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Fantasy Isekai Aerth; "hope"

Andy Naza

It still feels very surreal, but with commotion being caused by everybody in the room, Wakki quickly defused the situation himself, mentioning how these new arrivals were heroes sent to defeat the Dragon King... In all the years that Andy knew Wakki from the day he got the chance to escape his life of crime, this was one of the times where he really believed Wakki was truly and utterly overwhelmed with emotion. Seeing this, it took a few seconds, but with the others starting to relax again, lending the supposed heroes their change of clothes, prompted him to stand down as well.

Relaxing the frown creasing his forehead, Andy sheathed his own sword. He rolls his eyes at Nike taking charge of the situation to immediately start preparations for a camp. Not that it was a bad idea he thought, so no objections from him. Andy took a moment to retrieve his pack with tools and equipment for travelling. As everybody was getting into their own ways of preparing, Andy noticed one of them that was seemingly creating arrows out of thin air. Curious, he approached as she shakily dropped the arrows down on the ground for Nike to arrange into a campfire. He still isn't exactly sure how to feel about them, but getting to know the new arrivals can't hurt either way.

"You. How did you do that? One of your magic? Can't say that I've seen people do this before."

Andy inspected the arrows and eyed Maria warily. He accepted the knife from Nike while looking over at the burning campfire. Well, they are burning normally, nothing strange about them.

"Maria, right?"

He pointed towards himself with his thumb, "Andy. You've also seen the rest of us there. They are all pretty unique in their own right, but we are all here together for a reason." he said, gesturing over to the rest of the party (and Yahno was already drinking and even offering some to one of the heroes. Seriously?).
Valencia bristled slightly but simply rolled her eyes at Valentina's comment and waved it away dismissively. The girl was trying to put up a front by poking at her and Nike but Val could see right through it. Val actually had helped her father in killing a dragon before in Avalon (of course not on her own, there had been her father and siblings, but still), but she felt like actions spoke louder than words. The woman could talk all she wanted but they would just have to wait and see what these supposed "chosen ones" could do.
Valencia usually didn't love taking orders but she was starving, so there was little complaint from her as she grabbed the meat they'd saved.
After bringing the meat to Nike, who started chopping and adding some sort of black goo, Val watched in amazement as Maria seemingly summoned a pile of arrows out of thin air. She grabbed a spare change of clothes from her pack and offered it to Maria.
"Andy's right, that's actually pretty cool! I'm not so quick to believe in all the magical prophecy whatnot but I do agree that we're all...unique at least," she said, glancing at Barny. Yahno was currently offering to trade for his axe (no surprise there) and she smirked, rolling her eyes. Then she turned back to the woman and her slime.
"Sorry about not giving you anything to cover up with before. I was surprised, was all. I mean, you guys appeared out of nowhere, much like your arrows, with nothing but weapons. I wasn't sure if we were gonna have to fight you or...Anyway, I'm Valencia. Most of the party call me Val."
She looked down at the slime that had apparently practically attached itself at the hip to Maria.
"Have you named it yet? Like a pet? It's kind of...cute. In a weird sort of way."
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"Eh!? Well... Uhh... Sure here not like i've ever used a weapon." He did however practice good etiquitte for handing a bladed weapon to another for his author would like to stress how bad it is to hand somebody a edged tool such as cooking ware and such blade first.

Edges facing towards his, hands still on the handle but giving enough for the other to grasp it.

Even and steady movements and no need to fuss or play with handing it over.

This has been a PSA on blade safety.

"Look guys I don't know what in hell yea want about all this killing of evil thing but really theres gotta be a misstake. Yea I saw the blood writing but it don't make me a warrior on day one even if I feel... Kinda good... Hey thanks for the robes." Is the best word he could call it, robes, it made him feel like an apprentice wizard when he put it on really.

"...So... Is there some sorta training thing gonna happen sometime? Cause outside of Ms.Rapier who looks like she knows what shes doing. We don't look exactly like heroes. As yea know."

