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Realistic or Modern Life in a Simulation

Sub Genres
Rules (the basics- just to get them over with):
1. RPN rules apply, as always
2. Your character can be rude, but that doesn’t mean you should be
3. No Gary/Mary Sues
4. I understand that life happens. But please don’t ghost if you don’t have to. All I need is a post every few days, a week at most unless specified. I am known to bug people for responses; I’m sorry, but I get impatient. If you are inactive for awhile, I will somehow work out your character.
5. Decent grammar; everyone makes mistakes, but it needs to be legible
6. I’m not very picky when it comes to how much you write out; a paragraph is fine. Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll write one to three paragraphs
7. My school year starts back up on the 27th, so I’ll maybe get one to two responses a day
8. Not really a rule but please be patient with me, this is my first group roleplay

The government has made no influential scientific discoveries for years. They are ridiculed and belittled by other countries.

So they get desperate. A “mad” scientist presents a simulation. The simulation would create different lives for anyone. It could be programmed to represent virtually any situation. To military training to a supermarket cashier’s day.

But there was a catch. Anyone put in this simulation would forget that it was just a simulation. They would believe that it was their life. Years could pass; they could marry, they could die.

To be taken out of the simulation, they would have to either die in it or be manually taken out. The manual process could take weeks, and the person could be hurt during it.

The government decided to take on this project. Within a few months, they were ready to take *** people into new worlds. These people were from all different backgrounds, all different reasons for being there.

They all spend years in the simulation. Some marry, others become popular, others get bullied. But they all believe it was real.

The government had appointed three people to oversee the project. One day, they decide to pull the project. The government had decided that things like this had already existed (Virtual Reality, etc.).

What they didn’t estimate was the damage this would do to the participants.

Roles/Anything else I can think of:

Well, congrats for reading this far. For roles, I have a few ideas floating around my head that might be kind of cool to see happen. If anyone has an idea that I haven’t listed, you can run it by me.

Administrators (those three people running the project):

Doctor (Male or Female- oversees the health of the participants)~
Head Psychologist/Counselor (Female- oversees the mental health of the participants)~ Taken by me (@FrogLover9559)
Secondary Psychologist/Counselor (Male would be nice, to offset the me- assists the Head)~

The Participants (these are just ideas, remember- the first in the character in the real world, and the second is how they are in the simulation):

Rich/privileged to poor/disadvantaged
Poor/disadvantaged to rich/privileged
Bullied/nerdish to popular
Bully to bullied
Popular to ignored/not really known

I’ll post a pretty basic character sheet later on. Also, this was posted completely on the whim. If I lose interest in this all together (which sometimes happens), I will try to inform everyone.

And if you could avoid coding that would be nice. I use mobile so I need mobile friendly code. This will probably be done over PMs.

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask.

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