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  • Oh my lawd. I'm alive. Everything is so different. I just wanted to say something because I haven't seen any of the old peeps I knew pre-break. What's good?

    (I posted this a second ago, just thought it out it in a spoiler so it doesn't take up so much space.


    A sheet of paper.

    Flat, no imperfections, no tears, no stains or wrinkles

    A fragile object that's often overlooked

    You can do almost anything with paper.

    Write promised between friends.

    Write a note to the one you love.


    Sometimes it gets bent

    Crumbled up

    Toyed with.

    Made imperfect.

    When you mess up

    And crumble up that price of paper

    The promise

    The love

    It's nothing more than a ball.

    Sure you'll try to fix it,

    Make it better

    Flatten it out.

    But it will never be the same.

    There will always be wrinkles.

    Just like trust

    When broken

    It can never truly be fixed.
    Thank you, so fucking much for upholding your promise, Friend. I just.. I'm SO thankful. Really. I know it's hard, keeping a promise. Especially one you pushed me to agree to. Twice. After you broke it. Twice. But, obviously, it was too much work to keep from doing it a third time.

    You didn't even give me a warning...

    That hurts. I hope you know that.

    So.. Thanks. Thanks for everything.
    i miss her.

    i hate broken promises too.

    love you teagan. <3
    Is it weird that I'm kinda sad about winter break? Like don't get me wrong I am psyched for Christmas, it's just I have different classes next semester and I don't want to leave behind my awesome teachers!

    They are all literally the best I've had ~
    Welp. That's life I guess. Also do you want to join a zombie rp? I'm working on one as I type this.
    Sure! I'd love to (^^)
    k, I'll invite you when it's up
    Due to a recent death in the family I won't be very active until later Friday, sorry for the inconvenience...




    @Lambda (If at all possible id like to keep my character, by Friday I'll have her finished and will be ready to rp ^w^)
    Demons Run

    When A Good Man Goes To War

    Night Will Fall

    And Drown The Sun

    When A Good Man Goes To War

    Friendship Dies

    And True Love Lies

    When A Good Man Goes To War

    Demons Run

    But Count The Cost

    The Battles Won

    But The Child's Lost
    YES. I used to LOVE Doctor Who!

    Still do, but now it's not on Netflix so I'm forcing it from my memory so I don't have to suffer...
    I wanted to shoot the people at netflix when they took it off.

    I lost my shit dude!

    Then I found out that it's on like...

    Amazon prime I belive

    And i was happy again!

    But I still wanna shoot netflix
    Going to hiatus for a little, those I talk to normally don't worry I'm still going to be here, just got a writers block
    HOW DID I NEVER SEE THIS! This explains a lot, actually..
    @Rho Because you are baka!


    And what do ya mean, explains alot? .-.
    *Throws Positive Shammy onto profile*  You forgot your Shammy! *Vanishes*
    Positive Shammy:  Hiya!  *Rolls around on the floor*
    "When nothing is owed or deserved or expected. And your life doesn't change by the man that's elected. If you're loved by someone, you're never rejected. Decide what to be and GO BE IT!"

    -Avett Brothers, "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise."

    Everyone, please take these lyrics to heart because they mean alot! Please don't let the election ruin your life because your life will not change because of Donald Trump, he may not be the best president but it will take alot for him to be the worst. Please stop the arguing, stop the protests, go to someone you love and be with them instead of wasting your time with protesting the election, because protesting and arguing isn't going to do anything.

    <3 you all!
    *Micro-Psycho chilling on a knife and looking out into the vast coke ocean* sure is a nice day to be alive *unaware of the end of the world*
    Watching the election results like

    View attachment 201385

    Seriously guys! The joke is over give us the real candidates!!!
    Count Gensokyo
    Count Gensokyo
    It feels like different sources are giving us different takes on the results. I wonder why? (Sarc)

    By the way I'm not dead! Let's continue the rp in a day or two! Sound good?
    I wonder why as well...

    Wut, we had an rp? Am confuzzled bb!
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