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Magical Goddess Girls from Outer Space: a wacky roleplay that about strange magical girls (reboot) (not looking anymore)


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In deep space there is a planet called Gaia that was once protected by six goddesses. The source of these goddesses power was a magical gem. Using the powers the gem gave them, the goddesses battled the evil Kronos, lord of darkness. When the goddesses finally defeated Kronos they ascended to a higher plane of existence. This, unfortunately, left the planet Gaia defenseless. Decades later Kronos returned, stronger than ever. The people of Gaia hoped that the gem would choose new Goddesses but it did not. Soon Kronos had nearly taken over the planet. As his forces reached the citadel where the gem was kept, however, the gems guardian, a magical fox spirit named kitsune (congratulations we now have a fox named fox), took off into space with the gem. Unfortunately most of the gem broke and only twelve pieces remained. Kitsune and the remains of the gem crash landed on earth in the backyard of one of you while the six of you were hanging out together. Six of the gem pieces were scattered around your hometown of Angels Peak but the other six were used to give the six of you the powers of the six goddesses so that you could battle the forces of evil. As Kronos turns his sights towards earth you are the only thing that can stop him.

GM notes.

Congratulations. You've found my generic roleplay about magical girls. In this roleplay you play as a group of friends who have been turned into magical girls thanks to a magical gem and a fox spirit that crash landed in your backyard. The magical girls are based off of six Greek goddesses which are detailed below. The roleplay starts right before the gem and fox crash into one of your backyards. Oh, one more thing: while you can play as a boy in this roleplay your goddess form will always be a girl because of the whole goddess thing. One more thing before you continue: since there are limited slots: please, please, please, please make sure you have time before you say your interested. I've had way too many roleplays die because people have ghosted when I needed all 6 people to have a full roleplay. Have fun.

Below is some information about the goddesses and the original goddesses from Gaia. (Note: you do not have to use the personality listed in the slides. Those are just the personality of the original goddesses)

Athena (claimed by @rattyray)
Athena is the goddess of wisdom and warfare. The original Athena had a calm, cool, and collected personality. She always thought long and hard about decisionS before she made them.
Artemis (claimed by @FairyPrincess)
Artemis is the goddess of the moon, hunting, and virginity (also the goddess of not giving a crap about marriage). The original Artemis wanted nothing to do with men. Beyond this she was hot headed and somewhat rash.
Hestia (claimed by @magicalpride)
Hestia is the goddess of fire and the hearth. The original Hestia was notas hot headed as you might expect a fire goddess to be. She was quite friendly and nurturing and loved her teammates like family.
Aphrodite (claimed by @BackSet)
Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty and love. The original Aphrodite was loving and caring if a bit vain.
Demeter (claimed by @GetThree)
Demeter is the goddess of wheat and other plants. The original Demeter tended to spend more time around plants than people and was very antisocial.
Hecate (claimed by @Shagranoz)
Hecate is the goddess of magic. The original Hecate was flashy some days and quiet others.Prone to mood swings, she was very unpredictable.

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