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The rickist rick their is.
Ambilobe, Madagascar
5/15/18 10:22am

as the helicopter landed in the open clearing, several people stared with open jaws. As Nick Fury emerged from the chopper one man began to walk up to the chopper. "What are you doing here fury? I thought i made it clear that the big guy not helping you,this is not our fight." the meek looking man in thick bifocals said as he came to a stop at the edge of the field. "Well hello to you too bruce. Im not here to talk to mr.green, im here to talk to you." he said holding out both of his hands showing a lack of any weapon or other agents. Bruce arched an eyebrow and gestured to a delapidated shack. "Fine. Step into my office then Nick." once the two men were in the shack fury wasted no time placeing a file on bruces table. "your DNA was found in Egypt 6 years ago, or rather Mr.Greens DNA. At least thats what we thought at first" Banners brow furrowed as he looked at the genetic code. "This isnt the Hulk...its a Mutant. Look here..." Nick nodded and pointed at a genetic code."Thats right Doc, and look here it gets weirder." in the code there sat a pair of chromosomes that bruce recognized immedieatly...after all they were his. "This...But the gamma Gene is already Active!?!" Nick nodded again "Exactly...Bruce we need you. Not just as a hitter, but in the labs. What do we do against a mutant hulk? Your the leading expert on both bruce...help us, please." bruces hand curled into a fist, "Its been almost a year since ive heard from any of you. When you finally do show up its with information youve been sitting on for who knows how long, you tell me i am a father, then ask me to help you stop my son...Go home Nick, forget that i am here." bruce rose from the chair and nick tried to call him, "Wait bruce." he started but bruce shouted "GO!" but it wasnt his voice, and his eyes had a greenish tinge. Nick put his hands up and took several steps back. "okay bruce, im leaving...you keep that."he said pointing to the file he then tapped the earpiece in his right ear "Stand down." he said. While Bruce simply chuckled. "old habits?" bruce asked seeming to calm down. "you know how it is. Ill see ya around Doctor Banner." he said leaving bruce in the shack to think on what had just beem revealed to him. As Nick left he sighed pushing the earpiece again. "Tell Tony Mr.Green is not coming in..."

Miami Florida
5/15/18 10:24am

Angel had only gotten off of the shipping vessel Recently and as he walked on the sidewalk his attention was caught by a breaking news update, which appeared on several tvs in a display window. He gathered with the rest of the group of civilians as they watched the reporter talk about a killing in a church where a mutant killed a preacher in front of his congregation claiming that the preist was outing mutant confessors to the Purifiers. Angel shook his head as he started to walk away and was spotted by someone who seemed to misconstrue his disgust. "its sick isnt it, these Damn muties think they can do whatever they want." the man said with disgust. Angel didnt respond he just kept going towards the Tunnels. A long time ago these tunnels served as the underground railroad for american slaves fleeing their southern masters. It now was one of the few tunnels that led to the mutant sanctuary in the everglades called the swamp. It was mostly a bunch of shack like homes build out of plywood and signs stacked on floats and sheilded from almost any kind of observation by the Brilliant minds of mutants Forge And Beast. He had been invited after contacting them from the Himalayan monastery. Yet as he came to the middle of the tunnel he found it flooded. "Guess its a test of somekind..." he said not realizing that the flooding was a very recent development. His eyes changed to a redish tinge and his left hands skin crackled up without pain and the flames burst from the cracks with a screech. In mere seconds the water in the tunnel had evaporated. Forming a fog that would slowly recondence after he was long gone. When he turned the flames off his cracked skin faded back to normal as did his eyes. After crossing the flooded section of the tunnel it was another half hour walk to the sanctuary. Which he spent thinking about the murdered preist on the news.

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The Swamp wasn’t paradise by any means, but it was home. I have been living here for about 5 years now, learning everything I can to survive. Training everyday, getting stronger, going to the surface only to help bring food back for others who can’t go above ground. I did my part. They took me in and gave me a place to stay, so I make sure to pull my weight. I consider myself to be one of the more, stronger mutants in The Swamp, but many of the residents aren’t keen on fighting like I am. It was a typical day, just finished up some training and was about to head back for a nap, then I heard the water tunnel entrance. Some activity is going on, might be a fun day.


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Kibto Silver
New York City/ Outskirts of Central Park / 10:27am
"...It's noisy..."
An albino boy whispered as he brought his knees to his chest, his bright red eyes starring down at the tablet screen. One hand reached up to his headphones, something of which he pushed gently against his head as his eyes moved from the screen over to an obnoxious group of teenagers. They were discussing mutants (shocking) and trying to figure which type was the worst of the worst, and...well they were saying many things that could easily provoke a more hot headed mutant. A soft sigh left Kibto's lips, as he could hear their shouts and yells from his spot, despite the fact he was in an alley away across the street. Their voices were a pain to his ears as he closed his eyes and pushed his back against the brick wall, keeping himself hidden from plain view, due to the number of crates that were next to him. As the teenagers walked on, he felt a bit of relief yet at the same time he felt pain. Gripping his chest he reared his head back, making it hit the wall behind him rather hard. 'Hey~Hey, they could be fuuun~Lets mess with them! Come on! Blow of their phones~Hahaha! Maybe one of them has a phone in his pants pocket and we can blow his leg off! Or even better~Lets just fry them all~Talking big when they are small, it could be fun. Come on Kibby~~' "Please, be quiet." Kibto whispered as he set his tablet on the ground before reaching up and grabbing the other side of his earphones which he pressed against his head, with a decent amount of force. "You know.....I wont let you.....stop asking..."

'Tch! Why don't you just let me have some semblance of fun! Its bee-' Before the voice in his head could say another thing, Kibto took a deep breath only to slowly exhale. "Hush." He breathe out softly, barely above a whisper. As soon as this left his lips, his resolve seemed to strengthen and the voice went perfectly silent. Finally, things were quiet again, the teenagers were gone, the voice was leaving him alone for the moment. For a split second, Kibto felt a moment of peace, however, that soon vanished when his stomach let out a surprisingly loud growl. Immediately his hand shot up and rested against his stomach as it complained constantly about the lack of food. An action he couldn't blame his body for taking, after all, he hadn't eaten in about two days now, finding food without being a thief, wasn't easy. "Maybe, I should go to the underground? Or....should I see if there's anything I can get around here?" He mumbled as he reached for his bag before opening it. Inside his eyes landed on the plethora of electronic devices he had by his side. Items he had gained around seven months ago, when he finally escaped the hell he was forced to call his second home. That stupid lab that ruined his life.... H...Nether, had taken several things that was in the lab and stuffed them in this bag, before blowing said lab to hell and back. While he was grateful that he had all of these things, money had been a massive issue for the longest of time. He had managed to get by, either by asking the underground for help, scrounging around, or in more desperate times, stealing. Ever since he left that wretched place, he hadn't had a single day where he was never wanting.

