, i just want to make sure that i keep the quality and i don’t fill up just for the sake of it . i don’t do one-liners, and struggle to work with answers below two or three extensive paragraphs.

    ✧ i love ooc chat to world/plot build, discuss our characters and just chit chat about them! sharing music, possible future scenarios, moodboards and memes are always fun

    ✧ as of right now, i prefer f x m pairings, but can do f x f / f x nb if that floats your boat better

    ✧ i only work with original characters ! i am also a huge fan of character sheets of course.

    romance is a must, it doesn’t have to be the main plot but platonic relationships only don’t usually do it for me .

    ✧ i’m no grammar cop, english is not my first language haha, in fact i use this as a chance to broaden my vocabulary. but please be as literate and legible as possible.

    ✧ i respect everyone needs time, i am ghost friendly and hopefully you are too. i do admit i prefer a warning in advance if we are going to put a pause on the roleplay so i know which ones i can prioritize.

    ✧ i'm a big fan of ooc talk; brainstorming, fangirling about our characters, plotting, sharing memes, art, music... love it all


    will be adding and changing this around here

♡coded by uxie♡

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bump! also wanted to add that if you feel like we would match, but none of the ideas fully convince you, i am open to brainstorming in dms and stepping out of my comfort zone :)
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bump ! ( begging on my knees /j /kinda ) also now i have a discord woohoo so if anyone prefers to plot there, it's an option too!
still looking for any pairing listed and most plots.
abracadabra and petrichor are currently my main interest
but i'll more than happily do any of the others. except blessing and the curse.

please read throughout before dming me
( i added a tiny bullet point about me saying how much i like ooc talk and planning lol)

... and let's start brainstorming!
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giving this a lil nudge before going to bed, i’m still looking for a couple more of rps! :))
(preferably willing to do threads + use codes for answers)

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giving this a lil nudge before going to bed, i’m still looking for a couple more of rps! :))
(preferably willing to do threads + use codes for answers)

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Hello, if you don't mind using discord I have a mythology server looking for members? 🤔

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