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(Looking for Members) Those That are Hunted


Ice Queen
I've had this rp going on for a while now and it really slowed down because we lost a few people. If you are interested this is the plot since the thread that had it anymore. Here is the link.


It is currently the year 2285. The governments from all over the world are at peace with each other and have been for 200 years. They are because they found a common enemy, the gifted population. These gifted people have a “fault” in their genetics, causing them to gain abilities. The government started hunting these people down, believing they were a threat to the human race. The gifted people could join the government and help them hunt down others of their kind in exchange for protection. If you didn't join you had to run and hide. Who would you rather be? The hunter or the hunted?


The Unconcerned Ociminum
This sounds pretty cool, and I'm sorry it went dead. I will willingly volunteer myself to help pick it back up again! :)


Just a Turtle. 50% Hitler.
looks cool :D Would like to join. Might take a few days with the other roleplays I have though.

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