Taking a deep breath through his nose, he grabbed his tablet and put it in his bag before slowly standing up. "....Need to......figure out whats next... Sitting around, wont help....can only think about food." He mumbled to himself. 'Just take what you want~ We were granted the powers to do it! So lets do it~ Come on, hahah, let me show you how its done~' "No....I don't want you to do anything....just...stop...." 'Sure~But sooner or later~~~ You'll let me have my fun~~~~' "...…………….I wont."
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Dane was simply repping out his training today until he receives new orders. He knows Fury is gone in Africa somewhere so that could be a while. He had already did weight lifting and conditioning for the day. Now he was onto his live training using a simulator room within the base. He was in his full armor and swinging his gigantic sword hacking through holographic enemies while also switching the deflecting with parts of his armor and the flat of his sword. He had this one trick where he would swing and in one fluid rotation motion bring the large blade to his back while it's to the oncoming strike to use it as a shield then another spin into a sweeping mid section 360 degree chop. It was always epic looking on the playback when he studies his combat footage.

It was also cool here and there where instead of keeping distance to use the full length of his blade, he instead strikes out at his enemy with body or the hilt of his sword. Even cooler are his mid battle sword throws to a warp strike. Most people are surprised how graceful his fighting can look sometimes compared to just looking crude, offensive heavy, and power driven. That would potentially be a different story if he used an axe or something.

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Tokyo, Japan
The Hand is a firm supporter of the mutant side of the conflict being it has a lot of mutants especially when three out of five Fingers were mutants. However in the recent fighting one of the Fingers has been killed permanently. The Hand is now down to 4 Fingers for now. Replacing Fingers is all around difficult because you have to find someone of significant fighting ability who brings in a significant connection to an asset to further the Hand. It's worse that now there are two Fingers who believe they should support the mutants and two Fingers who believe the Hand should stay out of the conflict. The loss of a Finger will no doubt heat up the discussion. Though it doesn't look like civil war or anything within the Hand, at least for now.

Shin always hated when the Fingers meet at Yashida Corp Tower because his dad forbids him to go his lab when they do. What he could do was patrol the city with his squad. It seems his father believes that's an acceptable answer when one of the Fingers ask about his whereabouts.


Smooth Subtlety

HOOOOONK. The ship's horn blared through the harbor as the vessel carried its occupants past the Statue of Liberty. Overhead, the yellow sun cast its golden light over New York City's skyscrapers.

Ana's amber eyes flicked between the massive statue and the metropolis ahead. From her place at the bow of the ship, the sound of breaking waves from below cascaded into her ears with steady sloshes. Though the other passengers wore blue jeans and big coats, an animal fur was draped around her shoulders, as well as a raccoon skin upon her walnut hair. She shifted uncomfortably beneath all her garb as warm rays struck her. Every toe curled in the thick boots that embraced her feet, and a thin sheen of moisture emerged on her forehead. Was it the sea that made the air smell like copper, or was it her own sweat? Either way, this place was much hotter than she had expected when she left Serbia. It looked as though the rumors of snow falling in New York may not have been true after all.

HOOOOOOONK. Another horn later, and the ship was pulling itself into port. Bells chimed with steady rhythms as the steel behemoth dropped anchor and pulled alongside the docks. A ramp dropped onto the adjacent concrete ground, and Ana began to make way towards it with her bags. From every direction, the noisy crowd bumped and pushed the girl with little regard. Her gaze remained lowered, however, as she quietly tried to maneuver through. Suddenly, she jumped at the sound of a nearby TV as it switched on. "Thank you for sailing with Cisco Seaways. Be safe out there," it yelled.

Loud thuds emanated from the soles of her boots as Ana descended the ramp. Gusts of salty wind pushed a few locks of the mutant's shiny hair into her face, and she rolled her neck to make them return to their rightful places. In doing so, her eyes were lifted to the city she had entered. The bright orbs widened. No matter how far she craned her head up, she could not see the tops of the buildings around her. Endless beams of steel and glass loomed down at the tiny ants that built them, and the only thing that outmatched their grandeur was the scale of noise that bombarded Ana at every turn. Cars, planes, boats, people and their children- why was it so chaotic?

Sighing, she dropped her bags and pulled a map out of her coat. The place she was trying to get to was somewhere called... Midtown. And Ana was in... Lower Manhattan. Both knees suddenly went weak as she saw the distance between them. Luckily, there were plenty of magical yellow transport machines that sped through the streets. With her luggage in both hands again, the young woman strode forth. About ten steps later, her face contorted as the center of her stomach twisted into a knot and growled at her ferociously. Luckily, the smell of something edible touched her crinkling nose almost immediately. She quickly made her way to a hotdog cart with light footsteps, as if she were still on a hunt back home. The vendor, a fat middle-aged man, hollered out, "Dawgs! Git yr dawgs heeya!" As soon as he saw her approach, his mouth was already open to feed her a pitch about how his food was the best in NY, but it froze in place as two $100 bills were dropped onto his booth. Incredulous, he handed her a pair of hotdogs and remarked, "You sure you don't want the whole cart?"

"No thank you," she replied. A thick, Eastern European accent dripped from her voice, and her pupils looked as though they dilated at the sight of meat. Both rows of teeth quickly sunk into the sausages, and not even the spilling of hot grease was enough to keep her from satiating her hunger. Admittedly, this food tasted funny, but it was certainly better than the jerky she used to bash her meat into. But most importantly, it was this readily available? Turning around and looking back at the gigantic buildings around her, the young woman had a feeling that she would like it here, even if she was burning alive in her furs.

And then...