NeonFlow NeonFlow @ others here
As Barny offered the axe in proper fashion yahno stood up to grasp it.
"no ones born a warrior, everyone requires practice... you'll find those who look heroic put effort into appearance. Those who are heroes don't call themselves that. They ar-AHHHH!!"
The moment Barny's hand let go of the axe it fell to the ground taking Yahno to his knees with it, the handle trapping his hand to the floor. Yahno's hand wasn't crushed by the weight of this weapon...
Infact if one was to hande the axe it would feel perfect, the weight between the head and handle was exquisite and despite its smooth elegant design it would never slip from ones grip. Yet Yahno couldn't even budge the axe.

Forcing a laugh Yahno states
"Hah. I uh, suppose only your allowed to swing this..."
Pulling at his wrist with his free hand doesn't help at all. It felt like a magical presence had stepped on his hand and wouldn't move.
"this doesn't hurt, but can you move this immediately please and thank you."

Wakki was the last to make his way out the innards of the temple, after taking a moment or five with the godstone alone to remember his previous visits. Reaching the camp-site Wakki took a seat to observe the new arrivals with the group. He missed arrows being summoned but was able to see another gods weapon in action, kinda. A mortal being unable to hold a gods weapon wasn't a surprise to the wise old Naza... but seeing a Cloudeye kneel before another was a rare and funny sight.
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Maria Makarova
Location: campfire

Ah... campfire. The last time she did something like this was in the middle school, at that time she got bullied by a few of her classmates so her father dragged her for some bear hunt. At first she didn't see any connection between getting bullied and hunting, also the only thing she did during the hunt was carrying a bunch of loaded double-barreled shotguns so her father can just shoot the bears repeatedly without any need for reloading. Watching a three meter enraged bear charging at her was scary, but her father made quick works of them. Then after she got back to school she realized those people who bullied her were not scary at all, they're just spewing empty threats. Also they made some weird bear steaks.

Attracted by the warmth of the fire, Maria sat next to the fire and extended her hands forward while watching Nike cooks some meats. What meat? She didn't know, she didn't care, as long as its edible. Two of the native approached her and asked about the arrow conjuring stuffs. Maria conjured another arrow and showed it to Andy and Valencia.

"You mean this? Honestly, I'm not sure either. The Red Text only gave me bare minimum explanation before throwing me here. Sorry not sorry, but this so called prophesized hero has zero knowledge about magic."
Using the arrow as a poking stick, Maria moved some of the unburned woods into the fire for more fuel.

"Ah, clothes for me? Thank you. Don't worry about it though, I took no offense." Maria accepted the clothes from valencia and then gave her a couple of head pats. She immediately put it over her rags. It's a bit tight in some places but definitely better than not wearing any clothes.

"I think I will call the slime 'Baba', it's what I used to name my Squirtle, hehe." Maria gave the slime a gentle rubs and it retracted into her body like some sort of magical snail.

"Oh, yeah. Tell me about magic please. I'm curious about it."

Renny Renny lost_girl lost_girl
Nike spread cheap wooden plates around, a few pieces of meat in each. The meat was steaming hot, and it's lavish scent filled everyone's nostrils. She smiled, taking a bite out of her piece of meat and remained quiet. She looked around at everyone and hoped the food will take away from the tension everyone must be feeling.

"Well before we share our knowledge of magic let's play a little game. Each of us will introduce ourselves, and share an interesting fact."

Nike took another bite of the meat and mumbled with a mouthful.

"I'll start! My name is Nike Luxiom, I am 41 years old, and I used to be Yahno's teacher."

The now robed man watched the guy taking his axe carefully.. slightly certain he would get another axe in him today by this stranger.. but.. it seemed the axe had other plans! "..Well shit it really is like the stories then.." he knelt down to pick up the axe, noteing just how... light it was in his hand. He backed up and took a hefty swing with it in the air... yep.. pretty easy really. "..Huh... Guess its abit picky eh? Shame on you axe no need to be so rude." he flicked the metal playfully, the axe did not care.

But one might feel it was embarrassed.

"Ah, right, names Bernard, call me Barney. like I just said. i was an accountant back... yea know.. So wasn't exactly the more outdoorsy type. oddly, alot of stuff i've read have this exact type of situation. far too many manga like isekai really... But I should be grateful I wasn't turned into an ant or something, or a lizard for comedic effect.

