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Fantasy Magic Misfits of Astral High || IC

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Ayane Hikari
Water Clan
Location: Campus Quad
Interactions: Decible ( DarkKitsune DarkKitsune ) | Kier ( zlexis zlexis ) | Ruby ( Jigajig Jigajig ) | Desmond ( JuniperBoi JuniperBoi ) | Riku ( Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 )

"Yea.” Ayane said in response as Decible asked if she was Ayane and Kier was Kier. Well, at least that answers the question of what the kid's name was, but not who the heck he was. Casually carrying around a knife plus 2 vials of who knows what. Not to mention his analyses, which Decible asked about next. "How the heck were you able to figure out all that? You didn't go to a nearby school, did you?" Though it doesn't directly answer the boy's question, it probably gets the message across.

"If you say so, I would have preferred not being interrupted." Ayane said as she took a seat on a bench and opened the sci-fi book she was reading before this entire mess. She didn't get far along the page, though. How many idiots are gonna show up before I can finish this damn chapter? She felt the tension slowly building in her temples as someone once again so loudly interjected.

Before she was about to give the girl a piece of her mind, Kier spoke up first. Ayane was a bit surprised. By all means, he could just walked away, he wasn't part of the Water clan to which the newcomer was so vehemently threatening. Though the girl did say "you all" so perhaps it was just self-defense. After Kier fired the opening volley in this new confrontation, Ayane closed her book, stood up, and walked over to a little bit behind and to the side of Kier. A strange twist that they find themselves aligned against someone else. "You must be pretty dumb if you think you can take on 5 people when you so casually throw away any element of surprise. Not surprising, since you can't seem to tell who's in what clan." She deadpanned to the belligerent new comer and just as shadows gathered around Kier's feet, so did chunks of ice around Ayane. "Now how about you be quiet now, some people are trying to read."
LOCATION: Closing in on the Courtyard
INTERACTIONS: zlexis zlexis JuniperBoi JuniperBoi Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic DarkKitsune DarkKitsune Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27

Well.. this suddenly became a lot more interesting. Ruby felt a slight gust of wind rolling over herself, along with a new voice entering the situation. A Wind Clan member it seemed had joined this little gathering. Just how many more people were going to come here..? The newcome spoke with wisdom though. It was indeed way to early in the day to start picking fights. Ruby's eyes flitted between each person trying to get a sense of what was going to happen next. A faint smile formed on her lips as Kier and Ayane seemed to both calm down and settle their dispute.

Ruby difused her Lightning from her arms and slid her hands back into her pockets grinning and she sighed and shook her head. That was until yet ANOTHER person suddenly showed up and threated to crush everyone.
"Oh for god sake.." She turned her attention to a sharply dressed girl who looked liked she had stepped out from a Mafia movie. Raising an eyebrow she watched as Kier suddenly stepped forwards rather surprisngly and confronted the newcomer. Then Ayane stood beside him also. Ruby couldn't help but chuckle. The two that had been at each other's throats were now strangely forming an alliance with one another against a new common threat. However, this meant a whole new issue.. One that Ruby didn't want to erupt like the other one.

Stepping forwards she came up behind the two, a large shadow looming over them both as she proceeded to tower of them. Grinning the two would both feel a large hand on their shoulders as Ruby leant over them. "Hey.. one fight was just broken up before it began. Please don't proceed to move onto another.. OK?" Whilst Ruby was smiling at the two, there seemed to be a rather.. disturbing and intimidating aura radiating from her. Her gaze then turned to the newcomer, as she took her hands from Kier and Ayane's shoulders. She then stepped infront of the two acting as a rather large, formidable barrier. Folding her arms she looked at the new girl."As for you... don't start anything got it..? We only just sorted one situation we don't need another."
INTERACTIONS: Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic zlexis zlexis Jigajig Jigajig Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 JuniperBoi JuniperBoi

"How the heck were you able to figure out all that? You didn't go to a nearby school, did you?"

Decible replied

“No, I was home schooled. Everything about your situation was in how you two spoke”

"If you say so, I would have preferred not being interrupted."


Then she showed up, ready to start a fight. Kier and Ayane both surprisingly wasted no time with their confrontation. Followed by Rainbow Dash from my little pony. Decible saw all the ways that it wasn’t going to go the way they presumably wanted. First, Decible stared at the intruder and silently started analyzing her slightly.

‘A roughly 5’8 sword woman. She probably used earth magic to create her swords. It would seem as though she knew her way around the art considering her confidence with the sword, which is extremely blunt. She wasn’t a bully now. She was merely someone who merely starts fights for the thrill, or at least she must be. Seems like the kind of woman to hold a grudge yet she wants to make herself known.’

After finishing his internal analysis, he snuck up behind them as soon as Rainbow dash finished her sentence. He said in his usual monotone voice.

“ it’s gonna be difficult to talk her out of this if not impossible. Lady mafia here seems like the kind who merely fights for thrilling, much like some of us here. Fighting her without a tactic would be pointless because she could merely summon another sword should it come to a battle. If she wants to fight, I’d be willing to duel with her quickly before class commences.”

He was ready to take out his knifes and concoctions.

You ever want to be high in the clouds? Just by yourself, resting on one. That's what Rohen was pretty much doing. Just another way she abused her magic to create a simple and easy life of her own luxury. Who'd have thought? Sipping some bubble tea in the clouds is quite the experience. No one bothered her and she was just alone with her thoughts. However, it was almost time for school and she didn't want to miss any material that would have an impact to her grades. She wanted to do well after all. After she dismissed her magic, she started to fall. Sky diving was now something she was used to, but she still can't help but feel exhilarated by it every time.