"NO MORE MUTANTS! NO MORE MUTANTS!" The chant was small at first, but it grew louder, sterner as it came closer. Before long, a mob of people carrying signs and baseball bats emerged around a corner in the distance. Ana's head swiveled to look at them, and one of her eyebrows sharpened into a deep groove. With the rest of her body frozen in place, she stared at them while they moved through the street. "Vhy do they say such things?" she asked the hot dog man.
"Cuz they're scared," he replied. "Folks got a hard time accepting people who are different. Sounds stupid, I know. Just stay in an' let it blow over, Missy." A sigh passed through his sternum as he remarked, "You picked a bad time to visit our star spangled country."

Health: 100%
Status: Awe
Location: New York City
Interacting With: N/A
Mentioned: @Peaceswore

  • GENERAL NAME: Ana Lehnsherr

    ALIAS: Veronica Kuleshov, Flashfire

    SEX: Female

    AGE: 22

    HEIGHT: 5'11

    WEIGHT: 145 lbs

    SPECIES: Mutant

    APPEARANCE: Taking after the genetic appearance of her surrogate templates, Ana sports high cheekbones and a strong jaw. She has hazel eyes and brown, wavy hair. When energy manipulation is in use, her irides tend to either flash or wholly become red. On a normal basis, she is usually seen wearing loose clothing with pieces of her Siberian upbringing (jewelry, necklace, furs, etc).

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New York was as bustling and uninteresting as ever.

Scratch that, she supposed it was interesting, but at some point you become numb to the horror stories taking place all around you. It was in the news, on the streets... It was everywhere.

Free entertainment, yeah?


Zara sat in the middle of her apartment, a slight chill biting her skin from the open window across the room. The walls were bare, asides from little photographs dotted around the place. The rest of her little apartment was in a similar state, with hardly any furniture besides the bare necessities. It might've been a little depressing, but she didn't need much.

You don't deserve very much, either.

She sat there listening to the little voice, as she did most days. Zara figured an actual human might be better to talk to-

Bitch what'd you s-

-but this was her next best bet. Zara stood up after a long while, wincing as she stretched away the stiffness that had been plaguing her. It wasn't abnormal for her to spend a whole day just staring at the floor, or a wall if she was feeling spicy. Today though, she felt a little more motivated.


There were plenty of things to do in Manhattan, right? There's... food, she supposed. But that involved money. There were parks, but that involved people, which arguably was worse than going into debt over a sandwich. Do I really wanna make my wallet cry, though?

I mean... you could make people cry. God knows just looking at your face would bring a person to tears.


Whatever. Fresh air would do her good, she supposed. Besides, Central Park was just a hop, skip and a jump away.

No. Just a long ass walk.

That's fair.

Zara walked out the door of her apartment, not bothering to lock it. It's not like she had anything that was worth stealing. She stepped into the little elevator, listening to the couple in there with her whisper and giggle to each other.


She got out, left the rundown building and walked down the crowded sidewalk, keeping her head down and walking as fast as she could without running into too many people. Anger flashed through her as someone rammed into her shoulder, and it took Zara everything to not listen to Zina and make sure he reached his destination with one less limb. Biting her lip, she trudged through the sea of people, just managing to hear bits of one of many protests that took place here in Manhattan. She didn't really care too much about this seemingly endless debate regarding mutants, although she was a little worried about her sister. As long as she didn't get caught up in this mess, Zara couldn't care less about these stupid riots and protests.

Do you miss Winnie?

For once, Zina asked a relatively innocent question.

Yeah. I do.


The Human Monster
Tony Stark, Stark Towers

Stark_Tower_NYC (1).png

"Yep, sounds good, Pepper. Love you, talk to you soon." Tony's finger hit the end call button on his phone, a high pitched, audible beep ringing from the speaker of the costly appearing device. He had just finished speaking to Pepper, who was out and about at the moment, probably returning within a few hours or so. Apparently she was having "girl time," as she called it - went to go look at things to buy, that kind of stuff. While it had been awhile at this point, worry and anxiousness was still clinging to his back. The mutants practically going to war with everyone else made Tony uncomfortable to trust Pepper to go out without him, he didn't want her to get hurt, after all. Though, he did his best not to make too much fuss about it, letting her do her own thing. The day so far had been really relaxed for Tony - none of the other Avengers had talked to him, and Pepper was out and about, so other for a bit of worry, he had a lot of time to think and be by himself. Days like this surely weren't very frequent, though, as Tony was usually constantly out, as there was usually some mission or crisis that needed attention from the heroes, which Tony happily obliged with. Nevertheless, a day for freedom was a very welcome one, even if it was just once. His attire wasn't very formal at the moment, wearing a relatively casual shirt and pants, he was at the very top of Stark Towers behind the counter of a bar, his hands shifting through various bottles and the like. Tony wasn't a heavy drinker or alcoholic - not anymore, anyways, those days were far past, yet he did like to indulge himself in some liquors every now and again, but never anything too heavy. Especially with his lead position of the Avengers, Tony knew that even days like this could turn on a dime, and you always had to be at least a little bit on alert. As so, being drunk would get in the way of that sort of thing. Yet another reason why he doesn't drink abundant amounts of liquor anymore. On the counter, there was already a relatively small glass set, ready to be poured into. Through all of the bottles that Tony was shifting through, he found what he was looking for. "Found you." Tony said, before pulling out a large bottle of Scotch whiskey. He popped open the bottle, pouring a minimal amount into the glass that was set out, before placing the bottle back where it was before. His fingers scooped up the small glass, letting it sit comfortably in his hand, before walking out from behind the bar.

The top floor of Stark Tower was absolutely stunning, a sight to behold, as one's eyes would gaze upon the cities skyline. It was truly a magical experience, especially at night, that would put whoever was viewing it into a state of absolute ecstasy. Of course, Tony had seen it many times before - and it wasn't night - but a marvelous sight, nonetheless. With his little glass of Scotch in hand, Tony stood near the edge of the tower, looking at the city that surrounded him. To think, the lives that had been lost here.. It was horrible to Tony. The mutants could definitively be considered a threat, but.. Tony, of course, even with his sarcastic attitude, was still a very intelligent guy. He could pretty easily figure out that of course, not all of the mutants would act the way and commit the same acts as the one not so long ago. It's just like with any other normal human, in that sense. If one commits a heinous crime, we do not blame every single one, now do we? The problem was figuring out which ones were good individuals, and who were not. Even so, the war between the two had been going on for some time, Tony figured that it would be quite rare to meet any mutants that still had a shred of any respect for regular humans at all. He let out a subtle sigh, moving the glass to his lips and taking a light sip of it, letting himself enjoy the cold drink. There were mutants out there who were surely very dangerous individuals, with powers that rivaled those of Asgardians and the like. He was always intrigued how abilities like those could somehow naturally manifest, and he couldn't quite figure out how it all worked yet. The likely conclusion that he had came to was a supernatural force that was influencing it, which wouldn't surprise him in the slightest, if it did turn out to be the case. After taking a few more sips of the Scotch, the little glass was already empty, and Tony had finished his drink. He wasn't feeling too woozy - he'd be perfectly sober.