...I figure alot of yea don't understand but.. uhh.. this.. situation is actually rather common in stories back home in truth... Theres.. actually an overabundance of stories folks have made up... Abit suprising that it ACTUALLY happened. Really, whats the chances..."
Being able to move his hand again Yahno shakes it a few times before standing up to pretend that whole thing never happened. Picking up the bottle he dropped, to see Barny swing the axe like it was a mere branch picked up from under a tree.
The force of the axe moving swiftly sent a bit of wind into Yahno's face.
That has to be a cursed axe... it looks big for one hand and to small for two. Is it lighter than it appears? Something Barney said broke Yahno from his thoughts and drinking
"...you say what you three done today, is common in stories?"

Wakki took the chance to go next in the game. Walking into the middle of the circle stating
"my name is Wakki Naza, I am 75 years old and the Naza clan is famous for many reasons. The main one being..."
Wakki disappeared in a faint cloud of purple smoke, he had appeared between Barny and Yahno placing a hand on each before the three of them appeared in the circle instantly from another faint purple cloud.
"...the magic of the naza allows one to warp from one place to another, teleportation as some call it."
Barny would feel a tad odd but not sick from said experience, more a surprise than anything else.
Yahno shook his head a tad annoyed that Wakki used him to show off.
"im wakki, i teleport aren't i the best, waaghh"
The young man mumbles loud enough to be heard before sitting next to Nike, taking a swig of rum and offering the bottle he stole from her back. Before she could reprimand him for it though he introduced himself...

"im Yahno, like Wakki and Andy im from a clan that was banished from Baanwin hundreds of years ago by the Dragon king who ruled at that time. My clan is known as Cloudeye, our magic is electricity and thunder"
Lifting a single finger into the air to let blue sparks zap in a unimpressive manner. "we came on a journey to find soulslimes in the hope they would help us slay the dragon king of today."
His tone sounded a bit bored for the subject he brought up but he lowered his hands to his lap and gave a polite smile to each new face.
"But we found something better! Ha-hah"
Wakki added with a smile so genuine if he was 50 years younger everyone may have swooned.
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Valencia looked between Maria and the slime and nodded. "Yeah Baba definitely suits it"
"Oh, yeah. Tell me about magic please. I'm curious about it."

Oh gosh. That was a tall order. How was Val supposed to go about explaining something as complicated as that?
"I don't really know where to start but-"
"Well before we share our knowledge of magic let's play a little game. Each of us will introduce ourselves, and share an interesting fact."
Valencia snorted as the group slowly started to meet around the fire and form a circle. Really? This sounded a bit childish. But she joined the circle and listened to everyone as they tried to come up with a interesting fact.
She frowned, confused by Barney's explanation of his world. Manga? Isekai?
And why would he be turned into a lizard or ant? The only reason she could think of would be if he managed to annoy a witch or wizard. Which, knowing him, she wouldn't be too surprised if he did.
"im wakki, i teleport aren't i the best, waaghh"
Valencia tried to stifle her laughter as she thought of what she was going to say.
After Wakki's charming smile and insistence that they'd found something better than the soulslimes, Val took the opportunity to get her turn out of the way.
"I'm Princess Valencia Eros, third in line for the throne of the kingdom of Avalon. Some people call me Val. I can paralyze anyone from a distance as well as summon toxic tendrils. Avalon is currently under attack by one of the dragon king's goons, so yeah. I'm basically just here to save and avenge my family and murder the dragon responsible for their suffering," she said with a shrug. That about summed up everything pretty well, she thought.
Andy Naza

Andy nods along as Valencia asked from the little slime's name. "Baba huh..." An unfamiliar term in Maria's reply however, caused him to put a hand on his chin in curiosity. "...And what's a Squirtle? Something related to this 'other world' you guys have been mentioning?" he muttered while his eyes narrowed, deep in thought.

Andy was about to let Valencia explain more about the magic they were all accustomed to when they were interrupted by Nike finally started the more proper round of introductions, with some food at least being ready. He started cutting up the few remaining extra pieces meat he had on hand with the knife that he was given as the others started properly gathering around the campfire and eating from their plates. He raised his voice just a tad bit more as he took his turn, intending for everybody to hear.

"My name's Andy Naza. I don't believe I have much more of an important position compared to Val over there but as you might have already figured out-" Andy teleports right beside the now once again empty cooking stand over the campfire in the same manner as Wakki and starts setting down the extra pieces of meat to cook. "-I am also part of the Naza clan, enabling me to practice teleportation magic."

