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Multiple Settings Lit to Advanced Lit Semi-Modern Fantasy RP [Queer Romance 1x1]

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Hi there! I'm Rune. I'm early 30's/enby/pan. I've been around this site for awhile but decided to come back because I have some old ideas rattling around in my skull. I have been writing in various forms for no less than 15 years at this point, including advanced lit writing classes. I have taken part in many text-based RP writings, many very long-term that have been ongoing for years!

I'm a quality content vs aesthetic fluff kinda person. Show me your power with written word~

What I'm looking for:
- Lit to advanced lit - multiple paragraph responses preferably
- 20+ in age, preferably
- Third-Person
- I prefer private responses: PM, email, discord, etc is fine with me [same with hashing out plot/etc]
- Long term - Life happens and I'm very understanding, but I'd prefer to work on this for awhile
- Decent wiggle room on this: but would prefer weekly responses at minimum. Again, life happens especially when you're a working adult but also would ask for a head's up
- This is queer in multiple ways, including gender and sexuality
- Content is also most likely to be 18+, it's probably gonna get sexy at some points, as well as descriptions of violence/adult themes/etc

I've had the following idea in my head for years. I did previously have it posted here and had some starts but life happens and it tapered off, and I have some updated tweaks I wanted to add.


In a world where royalty still rules the land, there still comes a time in this particular set of countries where the child of the family has to go through a rather awkward, and uncomfortable ordeal. As they hit their 20's, they must start to think about/meet/date those who they will have to ultimately choose to marry: a member of the opposite sex from another country, whom also is from a royal family.

With modern times, Princes and Princesses fight tooth and nail to be able to marry who they want/when they want, but for now, it is still a victory-less war against the laws of tradition.

My original idea is that the timeframe is more modern than 'old kingdom' styled, but willing to juggle ideas


The Princess [Your Character]:
A lively young woman [Age is up to you, but no younger than 21] She was groomed all of her life to be a Princess, whether she wanted to or not. She comes from a large, powerful kingdom, making her one of the most sought-after Princesses across many countries. It's not at all about letting two young people learn to love each other to eventually create royal offspring, and instead almost completely about government, land ownership, riches, power and politics.

It's nearing the first large gathering in which she will have to meet and greet all of the Princes that are potential suitors. Following tradition, the Princess chooses a handful of her favorites [or least despised] and from there in almost a trial-like fashion, go on outings with each of them and slowly whittles down to one choice. The last Prince remaining is the Prince that she is to marry. Even if she chooses one Prince from the get-go, she still has to bare courting other Princes as a courtesy to all the royal families attempting to join kingdoms, who want to give their son a chance.

Her Personality, looks, etc - all up to you; but preferably they also are not a fan of being forced into a loveless marriage. [This is a queer romance RP in a fantasy setting, so queerness is the sort of baseline. Completely a-okay if the Princess is also not in a strict gender norm on a personal level and finds themselves forced because: royalty]

The Prince: [My character]

Prince Jarah [Mid-20's but might shift depending on the age of the Princess] is the last remaining member of the royal family of their kingdom after a horrible affair when they were younger: in which all of the royal family were assassinated. They themselves barely survived, and went into hiding immediately after the incident. Most considered the kingdom disbanded, the country where the family ruled extremely small as it was and a bit obscure as to what it's known for. The royal family wasn't corrupt, no famines or scandals, so the media had nothing to report it except for the murder of the kingdom's ruling family. The attention came and left, and little was known about the remaining child. It has come up back in general consciousness since the last surviving Prince has recently re-emerged and the country is doing very well.

It was unknown to all besides the very closest friends and servants of the family that the remaining child wasn't at all a Prince, but the only female child of five, the Princess. After their recovery, they vowed to not only avenge their family, but to bring honor back to their family and kingdom's name once they became old enough. Jarah wasn't satisfied with being married away to another kingdom and Prince, or even becoming a lone Queen. They would shed the title of her gender and instead become a Prince, acting as one of their Brothers. This was a stunt that could end horribly, or work perfectly if done right and kept an absolute secret.

Jarah has an excellent plan for actually marrying another Princess. They themselves always hated the concept of forced or arranged royal marriage and had gone through their own grooming to be a princess [also something they had always hated] for the years they were actually still publicly a Princess before their metamorphosis.

If Jarah could gain the interest of a Princess, and then further build their relationship and gain her trust, they would expose that they were not in fact, a woman - but what they could offer was tempting: The both of them would be allowed to see/date other people as long as kept in absolute privacy, and while giving the appearance of marriage for the public and their parents. While many royals were caught doing the same thing in scandals, there would be less hostility and more understanding. When it came time to bare an heir, they'd cross that bridge when they came to it.

This would be, at first, completely unknown to the Princess until trust was gained between the both of them in their dating. It would be revealed before the Princess made a choice though; Jarah putting themselves, their identity, and their kingdom at risk if the Princess were to turn them down and out them. This would be done out of a means to not hide their true self or any underhanded motives and be transparent with the Princess.

While Jarah is doing this as a means to act as a reigning Prince, they also have known their entire lives that they did not feel comfortable as a girl/woman. In private they are non-binary, but heavy masc-leaning and respond to he/him pronouns and titles in public, and are fluid around those that know them privately. During their years in hiding, Jarah trained themselves to shed nearly all evidence of their former life of being a princess and a woman. While they are offering a marriage for title only, they are attracted to women/femmes and the plan is to be legitimately attracted to your character. Keep in mind that Jarah is still AFAB, so if fxf/gxg anatomy isn't your thing, might not be for you.

Other details;

This is intended to be a queer romance - even if the original plan was to just be married for public-facing means, the characters are meant to bond and eventually fall in love.
Depending on the level of fantasy, this can also be a knight-prince/princess storyline.


That's pretty much it.
If you had any questions or concerns, this thread is the one to ask me in, or PM me, of course.

While I'd mostly like to focus on this idea, feel free to hit me up if you think we'd mesh well with any other RP ideas you may have. Gimme that gay shit.


Vive la Republique!
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well... comrade... frankly, this sounds bloody AWSOME! yeh so polyamorus, lesbian ((well I mean... enby peeps too obviously)), agender "princess" who's fucking done with this bs... and is also a comunist cause.... I'm physically incapable of not doing that... so uh... welcome to madness, I'm gay.


Vive la Republique!
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unfortunetly, i find myself with a problem, as while I do love this, I do not believe my writing skills are quite up to par, both in terms of length, and in grammar. while I do believe I am improving greatly, I don't think it will be quite enough to meet those standards. also.... my spelling is the WORSt, and I capitalize nothing cause I'm a comunist.... anyway.... sorry about all this, it is an amazing prompt :D

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