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Multiple Settings Long term rp

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Looking for a 1 x 1 long term RP.
I hope to improve as well as find an interesting rp that i can invest in ! Do not be afraid to talk mid rp to ask or suggest however please make it obvious that you are talking ooc so that it does not interfere with our rp.
I play mostly females with a male partner, i am more comfortable with that scenario but i can also play multiple characters to keep things interesting.
I have a few ideas for rps although some are not very creative and mostly romances. My ideas are vague but i hope to branch out into more of your own ideas to make things interesting !
One idea is a Dracula x human rp. I can play either role since i have an idea if i do play the Dracula role to explain why they are a female.
Another idea i have is a basic slice of life couple rp with a twist , The couple is a supernatural creature trying to hide what they are so they are not caught while their partner is a simple human who loves their supernatural partner unconditionally.
I would also like to try a lucifer x partner rp, i have a few ideas with this one but willing to talk about plot if anyone is interested. Can be the show lucifer or myth lucifer. I do not mind either and have ideas for both.
I am also happy to listen to any ideas you may have if you like ? I am just looking for a fun rp i can sink my teeth into. Please pm me if interested !

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