Tony turned away from the city and went to enter back inside Stark Towers, going over to the same bar and cleaning the glass behind it, setting it where he had first obtained it, before moving to an elevator nearby. After getting into the elevator, Tony's finger pressed a button that led to the floor just below it - where Tony had kept his Mark 5, and where he slept, bathed, etc. His general living quarters throughout the towers, while the Research & Development and other important facilities sat below. When he left the elevator, he stepped out into a large open space, with multiple rooms off to the side, and many accessories that looked rather expensive. In one room, Tony kept the currently compacted form of the Mark 5, which he usually takes when he goes on casual strolls and times outside - which he had planned to do. First, of course, Tony would have to change into an attire that was a bit more.. Appealing. Moving to one of the rooms, where Tony and Pepper slept, he entered a large walk-in closet, which could be considered a room itself, where there was many different attires for Tony to choose from. He, of course, took a rather expensive looking suit, putting it on after stripping out of the casual clothing he wore before - adjusting himself in the mirror to make sure he looked good. "Perfect." He said, leaving the bedroom and going to another. He had grabbed ahold of the Mark 5 suitcase, before moving to the elevator. When Tony got into the elevator to go to the basement floor, he spoke. "Hey Friday, can you prep one of the cars for me? I'm going out for a bit." After a moment, a woman's voice with a hint of Irish could be heard from a speaker in the elevator. "I'll get your car prepared now, Mr. Stark." Tony adjusted his tie as the elevator door opened to the basement level - many high powered lights shining. There was a single, VERY expensive looking car, in the middle of the garage, facing the exit. It was time to go out for a bit.

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Miami Florida, The Swamp.
5/15/18 10:51 am.

Angel finally made it to the tunnels exit and came upon the shrouded city of shacks. With him came a cloud of steam his tee shirt clung to his skin drenched in the moisture from the tunnel. As were his jeans his skin darkened slightly as he let his temperature raise to dry himself before it returned to its usual hue. Leaving the tunnel he continued on the first bridge arriving at the third circle where most of the warehouses and shops were. As he looked around he realized he had never been givin directions beyond how to get to the swamp. Thinking back to what Brother Durin had told him he decided to take a seat, better to be patient and gain ones bearings than to let oneself become hopelessly lost. He could only hope that he wouldnt have to wait for to long.
And anyone else in the swamp or on their way.​


The light and the dark are always at war..
Cedric made his way over to the tunnel entrance and saw only one person exit it. Not a very big guy but he knew how to get it so obviously someone led him here. As he watched the guy move more into the shacks, he noticed that he was starting to, steam a little. “Is he heating himself up? That’s a nifty trick,” Cedric thought to himself. After the stranger warmed up, Cedric saw that he just went and sat down, like he was expecting someone. “Hmmm well, wouldn’t hurt to see what he wants I suppose.” Cedric start to walk his way over to the stranger to properly welcome him to The Swamp.


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"A woman that's Russian.....and is probably wearing a raccoon hat. No name, no clarification about her power, damn it. There isn't even any kind of facial appearance. This is troublesome, maybe I should make efforts to expand my network so I can get more information that isn't in the states? The lack of information here, is alarming" Concern and curiosity graced Fenrir's features as he looked down at his notebook, something of which had his to do list for the day. A light hum left his lips as he looked over the simple list which really had one thing at the top. Ship arriving around 10:30 check for Russian woman, possibility of being an omega, foreigner, no extra data. As his eyes scanned over the single sentence worth of information he couldn't help but feel a tad annoyed. The complete lack of genuine information was something that left a sour taste. Whenever he was told of a powerful mutant that may need some help, he'd always have as much information as possible dug up on whatever was his concern. After all, he would like to know if the mutant he was about to meet, had the tendency to blow up other mutants or not. This time around, despite how much time he spent the pervious night trying to dig up information (as he was given all of this info, as small as it was, just last evening), the only information he was able to find concerning this woman, was the time her ship would be arriving at New York. That alone had been bothersome to pull up, but luckily in the end he got that information. Which did make things a tad easier.

Shutting his notebook, he put it inside his coat pocket before running a hand through his hair as he looked up at his ceiling. Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and slowly exhaled. "I swear, if this is another lie..." He grumbled under his breath. While it was increasingly rare, more than once, he had been informed of a possible Omega level mutant arriving and in need of help. That being said....all those times had been a mere story in an attempt to get free help from him. It turned out that either a family member or a friend needed assistance, and they feared they would be ignored unless they made such an outlandish claim. Fenrir isn't one to fall for the same trick over and over, he knew he couldn't just ignore the claim of someone being an Omega. For what if, just what if one time it were true? If the stupid ass humans got their hands on an Omega level mutant.... Well it's best not to think about it. After taking a few more calming breaths to even out his mood, he slowly opened his eyes and glanced at his watch. "Ah, her ship should be arriving in just a minute." With that he held out both his hands, palms facing upward, and merely concentrated. No sooner did he do this, did two different color sphere's that seemed to be made some kind of gas, appeared in his hands. For a good minute he did nothing, that is until a small smirk went on his lips. Clapping his hands together he shoved the sphere's into one another before pulling them apart. As soon as he did so, a tear in the air before him was created and immediately he started to pull at the edges. No force was needed for him to do this, in truth, if anyone had seen him it would have looked like he was moving his hands through water. It took only a few seconds before the portal with a misty outline of several colors became tall and wide enough for him to step through.

