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Fantasy Land of the Poor Lord (Demon World Isekai)

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Action, Adventure, LGTBQ, Magical, Super Powers


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Plot: Reborn in a new world as demons, you are expected to join one of the worlds seven nations. You hear from other demons of how glorious six of the seven demon lords are and how anyone who follows them will become prosperous. It almost sounds like the demon world version of the American dream. However things end up not being that easy and the lords even laugh at you for wanting to follow your dreams and recommend that you'd be better off in the seventh nation and probably have a better chance at becoming a citizen there. Basically, if you stay in one of the more prosperous six nations, you might end up a serf.

You get to the seventh nation. The seventh nation is beyond the opposite of the other nations. It is totally undeveloped and its largest known settlement has only about two dozen demons. Worst of all, the lord of the nation is a she-demon who lives in a shack. She doesn't seem much like a leader or a lord. However, she offers citizenship and a plot of land and maybe other benefits in turn for regular tasks like hunting boars, cutting thickets or slaying dragons. The seventh nation is undesired and undeveloped for a reason: It is a very dangerous place where only the strongest can perservere. But there may be hope for future development.

Setting: The seventh nation, known simply as "The Wilds" is relatively large by area. But it is known to lack towns or paved roads and there are only a couple thousand demons who live in this vast land, most of which are only small groups or hermits. The largest settlement or rather the capital consists of two or three dozen demons who mostly work as farmers or hunters in one of the unforested valleys in the Wilds. The lord lives in a small shack on the edge of the settlement.

Its modern fantasy. The Wilds may be somewhat medieval due to lack of development, but most of the demon world is rather modern with motor vehicles, office buildings and modern tech. There is for example a small antenna in the main settlement of the wilds for telecommunications. The signal isnt great but acceptable.


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I made a character: The Lord of the Wilds. However I might make another character as the Lord is more of a neutral character.

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