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Majestic Rose

Queen of The Reef
Hey! I haven't rp'd in a long while, and would like to get back into it. I'm interested in a long term rp partner, my longest rp lasted around two years but I don't expect that from everyone (or anyone, really).

Anyywaaaaaaayyyy, I do primarily romance rps since those are always the most fun and engaging to me, but it can be more of a side plot if it has to be.

-20 year old student
-Multiple paragraphs (don't expect my partner to match)
-Third person
-Multiple times a day posting (usually)
-Pretty much only MxM
Who I'm looking for:
-18+, just don't feel comfortable doing romance plots with minors
-Writes in paragraphs, doesn't have to match my posts
-Third person
-Lets me know when they'd be absent for a long period of time

I am extremely flexible when it comes to rp, we have lives and this isn't your job or your personal life or whatever, it's supposed to be fun and not a chore or something you should feel obligated to do. Just communicate openly and feel free to voice any concerns. No ghosting, let me know if you're no longer interested or whatever.

-Voltron (Klance, Sheith, James x Keith)
-Dragon Age
-Mass Effect
-Many more, just ask! Those are all that come to my head at like 3am


-Prince x Knight
-Arranged marriage prince x prince
-College roommates
-Vampire x non-vampire...
-AAAAAaaanndd whatever we can come up with

This may feel incomplete, that's because it kinda is, but it's veerrrry late. So feel free to pm if youre interested and we can discuss there. Thanks!


Majestic Rose

Queen of The Reef
I'd like to update this with a plot!

College (or academy....basically a school setting) roommates. They have a crush on each other, but there's a twist to it: they're ghost hunters.

My scenario for how this begins is this: the two take a trip to the school museum (or a local one) and one, or both, accidentally break an heirloom. That heirloom triggers a massive release of mostly annoying spirits, but there are a few violent ones and even some deadly ones.

One of the spirits bonds with the pair acting as their guide and mentor in dealing with the aftermath of the shatter. The thing is, only the pair can see rhese spirits. They see people complain about drowsiness and not getting enough sleep only to find one of these ghosts in the person's dorm room causing the issue. So it's their job to remove it without being thought of as weird psychos.

Gradually they move from ghosts that just accidentally or unintentionally cause minor grief to those who do it on purpose and to those who are much more powerful and deadly. Gradually do they realize that it's going to get harder and harder to hide their task. And gradually, of course, they fall in love.

I intend on this being a slice of life, comedy romance with a light hearted nature for most of it. But I do want some deeper moments later on.

If you wanna rp this, please let me know!!!

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