If we're talking interesting facts, Andy could have talked about his previous experiences. He imagined that it wouldn't really help the confused newcomers however, so he refrained for now.
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Valentina took a seat next to Maria, for some reason she only felt comfortable around her. Maybe it was because she was the closest thing she could call familiar, especially since Valentina considered Barny weird and the others were somewhat hostile, except for the twins and Wakki. While the others talked and she examined her rapier a little closer. Valentina had a vice grip on the sword because of her unease, but this campfire surprisingly relaxed her. Maybe it was the laisse-fair aura around the campfire or the relaxed energy coming from everyone.

As Valentina ran her left hand across the blade, she relished in the opulent beauty. The others weren't kidding before, the godly champion's weapons were extremely ornamental and the young woman loved it. Holding the blade up to the sky reminded her of the face of earth's full moon, and the edge was like a ray of pure moonlight. Valentina's view drifted down to the hilt and guard. The hand guard looks like a mass of flowing multi-colorful threads that extend into the bade, which house what seemed to be a single thread slithering to the tip of the blade. Valentina really couldn't comprehend how the thread was inside the blade and constantly moving, but then again she had just been reincarnated. Moving her view to the tip, Valentina observed the tip of the blade a little closer. Something about it was slightly different from the rest of the blade. Valentina's finger passed through the tip as if it wasn't there. This piqued her interest until Wakki teleportation of himself, Yahno, and Barney shocked her causing her finger to go an inch lower pricking her finger,"Shit!" Popping her finger in her mouth, she obviously was used to the feeling but not the magic of it all.

Valentina's attention was back on the conversation, although she was pretending not to be engrossed in Valencia's background. She felt a twinge of guilt when the other woman mentioned the dragon attack her home and kingdom, but she brushed it off since the princess started it. Andy came and went, then it was Valentina's turn,"The name is Valentina. Do NOT call me Val....For obvious reasons,"Valentina nodded at Val," And for personal. Y'all can call me Tiny. What I used to be is irrelevant to me, I'm here now! Although, I do know how to fight and flip a little bit!"
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Maria Makarova
Location: campfire

"Ah, food. Thank you." Maria accepted the wooden plate and slowly nibble through the meat on it.

The cat woman initiated some sort of campfire game where each people introduced themself then share something interesting about them and Maria could hear her mind screamed in agony. Maria considered herself a very ordinary woman, she liveslived an ordinary life, havehad an ordinary job, ordinary relationship yada yada. Even after having herself thrown into another world her driving motivation was still very ordinary. She saw herself as the boringest among the boring so making her telling something interesting about herself temporarily short-circuited her mind as she scrambled through her memory for something interesting before it reached her turn. The easiest was of course to share how she died but that would be inappropriate since everyone were eating their meal. She watched other people sharing their quirks and powers and other things. Dedicated otaku? nice. Teleportation magic? Cool. A princess? Wait what??

"My name is Maria Makarova... I think monster truck is the coolest thing ever." There, something interesting, probably. She wasn't sure if the people of this world would understand but she couldn't think anything more interesting about herself.
Nike Luxiom

Nike listened to all who spoke, fighting the urge to call out Val for Valentina immediately but decided against it.
She ate her last bit of meat before chugging down whatever was left after Yahno ravaged her alcoholic beverage for himself.
Standing up, her tail flocked around as her ears twitched; she looked around, making eye contact with everyone there.

Well, Nice to meet you all. I know those of you who have died might hold some regrets from your previous lives, but now is not the time to dawdle. This world needs your help--whether you can help it or not . . . well. only time will tell. But I warn you; use your power for a purpose I deem unethical and I assure you the last thing you will worry about is dying.

Her face quickly changed up from serious to a softer expression as she shook her head, throwing another stick into the fire before settling down.

With that out of the way; I certainly hope you will make the most of your new life. Ditch your past, think of the future. live in the now. I've wasted years of my life sucking up to my past, hopefully, you will not do the same. Enjoy what you have, reach for what you have yet to experience.

Nike then sat back down, yawning a bit.
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The party finish their food and the process of remembering names for faces before packing up. Once done and before anyone could ask what the plan was, seeing how the morning went for everyone. Wakki cleared his throat to gather everyones attention...

