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Radical Thinker

Not really that radical.
✧・゚: Hello, everyone! My name is Sky, but I usually go by Radical on here. You can call me either one– I'm not picky! :・゚✧

01. I'm twenty so I'm not a novice when it comes to writing. I just ask for a roleplay partner who's mature– I don't really care about age.

02. I typically write between four to twelve paragraphs, just depending on the person. I refuse to do less than two paragraphs.

03. All of my prompts have been developed, but I also like to world-build with my partner!

04. If you suddenly aren't interested or are unable to roleplay, just let me know. I just don't like being ditched halfway through creating a thread without being informed.

05. As for pairings, I usually prefer m//, but I'm also down for f// and f/m.

Dragonslayer; Life for your OC is difficult. Poor and orphaned, they wish to make a name for themselves. The ones regarded with the most pride in the world are those who have killed dragons. So, your OC decides to follow their heart and begin a quest to conquer a dragon. However, upon meeting the beast in question, your OC is puzzled to find that after stabbing the creature, it transforms into a human. Clutching at their side where the sword is embedded, they beg to be spared. The choice resides in your OC's hands; finish the job and vanquish the creature or offer their help in an act of mercy?

Mystery Assassin; The kingdom has always been corrupt, trickling down from the nobles into the rogues who prowl the poverty-stricken streets. The prince of this land has watched all of this for too long. Eventually, talk of a vigilante who takes the laws into his own hands becomes gossip among the kingdom, everyone curious about the new rogue. His motivations are unclear, but he is slowly working his way through those who take advantage of those less fortunate than them. Your OC is another assassin, but the choice is up to you whether they wish to help or hinder the mysterious paladin.

Breaking Chains; Born into a world of supernatural beings, there is bound to be turmoil. When a war breaks out, your OC is one of the first ones to join the rebellion. Between fighting for the rights of their species and struggling to hold their high-ranking position, your OC has almost too much to handle. In the middle of a battle, your OC is almost killed until someone leaps forth to protect them from the arrows heading their way. Pulling back, it is startling to see a soldier from the other side peering down at your OC with a tight expression. When the soldier begs for them to help with their wounds, what other choice is there?

Master of Darkness; Destined for the gallows, a criminal (your OC) reflects over their life. A wish into the darkness becomes a frightful experience when a creature enters from the shadows into the dingy rock of their jail cell. A deal is made and once released, your OC has all the power they could wish for. Their first target is the king, the one who imprisoned them in the first place. With such a menacing creature at their side and powers beyond their wildest imagination, what else will they try to overcome?

A Witch's Ward Your OC is a witch-in-training, unsure about their place in a world full of powerful warlocks and charming enchantresses. Their master has sent your OC on a mission; find an animal familiar that will assist and keep them company. On the way to the menagerie in town, your OC is unable to help themselves from saving a mangled black cat being attacked in an alleyway. Unbeknownst to them, this little creature is a powerful warlock who was placed under a curse by one of his enemies. Will he be able to communicate his predicament or will he eventually just forget his human form and accept his role as their familiar?

Welcome to Eternity; Your OC is out for a casual stroll whenever they're attacked. Waking up, they are shocked to find their whole world has been turned upside down. Now turned into a supernatural creature (of your choice), they go stumbling home, only to be shocked further by several people waiting patiently in their apartment. This group explains that they are a team who handles the affairs of new members of the supernatural world. It comes as a further shock when your OC is invited to join their ranks and travel the world, greeting and fighting the unseen side of society for mortals.

The Newest Big Top Performer; An ordinary traveling circus that goes from town-to-town, entertaining the masses. The only alarming thing is that all the workers are supernatural creatures that have been around for over millennia. Your OC is an overly eager supernatural creature, desperate to join the ranks and show their skills off. Despite the ringmaster introducing your OC to the rest of the crew after their dazzling audition, not everyone is overly kind to the newest recruit of their posse. What will your OC do to prove themselves in the eyes of those who dare to doubt them?

Good Samaritan; Your OC is a recently hired doctor who lives in a shitty part of town. There is a lot of corruption and a lot of violence in the city until a new vigilante emerges. This new masked crusader works at night to take down any criminals that dare to prowl the streets, but the police and media are wary of this strange masked man. Is he friend or foe? It leaves your OC reeling. One night, your OC comes home and sees a figure on their fire escape. Opening the door, it's a shock to see the masked menace in question before you, passed out and injured. What does your OC do; help this caped crusader or call the police?


nesryn dumont

Nesryn is one of my first ocs. He's French and an uncultured brute who was turned into a vampire. He's a little rough around the edges, but a gentle soul once you get to know him.

hyeok park

Hyeok is one of my more simple characters. He's a twenty-four-year-old man who holds quite a bit of intelligence– although he is often underestimated because of his background.

malachi 'kai' lee

Malachi is confrontational. Due to a rough childhood, he's always overeager to prove himself to others. It's landed him in trouble in the past– and even more when his haughty attitude mixes with his superiority complex.

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watery grave
love these! Master of Darkness and Witch's Ward seem very interesting and I don't know which one I like more, lol.

Radical Thinker

Not really that radical.
love these! Master of Darkness and Witch's Ward seem very interesting and I don't know which one I like more, lol.
Awww, thank you! I'll definitely send you a PM so I can give you more information. Maybe then you'll be able to decide which one interests you more. ^^


Ciccilicc Hybrid
I would love to try an RP with you. unfortunately, my OCs don't really work with either your fantasy prompts. If it's alright with you I would like to discuss a different plot to try. If not I understand

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