"Let's see if this one is different." He hummed to himself as he stepped through the portal. Once he was on the other side, he turned around and reached to the top of the portal. Grabbing the very top, he started to pull it down, as if it were a zipper. Once the top connected with the bottom, the portal disappeared in an instant. Standing straight up, Fenrir placed his hands in his pocket and casually walked out of the alley he had just appeared at. 'Should be in this area, if I remember correctly.' He thought simply as his eyes scanned the docking area where several ships were located at. As he walked on he saw that there was one ship in particular that had just arrived and was unloading passengers. 'Bingo. Now, I wonder how hard it is to find a Russian foreigner in this crowd.'

As he walked along, scanning the crowd of people for the person he was looking for, his attention was snatched away from the civilians to a group of people that were being far too annoying for his liking. Taking his gaze off the crowd, he brought his eyes over to the protesters. "Scumbags." He grumbled under his breath. A part of him was tempted to mess with the group there and now, but...he was here on business, so something like that wouldn't be a great idea, at least not for the moment. 'Focus, focus, possible omega level mutant is far more important than some ignorant assholes' Gritting his teeth a bit he forced his gaze away from the crowd and went back to scanning the area. As he did so, his eyes eventually landed on something that caught his interest. Across the road from where he was at, was a hot dog stand, and in front of that stand was a woman, who was wearing a raccoon hat. Giving her a once over, it was abundantly clear that the woman was a foreigner. The clothes she was wearing was a dead give away, after all it was too hot for that kind of clothing, then again, there was the possibility her powers affected her body tempature.... 'No use speculating. Only way to know anything is by going straight to the source of my questions.'

Keeping his hands in his pockets, he weaved through the crowd and made his way over to the hot dog stand. "Hello Misses." Fenrir said with a simple smile as he pulled out four dollars for a simple hot dog (turns out he hadn't eaten breakfast yet, due to him having stayed up all night in his attempt to learn more). "Just one hot dog please, no toppings." He said with an even tone as he glanced at the man before looking back at the woman. "Are you alright there Misses? Or is this city a bit overwhelming?" He asked with a grin, one of which had no hostility to it, if anything it was inviting. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are new to this country yes? Or...do you usually wear such heavy clothing this time of year?"
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Smooth Subtlety

"NO MORE MUTANTS! NO MORE MUTANTS!" From her place atop a nearby building, Carol Danvers sighed lightly. Her bare legs dangled off the concrete ledge, kissed by the pale rays of the sun as she watched the angry procession below. I wonder when these bozos are gonna remember how much damage -they- caused on their own, she thought to herself. Either way, Tony's trajectory in all this was fairly predictable, and the rest of the Avengers either followed suit, or things got even nastier. It looked like Carol was gonna have to do a few things she wouldn't be proud of, no matter what. But, after the CIA, that wasn't exactly a concept that was foreign to her.

A gust of wind pushed some of the blonde's golden locks aside. Break time was over. With a graceful bound, she pushed herself off the perch. Turbulence screamed in her ears as she plummeted headfirst towards the street. Behind her, a vortex of low pressure sucked in air from every direction, slowing her acceleration as she became part of the vacuum. For most, that would be a difficult thing to compensate for. For Carol? Nah. One hand stretched ahead and broke the wind in front of her. At the last second, she pulled up with a perfect arc and flew parallel to the street beneath her. If she wanted to, the blonde could reach out and touch the blurry concrete.
Up in the sky, things seemed to move in slow motion. Mountains and grasslands rolled by slowly, like the Earth was a giant green snail. Down here though, with all the tight spaces and people to watch out for, it was a very different story. Not to mention, there wasn't enough space to really cut loose and hit mach speed without tipping cars over; a damn shame, but her destination wasn't very far anyway. The gravitons around Carol suddenly shifted as she decelerated and straightened to an upright position. Her heels clicked as they landed on the pavement, placing her right in front of the protest group that had been shouting all morning. While the rest of the Avengers were out... doing whatever they did when the world was on the brink of its third global war, the blonde had been running her beat with extra vigilance. Already, it looked like her close eye on things was not appreciated.

"We're protesting here, lady!" one of them cried. "We've got a constitutional right to assemble!"
"Yeah? You got a constitutional right to obstruct traffic?" One finger pointed at the green light behind him, which the mob just so happened to be blocking for the last minute.
"We ain't goin' nowhere till these muties get the hell outta our city!" he shot back. A synchronized yell agreed with him.
Carol sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. This was not how she wanted her day to go.

Health: 100%
Status: Annoyed
Location: New York City
Interacting With: N/A


Trying really hard to stay focused

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C

Frank sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, staring down at the uniform he held in his hands. He had no idea what the commission was thinking when they cooked this thing up. Were they expecting him to be the next Captain America or something? Captain Punisher perhaps? Frank cringed at the thought.
Don't get him wrong, Frank had nothing but respect for Cap, after all they were both army veterans and had both witnessed the horrors of war firsthand. However, he had to admit, Cap's methods left much to be desired. It wasn't enough to simply capture and imprison them. All mutants needed to be punished.
This was war after all. A war the mutants started no less but a war that Frank would damn well be the one to finish, or die trying.
At least the government appeared to finally be getting their act together. A pardon for his past crimes, his activities state sanctioned and access to every available asset he needed and all he needed to do was wear this thing? Hell, it could of been worse. They could of asked him to put on Daredevil's original number. He looked back at the uniform. Hooray for small miracles, he thought to himself.
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The light and the dark are always at war..
Cedric approached the new guy careful. He couldn't put his finger on it but, his instincts were firing off in his head about the closer he got to this guy. "Why does something seem off about him? He doesn't look dangerous." Cedric pushed those thoughts aside and approached the man. As he got right in front of him, Cedric extended his hand to the man, "What's up? Name is Cedric but you can call Shadow. Welcome to The Swamp."



The rickist rick their is.

Miami Florida, The Swamp
5/15/18 10:57am

He hadn't been sitting too long when he was finally approached by one calling himself shadow. A peaceful smile popped up on his lips...seemed his master was right again. He rose to his feet in a swift almost inhuman motion ending in a bow towards cedric. "A pleasure to meet you brother...I seem to be lost. I am looking for the leaders of this town. I believe they call themselves Forge and Beast." he reached into his back pocket pulling a handwritten note and passing it to shadow. "i assure you they are expecting me." when he spoke it seemed as if he had no strife in his voice, as if he second guessed nothing. The young mam was confident, more so than almost any mutant fresh to a sanctuary was. It was as if he didn't have a care in the world.


