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Futuristic Looking for someone to RP with me

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Hi there, I'm looking for someone who would to do a RP involving them purchasing a Taito Monita action figure and after eventually pressing a button to activate the AI of the figure, he comes to life and soon become friends and do stuff together, please PM me if you're interested.


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Here's a bit of info about him:
Taito Monita is a life size electronic action figure, his unit number is SP-01A which is printed not only on the back of his coat but also the back of his neck, his buttons on his coat do the following:
1) The top button makes him say one of 100 different programmed in phrases.
2) Middle button allows his owner to type a message using a keypad and have it displayed on his chest.
3) The bottom activates his AI chip.
His lightning symbol is his power button, press it to power him on or off, his voice box has voice recognition so he can interact with other figures or humans and he is very energetic

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