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Fandom Magic is Real - Harry Potter themed rp - Interest Check


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The World I Knew
Magic is Real
  • Overview
    New Darkness Rises
    Almost all magical children have a magical signature sensed by the ministry and Hogwarts herself - which then causes an owl to be sent out. These children need to be able to learn in order to not hurt themselves or others. While many presume Half-bloods and Muggleborns are not important this is not true at all. Muggleborn children are first-generation purebloods, born from squibs or half-bloods from other lines. No one knows this yet.

    There is a new dark lord/lady who has continued where Voldemort has left off, though this lord/lady is determined to not just assume anything based on blood status. On top of this threat, there is a new law passed by the ministry that condemns all pureblood with creature blood, considering them impure. Most who have had their inheritance are struggling to hide their true self, and on top of that, they must find their mates before anything else happens. There is a prophecy regarding the so-called dark and the so-called light factions.
    The Prophecy
    The day comes where the sun falls the darkness,
    All will be revealed by the four of four
    An inheritance thought extinct
    An inheritance believed to be endangered
    And inheritances unheard of
    The bonds will form and light will turn grey
    grey will turn dark
    The truth will be revealed
    By the glowing of the mark

    There are four witches/wizards who have marks along their bodies and have come into four very unusual creature inheritances. One is believed extinct, the other endangered, and the last two are almost never heard of. Each one has a mate that is either grey or dark in nature. But these four will slowly see the truth behind the two factions. The question remains on if you join them, or fight against them even if they are your friend.
    The Present
    A new group of children have gotten their letter for hogwarts, while some of the older students have gotten their inheritances. As the new year begins, houses have begun to choose sides - siding with either faction while a select few remain neutral and want no part of the war happening.

    Where will you stand? Are you a professor? A headmaster or deputy headmaster? The mediwitch? A student? Do you side with the dark faction, or the light? Are you a neutral grey party? Do you have an inheritance? Step through these doors into the world of magic and wonders - just be warned, once you choose your faction...there will be no going back. You have decided to join the school and the war which is beginning.
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