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Is this still open??? I have a pathfinder character all ready and revved up to adventure but her ship never sailed OAQ
I tried out the app but its different from what I had planned my character out to be! :,) So if its still open and if anyoen can help me translate what I have do let me know!
caecgirl would likely ask if you have discord. If so, send her a message with your discord name.
You know what, I am in a better place now with things going on in my life, I would be happy to jump back in on this and give it another try.
yeah, I was, but I think I may build a new character based on the party needs...PF2e depends a lot on party balance
cool, I will look at a healer then, probably a cleric of some sort, do you have a list of deities I can choose from?
if you are still looking for new players i would gladly join you all. and you have me on discord in the ACRI server
Cae with how many of my games turned slow. [2 posts per month] i think i can fit one more in. [especially since it looks like one is about to die or go on hiatus cause GM got burned out]
I would like to enlist in this adventure
you can be a prisoner of the merfolk we are soon to encounter. You are free to choose any race/class you desire, as long as it's in the chargen we use, pathbuilder 2e, availible on PC and mobile. FYI, your cell is mostly an air bubble if you need it and there ARE bars. You may not escape before we get at least to the scene. then you can escape or wait to be rescued. Do you have a discord account?
Okay, sounds good. I'll get pathfinder pulled up and get a character going. Yes I do have a discord. Equusheart#2749
recruiting again. maximum of 8. We are down to 2 players.

I'm extending the post speed to 10 days, but those 10 days are all u get for char interaction, unless i am given a good reason to change the policy (i'd love to run a character-driven rp). I'm advancing the plot every 10 days. If we aren't in a battle and u don't post in those 10 days u will be skipped. If u miss 3 in a row, ur no longer a player. Ur free to spectate or dm me about playing. I will only let u back in if ur sure u will be able to make every post
A spot just opened up. We use path builder 2e and enable everything. How fast can you make a character. We start at level 2. I will need your discord username so I can add you to the server

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