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Multiple Settings Seeking long term writing buddy!!


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Hey there! My name is Char, and I'm on the search for a new rp partner. I've been roleplaying for 10+ years, and tend to write in a novella/literacy style (I love detail and world building!!), but don't mind knocking it down a little bit.

I write in 3rd person and the use of proper grammar/punctuation when writing. I love OOC chatting! But I also understand if you don't want to be the bestest of friends. So long as we can discuss where the story is going

Plot/fandoms/so on

I'm pretty flexible when it comes to this! I've always been pretty into romance, angst, action, adventure and such. My favorite is a DnD themed type world of fantasy and magic and all that, but I'm open to whatever as well. OC's are totally welcome and encouraged!

I'm most comfortable with/have mainly written f/f or m/m ships, and I'm not horribly comfortable with m/f. I have a few fandoms I've roleplayed in, so I'd be open to that too if that's something you enjoy!

Here's a couple plots I'm currently loving the idea of:

Plot one:
Character A is an explorer by heart and has always found themselves on the road. This time around, though, there much more at stake. Having discovered a deep rooted, generational family curse, they set out looking for an answer and a cure that no one is seemingly able to given them. Character B is a stranger, but ends up getting tangled up in helping Character A's journey. They both uncover some crazy things, get into some insane situations, and also happen to fall in love along the way.

Plot two:
This one is just simply childhood friends to lover, but I have no real thing thought out for that. Just the whole seeing each other through new eyes kind of thing because of something they go through. So its super open for talk!

I’m also open to discussing whatever else you might have an idea with! So send me a message if any of this interest you :)

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