The light and the dark are always at war..
Cedric watched as the small guy got up and instead of taking his hand, he bowed? Interesting man for sure. “Hello brother I seem to be lost, I am looking for the leaders, Beast and Forge,” said the man. “Why would beast and forge want to see this guy?” Shadow thought to himself. He didn’t seem like much except he clearly can put out some heat. “Umm, yeah I can take you to them. They aren’t too far away.” It was a pretty quiet walk from there. Since the “Capital” shack wasn’t far from the entrance, was really a lot of time to talk. We walked up the stairs to the door and I turned to face the man, “well here we are. I don’t think I need to come in with you as it seems they requested you personally. If you need anything after your meeting, I am not far. Just down the way and you will see the shack that says “Shadow” on your left. I will be there for a while till I have to head to the surface. Good luck.” With that, Cedric turned from the man and walk back to his shack to clean up.


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Eight Thousand Club
Yashida Corp Tower, Tokyo, Japan

"You're being sent to America."

It was a while before Shin was called back the tower and up to the meeting. It seemed they had worked out whatever they needed to discuss. They told him to collect all he needed to be in the field for a longtime. Now he was being told that he was going to the front. Shin eyed his father, Gorgon, Mandarin, and Fisk about these new orders, he was scowling behind the face plat of his armor.

"While we handle the resources of our lost Finger, we still need someone who can act autonomously supporting the Mutants in America. Of course, you will be allowed to set up a home away from home in one of my properties. I am sure you'll need resources to upkeep your technology." said Fisk.

Gorgon followed up. "You're being given a great opportunity to handle our support of the Mutants by going to where the conflict is most heated. I have confidence in your abilities."

Shin simply vowed and replied to the Fingers. "As you wish." On the inside he wasn't thrilled because that means the Hands' support is temporarily being reduced and their compensation is to send Shin and his squad. Instead of supplies they're sending personnel. No doubt very good personnel but still, he was pretty sure the mutants in hiding would prefer supplies.


Ten Thousand Club
Astaroth 'Ash' Storm
New York City - Outskirts of Central Park

Hidden in the dark folds of her emerald green cloak, Ash was doing her best to survive the early morning crowds around Central Park. As much as she didn't like people, she needed to go out. When it was crowded she found it was less likely that anyone was paying attention to who was around them. So her taloned feet, which occasionally poked out of the bottom of her cloak, remained unnoticed, as did her current plan. She needed food. And, well, all of her money was being spent on rent of her tiny little apartment. Which meant she either had to pickpocket someone again, or try and steal from one of the food vans. She certainly knew which she found easier, especially when there were a lot of distracted people about.

Keeping her head down, careful as she moved, she ended up with three wallets huddled under a tree in Central Park. She felt horrible for doing it, but she couldn't get a job looking like this, and she needed to eat. Counting up what she'd collected, she tucked the money into one of the wallets, and chucked the other two in the bin, along with the cards that came with them. She had no way of using the cards, and she refused to get caught.

Pleased with her finds, she shuffled to one of the hot dog carts nearby, and kept her head down as she quietly asked for one, hurrying away to eat on a nearby bench once she'd paid. She hadn't eaten in a few days, and she decided it was the best thing she'd ever tasted.​


Disco Inferno
Morph - Miami, FL​

As someone who had spent his whole life in the northern United States Morph was not ready for the heat that came with the Florida sun. He had already been here a month but he still couldn’t understand the appeal of living this close to the equator. Sure the beach was nice, but they had beaches in New Jersey. Also New Jersey didn’t have alligators to be wary, unless you believed the legends of the sewer gators. Morph might have enjoyed Miami more if he were a tourist, but he knew he had to keep a low profile.

“Holy man! That’s a tight speedo!” shouted Morph as a near nude man passed him on roller blades.

People turned to look at Morph for that outburst, so he feigned embarrassment turning his cheeks red with his powers. It wouldn’t of happened naturally as Morph felt no shame when it came to his antics. Still he realized he had to remain in the background, going against his outgoing nature. For the next ten minutes all jokes must remain in his head he decided. This was immediately tested when a skateboarder missed a jump and landed on his genitals. It took all of Morph’s willpower to not make a vacationing nutcracker joke.

Morph realized that he would have an easier time at not cracking up if he wasn’t around so many people. So he turned right, leaving the boardwalk. Now with less distractions Morph mulled over the reason he was out and about. Beast had been having him look into anti-mutant groups in the surrounding area. Two days ago Morph was lurking around anti-mutant forums and had discovered an ad for a new chapter of the Friends of Humanity here in Miami. While on the surface the Friends seemed to be a simple political change group, stories had spread across mutant communities about them being just as violent as the Purifiers, a claim the Friends disputed. But Morph wanted to see for himself what this chapter was like.

Beast had allowed him to do some reconnaissance on the gathering, merely observing from a distance. Of course that’s what Morph agreed to, but not what he ended up doing. He had spent the morning coming up with a new persona. Eventually he decided on Liam Granger, a young intern who’s little brother was attacked at school by a mutant classmate. Morph then, wearing the face of Liam, came to the inaugural gathering of the Friends of Humanity’s Miami branch. The meeting was at a rather large beach house, quite a distance away from anything else. They immediately accepted his cover story.

The meeting was mostly the usual anti-mutant rhetoric, Morph having a hard time not laughing at some of the outlandish things said. He was almost ready to write this group off as another bunch of mutant fear mongers when the discussion turned to forming search groups to patrol the streets for mutants, capturing them and handing them off to the government. This took Morph a back, so much so that he was mostly quiet for the rest of the meeting. When the discussion was finally over Morph was handed a business card that included how to contact the chapter’s head.

Morph was still rattled by this as he approached the abandoned grocery store. Besides the occassional homeless person only Morph, and other mutants in the know, entered the store. Morph made his way to the back of the store where the butchery used to be. He moved aside several boxes to reveal a trap door. Morph opened the door, leading into underground Miami. It was said that there was an entire city’s worth of tunnels under Miami. There were different legends about it, an ancient civilization, smugglers, the free masons. But to Morph it didn’t really matter as it suited the mutants needs. It took about another forty minutes to navigate through the maze of tunnels to find the Swamp, a little mutant village hidden away from the world.

