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Fandom Legend of Zelda Age of Calamity:After the Calamity RP

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I'm over 13... I want a Unhappy Meal
Heyo all, so with summer coming up and my finals over I'm wanting to do a bit more RPing. I will be busy in the summer with work, an internship, and my writing. But I do want to do a bit more fun RPing as well.

I would like to do a Legend of Zelda Age of Calamity RP. I recently beat the game, about 4 or so months ago, and I really enjoyed the game from game play to story. Heck I even enjoyed the DLC and didn't feel like I wasted my money when I got it!

I tried doing this with someone else but plans fell through before we could even get anywhere in the RP. The starter for the RP was made and started but after that nothing happened. So there is a starter already made, which I will share here but I want to talk to you before we just start RPing.

Then here are some things about the RP that can't really be changed, which is ok cuz I think they're fun and good ideas, but anything past that we can talk about (things we'd like to do. The RP takes place a couple years after the Calamity at the tail end of the rebuilding of Hyrule, Zelda and Link are about to be married, they have a adopted daughter who's parents did end up falling in the brief time the calamity was there. The daughter, who was named Malon, really doesn't have a lot of details about her yet. Of course she doesn't have Zelda's light magical abilities since she's not apart of the bloodline but we can do some stuff with the goddesses and a quest to have her obtain that. But I'm the starter you'll see she's great at used lance's and at the very least I'm thinking she can use some sort of elemental magic.

If this sounds interesting to you please say so on the comments or PM me!

Here the starter:
Thread 'Legend of Zelda: After the Calamity' Fandom - Legend of Zelda: After the Calamity

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