When she was low enough in altitude, she started using her magic to control her descent before landing safely on a part of the school rooftops. It was there when she sensed a fight was about to happen. She had a knack for sensing when conflict was going to happen as the wind around certain areas can get disrupted due to said conflict and that's when she knows as she can feel it. She walked over to a certain part of the roof and overlooked the campus quad. She could see the whole courtyard from where she stood and decided to take a seat, dangling her legs off the ledge to watch the fight. "This is a big group. This ought to be good." She said with a smile before taking another sip of her bubble tea. Her magic somewhat leaking and creating a small breeze throughout the courtyard. It wasn't anything that disturbed the natural flow but you could tell that the winds shifted directions if you had paid attention. If anyone were to see where the wind was coming from, it'd be from her direction.

Her breeze caused some nearby trees to dance a little, a loose leaf flying off before it was pulled by Rohen's magic and into her palm. She inspected it a little and nodded. "This is a good leaf." She said as she held it delicately in her hand and inserted it into her hair like an ornament. Seems like she was going to save it for when she needed it.

Location: Rooftop overlooking the courtyard
Interactions: None directly.
Aggro: Neutral.
Mood: Interested.

rei zyontis.
Crybaby, they had called him.

But who the hell would not cry at a scene like this?

Hid stealthily in a nearby tree, Rei had tried their best to ignore the bickering below. But it's incredibly hard not to notice the sheer aggression radiating in an open area so early in the morning. A robot of a person with an outfit that would make your eyes bleed. All bright yellow, Rei notes with disdain. He almost falls out of the tree upon seeing a tall shock of kaleidoscopic hair stride into the area. A person with long, baby-blue hair that almost falls in waves. Among the ragtag group, only three were pleasant to rest their eyes on. The Darkness clan member with shadow manipulation, the person who summoned a sword out of nowhere, and the individual with actual rational thought attempting to diffuse the entire situation. There was another person who took one look at the situation and just... left. Understandable.

The whole situation occurred because the girl with the ocean-blue hair was misinterpreting the shadow manipulation user to be stalking her to perhaps attack her later. The truth was, though, he was simply attempting to read in peace, although Rei agreed that it was not an ideal hiding spot. He had caught some names floating around - concentrating as hard as he could, he tried to assign names to faces.

Kier. The Darkness user.
Ayane, was it? The girl with the hair that reminded him so much of the sea.
Decible Naori, the scarily-accurate robot of a person. That's rude, they scold themselves immediately.
They would have to ask for everyone else's name. Rei's insides writhed at the notion of having to socialise so early in the morning.

Sighing, their mind wanders back to the two hours of sleep caught last night, plagued by tossing and turning in his bed for what seemed like an eternity. They were able to narrow down their source of anxiety to, of course, their first day of Astral High. He'd seen the ratings and reviews, but this was the only school they could afford. And! There were provisions for people who struggled with reading, especially for exams. So maybe everything wasn't so bad after all.

Rei glances at the book they were reading before their attention was whisked away by the argument below. They'd tried the hardest to read the title, but no matter how hard they'd tried, the letters seemed to escape their grasp. Blurry, wavering, dancing. It didn't matter how they described it, it was an issue nonetheless. And not one they wanted to admit. When they started, all they could read was 'The Srtsa ithWin', and they were pretty sure that was not correct. Coming back to it, though, Rei realises it says 'The Stars Within'. A romance book. They were uninterested in romance, but they'd wanted to find something new. Luckily, the text was formatted in a friendly way and they could actually get through more than two chapters in an hour. Regardless, it didn't matter, because another distraction presented itself and tugged away his attention in a similar fashion to the letters from the title.

"Hey, Bakuas! How about you get out of my way before I crush you all?" Taunts the sword-summoning person.
“I, myself, intend to get to class early, and you, sword-girl, dressed up like you're compensating for your smarts, are in my way. Kindly move?” Kier quips back.

Settling in, they ruffle in their bag for a snack. I can't focus, so might as well watch. Swinging their legs, they lean forward, tucked into a loaf like a comfy cat. The situation was steadily escalating, regardless of how much the person with iridescent hair tried to gently nudge the delinquents in the right direction. Words were exchanged between Decible and Ayane, but they were lost in the background. Tension pulling strings taut.

"If she wants to fight, I’d be willing to duel with her quickly before class commences,” Decible's words rang out in the area.

Then, tumbling down, just like their attention, just like their anxiety, just like the letters that jumped off the cover, went their book. Estimated landing spot: sword-girl's head.

Tension snapping strings apart. Rei's neck is next for sure.

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INTERACTION: Clockwork_Magic Clockwork_Magic zlexis zlexis Jigajig Jigajig Gundam Watcher 27 Gundam Watcher 27 CasualTea CasualTea Cumulonimbus Cumulonimbus

Decible was quick to notice the feeling of eyes in the courtyard. He noticed a weird change of breeze. But when his mind got distracted and he looked for it’s source, he did not find a wind user in sight. He then heard someone hiding in a tree but he didn’t question, At least…not until that person dropped their book. He fixated his eyes and looked into the tree when he saw a person. Like with the others he observed them for a moment.

He’s small. He has brown skin and dark brown eyes, his hair is the same color too. He seems closed off…He also seems to have a keen eye for things if I were to guess. But despite that, he doesn’t seem a danger.’

After he completed the analysis, he replied.

“…Interesting method of defusing the situation. I respect that.”

He picks up the other students' book and walks over to the tree and hands it to them. In his mind, if they got up there they could get down right? He looks over at Miss Mafia and says,

“Nevermind, we’ll fight after classes. I need to keep a look at time. See you in the courtyard later?”

It was a shame it couldn’t happen now. But what he’s not gonna do is screw up so badly he gets sent back to the house of that demon woman and becomes a prisoner again. These outsiders were like a breath of fresh air. But regardless, he was still eager for a fight.​
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