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Looking for a team of heros

I'm looking for a group of people to go on an adventure: DND style. I have an entirely fleshed out, full style world, am super available, and am curious to see if any people are interested in this. Depending on replies I will release more info, but I am looking at a full hombrew 5e style campaign, with magic, monsters, quests and exotic races. I would be "dm'ing" so I would not control any pc's just npcs. Please comment or pm me if you're interested


Hi there!
A DnD campaign sounds cool. Where would this RP fall on a scale of Critical Role to The Adventure Zone? (If you’re not familiar with either, I’m just curious as to how rules-heavy you’d like to be.) I’m not an experienced DnD player, but a DnD-esque campaign with some rules and plenty of story sounds like something I can get on board with.
— Mot
I'm so tired of my live D&D groups dying off due to everyone's busy schedules. I would be very interested in playing in your campaign, the more homebrew the better! I am willing to play whichever character class is needed in the party, although I am a bard at heart, if that is available. Do you have any introductory lore to start the character creation mill churning?


Queen of the Pirates!
Would need a lot more info really, both in how you plan on handling it (I'm assuming Pbp though would like to know some general rules and all how you will handle stuff) and general world info and all to see if it really is compelling for me.

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