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Hi there, I'm looking for a few people to roleplay with, I've been roleplaying for about 5 years but lately I haven't really been able to rp with people so now I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things.

When it comes to roleplay I usually like rps with fantasy, either medieval or modern or even futuristic fantasy. I also like sci-fi oriented roleplays and basically anything that isn't reality xD. I can usually think of a few easy plots but I'm always open for ideas! I usually roleplay as males but I'm also totally fine with rping as females, and when it comes to romance I can do basically all gender pairings.

When it comes to actually roleplaying I usually adapt to how much my rp partner writes, but usually I do about one or two paragraphs. Also if you want to rp please write at least more then one line, and when it comes to grammar I dont usually care as long as I can read and understand it xD.

Currently I'm also looking to do some fandom roleplays, I'll post my fandoms here and also which character I want to play. For some fandoms I usually only like using ocs though, since I'm more interested in the universe then the actual characters.

My fandoms:
SCP (Oc's, Scp-035, Scp-049)
Undertale (Oc's Papyrus, Grillby.)
Deltarune (Jevil, Oc's)
FnaF (Oc's, Marionette, springtrap, any type of Freddy)
Pokemon (Oc's)
Overwatch (Mercy, Sigma)
Harry Potter (Oc's)
Steven Universe (Oc's)
Creepypasta (Oc's)

If you are interested in rping just shoot me a PM and we can sort things out. That's all for now :)


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Hello. I'm interested in a few things, including the fantasy. The fandoms I might be interested in roleplaying at this time are Pokémon and Harry Potter. If those are okay, just let me know and we can talk about where we want to go. ^^

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