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Fandom Fight for Humanity


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This will be a canon divergent roleplay of Attack on Titan started by me and my buddies PeteTheWitcher PeteTheWitcher and GotClanked GotClanked the main difference is that any character can be titan shifters (except attack titan or beast titan) but they need to have a specific section about how they got the power in their backstory. So titan shifters can be on Paradis’s side if they want instead of Marley.
Also the story will be changed a little bit and some arcs will be created. Depending on our characters, arcs will be created for them specifically.
But you must have a detailed character sheet! Especially if you’re a shifter.
The Queen of Paradis role is open since Historia is stepping down. If you are interested in this role please contact me, Pete, or Gotclanked.

1. No being overpowered! This is a giant buzzkill for the rp.
2. Every character must be present for the arcs. I don’t want anyone left behind.
3. If anyone is interested they can create a character and join the rp. But let us know before you do.
4. Don’t be afraid to put out your ideas out there to us.
5. If you want to gm an arc let us know, we love to have players making their own arc.
6. Have fun.

Character sheets

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