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  • To Everyone I roleplay with: Massive apologies about the delays and lack of responses recently I have been over run with work and my step sisters wedding. In planning of the site going down and the need to catch up with so many roleplays i've copied everything and will work on it all over the time the site is gone. I might get some replies in before the site goes down but im not sure will have to see how much longer I can stay awake!! So again Sorry for delay. 
    I have just setup a discord for myself! If we currently rp and you would prefer discord please feel free to let me know and we can transfer our rp to discord. 

    Same goes to any one who wants to start a rp although I will still be active on the site!
    Dear: Everyone 

    Merry Christmas!!
    Just a note that my replies will be spotted until the 27th as I have a lot of christmas events and what not to attend! 
    Everyone have a great christmas i'll respond to what I can through the times I am able to get online but apologies if it takes longer than normal!
    Hey all, sorry that I havn't been responding as often i've had a very busy few days with gigs and been crashing he instant I get home. Will be trying to respond to everyone in the morning.
    Just so everyone knows! I'm very busy the next few days and i'm limited to a phone. As such for long responses I very likely won't get to you, sorry about that! I will do my best to try to but I can't make promises.
    Hey all! I know i've not been active so much the past three four days but i've been in the studio again for big long 13 hour days and only just finished up and got home! I'll get around to responding asap but my brain needs a bit of a rest first
    Hey i'm just letting you all know that tomorrow and for the next three days I will be in the Recording Studio again, so I likely will be on very limited and may only get around to one reply per day, I know i've been like that a lot recently, I didn't even realise I was in studio this week, I thought it was next week!!
    Bed time for me!! I'll be back in like 6 hours or so, I know I stopped responding to my longer response roleplays about two hours ago but i've become wayyyyy to tired to even comprehend shorter poses now. As for the roleplays in planning stage at the moment i'll get to you when I wake up as well
    Hey all!! Sorry for not responding to any of you today! Had a super hectic day, just about to get around to responses
    Firstly, Apologies for not getting to replies as quickly as I normally would the past few days. I've had a few things going on the first being my laptop has completely died :(  . Secondly i've been in recording studios for a good 12 hours each day for the past few days!!. The picture below has been my life for this time!!. Again apologies for not getting around to replies they should start to speed up now especially once my computer get's replaced (Currently borrowing my dads so I don't have it 24/7)

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    Being completely lame and just watching kids movies all night!! 

    Movies watched so far: 

    Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2 
    Hotel Transylvania 2 

    Currently Watching: 
    Shrek 2

    Apparently I have a thing for watching 2's of things :D :P  
    If that's lame, then I don't want to be cool! 

    I watched Big Hero 6 and Inside Out last night :)
    Haha! My dad thinks i'm lame for it :P  
    Bah whatever! Those are classics! They are great movies, I don't see why he would see is as lame. :3
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