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Realistic or Modern Killer Maids&Butlers

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The Café: Nekoda.

Nekoda is a small café located in Okinawa. Okinawa is one of the major tourist destinations for the Japanese (and foreigners as well) hence why the café has a constant stream of customers. A reputation growing with time, aiming to be one of the best around! The interior is lovable and it is situated near the ocean which makes it a perfect viewing point for anyone enjoying their food/drinks. One might even see a dolphin swimming by if they’re lucky. There are some tourist spots as well which keeps the island entertaining enough for young and old. A resort nearby helps a lot with receiving customers, the employees also live there in their own private rooms.

Nekoda also holds a secret from everyone. The employees there are specially hired hence why it is nearly impossible to get in as they invite the people themselves. These employees are very skilled in their own forts; not only in serving people (they will be trained in this in the beginning) but also in killing them. They’re mercenaries from all over the world.

Now a new batch of employees arrived due to conflict with the previous members due to personal reasons and wanting to experience something new… Whatever that might be. They will learn the ropes of being a waiter/waitress which they will need to mix with their side jobs. This might lead to some comical and surprising elements throughout the storyline. The boss can only hope that they will get along for once unlike the previous group…

Welcome to Nekoda!


Most of Okinawa Islands belong to the subtropical climate. Even in January and February, the average high temperature is around 20°C, making the area a popular winter getaway, although it’s often cloudy and usually a little too cold for sunbathing due to the winter monsoon. Spring, around late March and April, is an excellent time to visit if you don’t want to be run over with crowds of people. The rainy season starts early in May and continues until June. Summer in Okinawa is hot and humid but still one of the peak visiting seasons, while September brings a higher chance of typhoons. October and November are again good times to visit.


> Naha: The capital of the Okinawa Prefecture.
> Chatan: Some resort hotels and beaches (here is Nekoda).
> Okinawa (City): The second-largest city.
> Nago: Famous for Okinawa churaumi aquarium.

Menu Card

> BLT: bacon / lettuce / tomato
> The Meat Head: turkey & pastrami turkey / jalapeno / white cheddar
> Honey Mustard Chicken: roasted chicken / marble / hennessy honey mustard
> Tuna Melt: tuna / olive / provolone
> Vegetarian: avocado / marble / seasonal vegi
> Hungry Neko: turkey / honey glazed ham / provolone / avocado / BBQ sauce

> BLVD: asian pears / roasted beets / arugula / shaved fennel / candied walnuts / drunk cherries / goat cheese / sherry vinaigrette
> Fattoush: cucumbers / cherry tomatoes / red bell peppers / red onions / kalamata olives / feta / mint / leaf lettuce / crispy flatbread / sumac vinaigrette
> Wedge: baby iceberg / crispy bacon / chives jalapeno ranch / smokehaus blue cheese / grilled corn salsa / pickled green tomatoes
> Kale Caesar: curly kale / smoked cherry tomatoes / shaved red onions / shredded carrots / croutons / parmesan / house caesar dressing
> Antipasto Quinoa: red quinoa / salami / chickpeas radicchio / arugula / artichokes / piquillo peppers / red onions provolone / parmesan / red wine vinaigrette

> Acai Berry Parfait: frozen banana / honey / pumpkin / pomegranate seeds / crunchy granola
> Strawberry Crème Parfaits: strawberries / whipped cream / melted marshmallows / crumbled meringue cookies
> Citrus Parfait: lemon crisps / blueberries / whipped cream / tangy lime curd
> Stracciatella Gelato
> Mint Gelato
> Pistachio Gelato
> Chocolate with Chili Gelato
> Hazelnut Gelato
> Mango Gelato
> Strawberry Shortcake
> Cinnamon Coffee Cake
> Peach Pie
> Homemade Chocolate Pudding
> Banana Cream Cheesecake

Soft Drinks
> Orange Juice
> Coca Cola
> Ginger Ale
> Carbonated Water
> Water
> Tomato Juice
> Coca Cola Zero
> Lemonade (strawberry / melon)
> Ice Coffee
> Ice Tea

Hot Drinks
> Coffee
> Tea
> Herbal Tea
> Cafe Latte
> Caramel Latte
> Green Tea Latte
> Hot Chocolate

> Old Fashioned
> Daiquiri
> Margarita
> Mojito
> Aperol Spritz

1. 2 characters max. per person.
2. One decent paragraph min. (15 sentences min.).
3. No perfect characters.
4. Be able to post +/- 2 times a week.

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