“Hey Artie!” exclaimed Morph as he shifted back into his natural form.

The misshapen pink skinned youth smiled and created a psychic projection of a hand waving. Morph always felt sad for young Artie Maddicks as there was no way he could hide in human society, like Morph could. But then again he shouldn’t have to hide from humans. It was this on his mind as Morph approached the shack Beast operated out of. He noticed a man, one he hadn’t seen here before, standing outside the shack.

“So is there any cuts in line?” Morph asked, turning his hand into a kitchen knife and making a cutting motion.



The Human Monster
Tony opened the door of the car, seating himself on the driver's side of the vehicle before closing the door. After entering the keys into the ignition and accelerating through the cleared path of the garage, the large garage door in front of him opened up, with Tony driving out and merging into the street - the Mark 5 on the seat next to him. Tony had already figured out where he wanted to go - just drive around, and possibly visit central park for a short time. It's not as if Tony NEEDED to, but it was good to get out sometimes - besides, he knew the moment he'd get home, he'd just begin working on research and development for his suits more. Due to the mutant threat, better suits to wear were needed now more than ever, to defend the people ensure their safety. After going through the abysmal traffic for some time, Tony had finally reached central park. Central park really was a nice, relaxing place to go to, with the greenery and distinct sappy smell of the trees, you could get pretty immersed in it. Tony had been doing this somewhat frequently in his free time now, going to central park, ever since the national crisis of the mutant threat, he took the time to be alone and think to himself, in a different environment than the tower. It had helped him out quite a bit, to think things through.

Tony parked the car and stepped out, taking a deep breath of fresh air, before exhaling. The air felt relatively clean for a large city - central park felt like a whole different environment and world compared to the rest of New York. Tony made his way deep into the park, finding a suitable bench, before sitting himself down on it. He crossed his legs, put his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. It was a good place to take a nap, too.

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Eight Thousand Club
Central Park always got decent number of hits on the daily, thanks to the undercover agents with scanners hidden under their jackets. The agents themselves are essentially just milling around in the park, they don't check their scanners themselves for risk of blowing their own cover. Instead the hits are ported back to SHIELD's system. The scanners today picked up more than one high probability reading. Normally a regular agent would be on the ground first, but on a slow day like this Dane is out here himself.

He was already in full gear and a had a scanner in his hand. Giving himself away was all apart of his strategy. He had an agent back at HQ watching cameras to see if anyone making oddly fast away from him. There were undercover agents near each entrance and exit. The agent back at HQ informed him that there was a suspicious individual with a green cloak. But then there was a high accuracy reading in another spot, according to the camera watcher it was near someone who was exhibiting sort of stranger behavior as well.. Then again there's a lot of weird in NYC.

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Kibto Silver
NY City: Central Park​

After leaving the alley way, Kibto choose that he'd venture into the park that had been directly across the street, for the time being. His stomach was loudly complaining at this point making it hard to pay much attention to anything else as he entered the park. A hand rested on his gut as his eyes scanned the area before him. "I need food." He whispered to himself as his stomach let out a loud grumble in agreement. For a time, the albino boy stood there in silence unsure as to what he should do. He was starving, but that being said, he didn't want to cause trouble by robbing someone (not that he personally had the guts to go about stealing). Which meant he only had one option for the time being until he could think of something else. 'You cant be fucking serious, look see that woman over there? She isn't even paying attention, just steal her crap and run for it~ Hehe look at the diamond necklace, I bet she is loaded, take her crap and boom! 5 star meal right there~' When this notion was brought up Kibto had to clutch his stomach in a tight grip as he shook his head. "No." He whispered under his breath as he adjusted his headphones a bit. "I just....no.." 'She doesn't need all that damn money! You are about t-' "I know what Im about to do, now please...be quiet."

With this request the dark voice in his head went silent for the time being as Kibto walked on. His eyes fully focused on the ground, barely giving much thought to his surroundings. Eventually he came to a halt in front of a trash can and with a heavy sigh took a step closer to it. Grabbing the edges of the trash he bent over a bit and started to push a few things to the side, doing his best to touch as little as possible. He hoped to find some food that looked at least a bit edible, maybe someone got full and tossed some pizza away? Or a hot dog? There were plenty of instances where that has happened, so maybe he would have gotten lucky. "Nothing...." A light groan left him as he moved away from that trash can before going to another, and another. This process repeated several times till he was rather deep into the Central Park. By the time he searched his twelfth trash can, he had only found one thing that was even slightly okay. This thing being an half eaten sandwich, something of which had been wrapped in tin foil so it wasn't too filthy. When his eyes landed on this piece of food, they seemed to gleam in a bit of happiness as he finally found something to eat. Wasting no time (and ignoring the looks he got from bystanders) he immediately dug into the sandwich. It didn't taste good in the least, but....it wasn't rancid, moldy or anything like that...so he trudged through each bite, as his stomach became overjoyed at the fact it was getting fuel.

'Hey, now that ya stuffed your gut with trash, how about you pay attention hm~ Surely you noticed? That man over there, northeast from you.' At this Kibto looked up as he continued to eat the sandwich, taking slow well paced bites as to not overwhelm his stomach. When he looked up his eyes landed on a man that stood out like a sore thumb. His eyes hovered over the figure for a moment only for them to land on the unknown man's hand, which was currently holding a scanner. At the sight of this Kibto immediately grew stiff as he stopped eating before looking away, a wave of nasua went over him, and it wasnt due to the sandwich. "Didn't see him, was too hungry." He whispered under his breath. 'Well no shit, sure~ I saw him buuuuuut~ You told me to be quiet soooooooo. Hehehe, you know if you le-' "Don't even ask. You...you know my answer." 'Bah! Here I am helping you out, so why cant you help me??? Let me have my fun already!' "No, I don't think he's noticed us, we should leave now. Last thing we need is trouble." 'Heheheheh, he cant cause us trouble if he's dead~~~~~~~~~~~~' A low sigh left Kibto as he took a deep breath before stuffing the last of the sandwich into his mouth. Forcing his body to move, he reached up and adjusted his headphones a bit before swiftly turning on his heel. Keeping his hands firmly on the strap of his shoulder bag, he immediately began to sped walk in the opposite direction of the unknown man with the scanner. After all the last thing he wanted to do was be anywhere close to him.

