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Fandom Looking for an Ian Gallagher !

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Name is Billy I'm 23 so no one under 18 if the rp will be romantic. I mainly roleplay M/M but I can do anything. I am mainly looking for people to roleplay Gotham and Shameless with but specifically Ian Gallagher. I really don't roleplay as OC’s just canon characters. Any non canon ship is okay but I will not make any canonly gay characters straight.

My limits/triggers: No incest it's a trigger for me. Just mentioning it in the past is ok but nothing more than like a light conversation of the characters discussing their past.

Mentioning s*xual assualt is okay but not as a topic or plot.

Gore or violence is okay unless it is not necessary to the plot.

Mental illness is definitely ok but nothing that is bashing or portraying a certain illness the complete wrong way.

Role playing: I'd like to loosely discuss the plot of the role play first so we don't get stuck or lose interest. If you lose interest just let me know and we can discuss something else to rp. Out of character talking is okay but it's probably easier to do on a separate app/website so the role play isn't lost.

I can RP as any character but I don't want any doubles of Mickey I'm sadly a kinnie sorry.

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