"Like Nike has said, we should look to the future. Our goal was to find Soulslimes to aid in our quest to fight the Dragharta across Aerth, but instead we found strangers who as far as we can determine have been sent by gods... I believe they are god sent, I think we met at this time for the purpose of helping each other."
Wakki looked at the god sent heroes with a warm smile
"Barney, Maria and Valentina. Let us join forces, we can teach you this world, how to use magic, guide you in your quests. I won't force any of you into this journey... however I do believe this is fate. You can decide to leave our group if you wish, but I suggest staying with us at least until we reach the closest city."
His warm smile turned cheeky
"To add some incentive, i will teleport myself to town and get some treats for the group and the essentials for you three to get started. your own clothes, armor, healing runes and potions..."
Wakki's plan was sound and efficient, he could probably have everyone down the mountain and ready within a hour or two considering his magic.
It didn't take long at all before the party was teleported to the base of the mountain and Wakki was off. The natives left would be answering questions about the monsters nearby or giving their best attempt at a explanation of how to use magic...

The monsters nearby range from all sorts but at this mountain partically what's in store is goblins and the large flying insects these goblins ride, for those from earth goblins are what you assume they are as typically weak green things with shabby or found equipment, Only a threat in numbers... the Bloatstingers sound like a giant wasp. (Looks more like a monster fly)

Magic basics, is essentially a mixture of mental and physical effort. That is why people can pass out or even die from mana drain, mana is not unlimited while it regenerates naturally with rest, eating, enjoyment, even just waiting. Potions are and certain foods are the main way to increase the process. The same way exercising helps increase Stamina and endurance, practising magic helps increase your overall mana reserves and skill.

One who knows their mana has to picture it in action, to form and channel the mana within one before projecting it into the world as magic.
(Some magic is easier to project then others. Fire magic in comparison to teleportation for example)

While it is easier said then done, genetic magic can be achieved with mana and imagination. One can hurt themselves with magic, so its recommended to wait until Wakki is back with first aid equipment in case the worst happens...

As the colour of their mana has been seen the group can narrow it down somewhat.
Pink mana is generally mental magic, telepathy being the common example.
Orange mana is generally healing magic.
White magic is generally barrier magic, prediction magic, light magic and much rarer magic.
Purple mana is usually dangerous.
Poison magic being the most common but the naza mana is purple aswell as many other powerful sorts.
(No one here can look at your character and 100% know "you have this magic" but they might have a idea. All except barney as gravity magic is rare, not even wakki knows its colour is purple.)
The native characters can explain this in their own words but they wouldn't be able to teach a proper lesson.
Thankfully for the isekai lot their Aerth bodies are somewhat super human in comparison to most on aerth.
Stamina and mana to spare, this doesn't mean they can blast off master level spells/magic straight out the gate. Experience and practice is the main thing needed but it would take alot longer for these beginners to experience mana drain.
The other part for magic is used by crystals of solid mana found in monsters and nature, these are called runes. Its considered taboo to fuck with runes if one hasn't got a grasp of their own mana.

also important...
If your character believes the isekai three are sent by gods please let me know ooc or write it into your next post in some way... it helps those with a godstone heart.
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Gar & Kei
Gar & Kei.png

The twins had been silently watching the events unfold leading up to the point when the group was ready to move out. While the new arrivals defied many of the rules of nature in this world there were still many unknowns on what was going to happen to them and what their true nature and powers were. At least for the moment keeping the new arrivals at a slight distance seemed to best course of action until they knew they could be trusted.

Off to the side, Gar stood up dusting himself off as balled one of his hands into a fist. His other freehand fastened the cloak as he adjusted it for a moment. "So what do you make of the whole thing sister? Appearing in front of the god stone is one thing and their mana almost bursting out from them is another. We both know that shouldn't be possible any normal person would have exploded from that amount of mana," Gar whispered as he offered Kei a hand to help her up before cracking his knuckles.

"Well that is true but something we both can agree upon is that something is not normal about them. But Wakki has sound judgment of people even if he is a bit..." Kei paused for a moment as she looked over toward their guide for a moment. "A little too trusting of people that appear out of nothing," she pointed out before letting out a sigh. "But until there is something else that proves it otherwise I would agree that the trio there were sent by the gods," she concluded before walking toward the group as Wakki explained the next portion of the journey.

