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Multiple Settings looking for a partner for a ~romantic~ RP [m//, f//, m/f]

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Hi there! Sorry for this messy layout, but I suck at coding and I’m not even going to try to make this look better than it is.

So, I’m looking for roleplay partners. Because of COVID and my country being in some sort of lockdown, I have had nothing to do the past couple of weeks and I’m looking for new ways to entertain myself. So, I am back here, looking for some new partners.

About myself: I’m an 18 year old girl from the Netherlands and I just more or less graduated (without final exams) from high school. In September I’m going to university which means that until then I have way too much time on my hands.

What I look for in a roleplaying partner is frequent responses, creativity and proper grammar/punctuation. I personally prefer roleplaying in DMs or on Discord, and am most active on the latter. Each reply should be either one long paragraph long, or two or three, depending on how much we have to write about.

As for my interests: I’m open to play M//, F//, and M/F (I’d prefer playing the F role) pairings. The main theme should be romance. I’m fine with fantasy and supernaturality, but a casual slice of life is fine with me too. I like drama, but also like fluff and occasionally some hotness.

Plots and pairings


partners in crime
magical creature ㅡ human
wolf/vampire ㅡ wolf/vampire
influential figure ㅡ staff

barista/clerk ㅡ customer
teacher ㅡ student
greek deities

idol ㅡ manager
arranged marriage

feel free to suggest another pairing!

thank tumblr
#1. Person A trying to pour Person B a glass of wine/water/etc in the dark and spilling it everywhere because they can’t see what they’re doing.
#2. “I’m a simple man; I have simple desires: the complete annihilation of everyone who’s ever wronged me.”
#3. Person A: “You wont kill me.”
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Person B: “What makes you so sure?”
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Person A: “Because you’re madly in love with me.”
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Person B: “…..Come again?”
#4. “Isn’t the idea supposed to be ‘you saved my life, now I owe you a debt’?”
“Nope. Other way round. You saved my life, so now I’m your problem. If you don’t like it, then kill me.”


#1. Muse A and B used to be good friends, having met at a football field they went to late at night when they were both feeling down and walked away from home. they're from different upbringings, A being from a wealthy family and B being from a rather poor one. despite being so different, they share a lot of interests and become best friends. Their friendship is secret though, since A's family doesn't allow him to meet anyone that's 'worth less'. They have nothing to contact each other with, so when A suddenly moves away one day, B is left alone with a lot of questions and a one-sided love. when A moves back after 8 years, the meet again, at the same place they first met.

#2 Muse A and B live in a world where everyone has a soulmate, and they're each other's. You'd think that when they meet for the first time, sparks fly and they're instantly drawn together, right? Well, not in this case. A and B are sons of CEOs of rival companies, and when A's sister marries B's cousin, they meet at the wedding. They never met before, but think they know enough of each other to hate each other, so the (sexual) tension between them is strong because hate and strong love don't go well together. Even though they 'hate' each other, they end up sleeping with each other multiple times. and it's a big mess.

#3. A is a barista in a pretty famous cafe downtown. one day, B comes in with their service dog, which they have because of ptsd. A recognizes them right away, as B used to be their crush back in high school. A's boss tried to kick B and their dog out, and A stands up for them, making them lose their job. later, they start talking

#4. A and B are exes, but both heirs of large companies. because both business aren't doing well and need each other, their parents decide to arrange a marriage for them , aware of their sexualities but unaware of their past relationship.

feel free to suggest another plot!


chanyeol ㅡ baekhyun
kai ㅡ kyungsoo
sehun ㅡ luhan
kris ㅡ tao
ryujin ㅡ lia

kai ㅡ taemin
minho ㅡ taemin
taehyung ㅡ jungkook
wonwoo ㅡ mingyu
jungwoo ㅡ lucas

feel free to suggest another ship!
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The River

Born to Run
I like your pair being from different backgrounds. What are their ages? I prefer characters that are older than high school. Really all 3 are cool
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