'Hehehe, I bet he's onto you~' "Hush, I didn't do anything suspicious, just walking." 'Pffffffff You ate out of a trash can~ How is that not suspicious? Let me out come on.' "No, besides the homeless do it all the time, there's nothing odd about me doing it." 'Oh sure~Maybe if you didn't have over what? Three grand worth of tech in your bag? Heheh, I bet he's going to come and kill you~So we should kill him first! It only makes sense you know~ Just let me do it~Come on now~' "Stop asking me that." Kibto said with a low growl as he closed his eyes though he kept walking at a brisk pace, wanting to get away from this park now. 'I will stop asking! When you let me out! Let me have my fun! Hehehe, if you do you'll have soo much fun as well! Come on!! He's going to ki-' "You don't know that." Kibto snapped as he gritted his teeth, letting one hand off his bag, he tightly gripped his headphone as he felt a head ache coming along. "Hush, you're making me look more suspicious then anything." 'Are you sure you want me to hush~' "Yes." 'Hehehehehe, Okays~' "Good, Tha-Ah!" Before Kibto could finish speaking to Nether, he suddenly found his feet hit something hard, his eyes only now shooting open (as he had been walking with his eyes shut for a time) he extended his arms out in front of him as he fell with a loud thud onto the ground. His bag slipped open a bit, and a few tablets, two phones and part of his custom laptop slipped out and scattered onto the ground. Letting out a low groan he felt a bit of pain in his knee as he looked behind him to see what he could have ran into. Upon seeing a person (who had been minding their own business sitting on a park bench) there he gulped a bit as he felt embarrassed for not paying attention. "I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was goi-" He said before cutting himself off as he got a slightly better look at who he was speaking to. For a moment he felt his blood run cold. 'Heheheh! Look at you! Meeting a new person in such a random place~And to think it would be someone so important.' "I-I'm so sorry. I'll watch out next time, excuse me" Kibto stuttered as he snatched his gaze away from the one and only Tony Stark. Immediately, Kibto scrambled over to his spilt items and started to shove all his items back into his bag so he could leave as soon as humanly possible.
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Miami florida, the swamp.

Upon arriving at the capitol shack Angel thanked cedric. "thank you brother i will seek you out as soon as i have finished my buisness to repay you for your help." his gratitude was followed by another bow. As cedric seemed to wander towards his shack. He heard another one of those phrases that likely didnt mean what they sounded like. The mutant morph was asking him a question. "i am sorry but i do not understand...what are you wishing to cut?" he said suddenly worried that he would have to fight off attackers even in sanctuary cities. Yet before that became a worry the blue skinned furry form of Hank McCoy came out of the command shack and smiled widely. "hello hello, perfect timing both of you come in, i thought i heard Shadow...he needs to be here too...morph can you bring him here?" the blue mutant patted his beefy hand on the shapeshifters shoulder "Ive actually got a rather important mission for you three".
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If it wasn't his scanner that drew his attention to the boy, it most definitely was a few bystanders having their attention directed at the boy eating out of the trash. Dane looked around to see several people watching a figure who was moving quickly away from him. Dane's eyes narrowed on the string of weird occurrences, his interest fueled by his aggressive persona wanting the boy to be a mutant so he'd have an excuse to fight. Dane began following at an aggressive pace, seeing the figure fall made Dane eyes go wide with anticipation like a predator closing in on prey. The boy had fallen near a bench, the strange part was what fell out the boy's bags a collection of smart devices someone who eats out of the trash shouldn't have. Dane impulsively began to close the distance, his eyes weren't focused on the scanner but Tony looking so vulnerable in a park bench. Then he saw his scanner go off, Dane smirked under his helmet and his hand went right for the Ebony Blade. Dane figured the second he started something here others should come to aid this mutant, being there was more than one hit on scanners in this park.

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Atlanta Georgia, Shield Labs

As hank updated the latest formula for his mutant cure he couldnt help but notice the lights flickering. strange...this facilities power is on a separate grid. pressing the intercom he said in an annoyed voice. "Damnit. Janet, go and check the reactor it seems to have sprung a leak and i cant step away from this." it was a few seconds before a response came over the other side "sure thing hon, im on my way out anyway, ill let you know what's up..." the tiny woman said as she fluttered out the lab heading for the labs powerplant.


A mere block away from the Pym labs was the massive arc reactor stark had given to solve the labs power grid problem...it was perfect. Bobby knelt over the huge main auxiliary cables which he had stripped so he could place his hands on the bare wire. Letting out a groan akin to those one would hear from the bedroom, he continued pulling power away from he reactor and could feel his strength growing. Suddenly he heard "HEY! what are you doing here." the unmistakable voice of pym industries public face Janet Pym. Bobby let go of the pylons and spun on his heel and began walking towards the tiny woman. "Saving the world Mrs.Pym...Saving the world."



Three Thousand Club
Jace was currently among the roots of mangrove trees. Swamps weren't usually a siren's cup of tea as they were generally associated with icy waters where the frigid temperatures could kill a man in minutes. The hot water didn't necessarily bother him, what bothered him was lack of things that were appetizing. The fish here were too hard boned and crocodiles were not necessarily rich in the nutrients he needed. He needed red meat from mammals. Manatees were large and irritating to catch when in a large group, bears had been a good resource but ultimately a pain in the ass, and deer were flighty making ambushes on those rather difficult. He settles into the sandy lake bottom, fins swaying in the slight current.

His eyes were then drawn to the surface, namely to one of the wooden structures made to keep humans from the water. Now, Sirens did not see people as people when hungry, to him this man on the bank was just another creature that might be able to keep him alive for a little while longer. He swims forward a few feet, slowly, magic condensing as the tide seemed to subtly receede from the bank by a few inches, then almost a full foot of water had been sucked away from the bank, gathering behind the Siren. He looks to the surface again, judging exactly where he needed to hit the wooden walkway to knock it out and suck this new person into the water. Once he figures the math in his head he swiftly flicks his tail, magic releasing the wall of water he'd collected, coming in and crashing into the wooden structure with the force of a 3 foot wave of crushing water. The supports gave out, splintering under the force. Jaces dorsal fin begins to surface as he goes closer, looking for his prize in the wreckage.


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