"Well if we are going to need supplies, we had better get a move on, we can answer questions along the way," Gar pointed out as he was about to turn to Wakki but realized their guide had already gone on ahead of the group. Well, he certainly works fast which isn't a bad thing I suppose. He thought to himself turning back to the rest of the group.
"Well... if we were sent here by the gods... I guess it must mean their looking out for yea, yea? ...If I defeat these three evils, do you think they will let me go back...? Or at least see home again? I want to see if my friends are okay..." he couldn't help it, he missed them already... "But if I can help you all somehow, i'll do it.

...Whatever it is you all need anyways...

...So... that said... we have magic?

How do we use magic? Do I just slap my axe and make it explode something?

Maybe I throw a fireballs or make it rain ice?

Or... Uhh..." he trailed off, eyeing his axe abit... Really if you squinted it kinda looked like a sceptre or rod... ish... kinda how it had a big jewel on it. A big sharped winged magic rod... Could it make him transform...? Were... They one step away from having magical girl transformations!?

He... He wasn't exactly interested in it... for obvious reasons.

But he would make a cute magical girl.

No doubt.
Nike rose from the ground, preparing to answer all of the heroes' questions.
She smiled, reminding her of her shitty days as a teacher over the past many years.

"Alright. I shall explain to you newcomers how mana manipulation makes magic. Listen well because this teacher does not know how to teach and hates repeating herself!"

Nike winked at the group like a happy teen as if she wasn't a fourty one year old lady.

"Let's start with the basics. Everyone has mana; and different amounts of it. Mana is basically our ability to conjure up different types of magic, using both our minds and bodies to make stuff go boom. But be careful---use it too much and you will end up like yahno when he tries to flirt with girls; unconcious."

She then paused and shook her head, her tail swinging playfully.

"Worry not, however. Mana is a passive regenerator, either from rest, enjoyment, potions and even food. Those with little to no mana can practice in order to increase it."

She then raised her hand, as it started steaming up.

"Once you understand the basics of mana, you can find yourself picturing said magic you want to put into action...and then---"

Suddenly a ball of fire flung itself towards Barney; evaporating millimetres before impact.

"Mana also comes in colors.
Pink, which is mentally oriented.
orange, generally a healing source.
white, a rarer form of magic focused on barriers, light magic and prediction magic.
Then we have purple, a dangerous form often expressing itself in poiseb. Very powerful stuffies. Any questions, my studious "god-sent"?"

She sort of mocked by calling them god-sent. No bad intentions. She just really feels like the gods have other stuff to do then fuck around with dead people. Hopefully.
Maria Makarova
Location: mountain base

"I... don't really like the term 'god-sent'" Maria admitted. "One, I don't feel any personal connection with this 'god' that sent me here. Second, I don't necessarily believe The Red Text is a God. He practically told me that the afterlife is a volcano of beer and a bunch of strippers with flying sphagetti, I think he is actually Satan."

"Satan is basically the king of the devil in my world."
She added, in case there's no such thing as Satan in this world.

"and I guess that made me the person who make contract with the devil." She let out a brief chuckle aimed more at herself.

"That said I'm more than happy to accept any help so I will accept Mr. Wakki's proposal. If I can finish this job faster then I can get my wish quicker, this world is saved and The Red Text gets something to watch. Win win for everyone."

She listened to Nike's explanation and demostration of magic. Maria was far from movie watcher though so her understanding of magic was a mix of what she enjoys during her childhood: a bunch of people waving their wand and Gandalf blasting goblins. She summoned another arrow to her hand.

"So is this my magic? Conjuring arrows? Sounds like I have a very specific magic huh."
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"...King of Evil, at least in the christian sense. But with all this we have now no true clue what religious doctrine was correct back in our world.

Maybe they all were? Maybe none were and whoever brought us here is the sole god/goddess." Barney gave a shrug, he wasn't particularly religious but this afterlife really did make a few questions...

"So... magic huh... guy said earlier I had purple yea? Means i'm poisonous...?" Seems odd for a hero... maybe he should try it...?

He hefts up his axe and taps it "Beee.... Poisoned!" He slapped it's side, face full of hope... Only to... fall abit flat when he doesn't see anything really happen...

"...Guess it ain't that easy then. Alright keep your secrets."
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Maria may not have felt it, but the other two from earth had a strange sensation. Almost as if someone whispered to them...
summoning arrows is a ability of the bow

"Hey I'll let you guys know now you don't wanna associate doing magic with having to shout out what you plan doing ." Yahno had to stifle a laugh before continuing. "Its something alot of people do in Mahoe, though it can help you picture what your forming its also annoucing to the enemy what your doing. Giving them time to react..."
Yahno shook the thought from his head though.
"you guys don't need to worry about intelligent enemies today though, the closest easiest target about here is goblins. Now they ain't much but they can be fearsome in large numbers, even to a veteran warrior... Swarming like insects and acting about as smart, but even still theres a reason goblins are one of the biggest threats to farms and small villages."
Snapping his fingers to make sure the isekai lot paid attention.
"They may look like ugly green children but if you hesitate to kill one it will see this and it will attack relentlessly. They don't have strength skill or magic but their claws and teeth are toxic and some even use tools or tame beasts"
Pointing halfway up the mountain one might be able to squint and see some flying creatures in the air buzzing about.
"The ones on the mountain ride Bloatstingers, but Val and i used alot of them as target practice on the way past... they probably have a hive somewhere they steal maggots"

After getting everyone and their equipment down, Wakki had left quickly an so far he's been gone for about a hour. As he mentioned bringing back armor and more its probably best to wait before rushing into battle...
But whose the boss of God sent souls? It ain't Wakki.
"oi Val, why don't you raise some dirt targets for the new comers? Best be safer to see how they act out of battle before throwing them into it"
A idea for sure, but whose the boss of third in line for the throne of Avalon? It ain't Yahno.
This would be a decent time to practice somewhat.
See if archery is as easy as movies portray...
See how to use a needle of a sword...
See the speed one can swing a axe...
If you want to rush head first to where you assume goblins are with only a God weapon your character can. Though my next post will be a wakki one where he equips the isekai lot and then issues them a training test against goblins.

With the party on standby im happy for everyone but those playing isekai lot to join me in writing as goblins if they wanna.
Said goblins will most likely die but you can deal damage lol The natives would be standing back only jumping in if the three get overwhelmed or hurt.
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Andy Naza

Andy silently watched the group mingle, chewing on a bite out of his food. It was quite interesting, the circumstance that he now is currently in. Observing how their new companions discussed amongst them what shouldn’t be hard to know, as well as start experimenting with different abilities, really is starting to demonstrate the fact that they really are what Wakki said. “Heroes huh…”

That being said, Wakki sure was taking his time gathering supplies. He did mention that he will be getting everything from armor to potions for all of their new companions, but is he supposed to be carrying them all back by himself? One would imagine that it would be comprised of a huge pile of equipment that can’t possibly be transported by only one person. Although he probably would just be teleporting back anyway, cutting out the need to physically carry the items. All this talk and discussion about magic and abilities happening is making Andy curious about the limits of his own magic. Where could teleportation magic go he wonders. Although he would leave that for the future for now, there’s some training to be done soon.

“Alright come on, you guys can start practicing, seems like Wakki is going to be a while,” he said, taking yet another bite of his food as he ate slowly to kill time. This ought to at least be something to watch in the meantime.

"...So...With Milfcats explanation I likely wont be casting any time soonish... But guess I understand better." He dusted the axe blade off, looking at the others for a sec. "Old mans gone so... Maybe some practice would be good!

...Though i've never killed anything before..." He did accidentally kill a pet fish when he was 7, turns out, sour candies are not good for goldfish. And so is taking them for a walk. Espeacially not when the cat gets them and runs off with said fish on said walk...

...Goldie i'm sorry bro...

"So... Is there a big ol.. kingdom around? Are we alone? Are people expecting us...? He asked a few questions with a shrug.

"Firecat is talking about magic but, like, what about the world outside yea know?"

For a second, Valentina got excited at the idea of actual magic that SHE could perform. Before Nike started explaining the young woman imagined she would be able to wave her hand or wand and cast a spell. A quiet gasp escaped her mouth as her eyes glazed over with excitement and her mind began to race with design ideas. With everything happening so fast Valentina wasn't able to really absorb the differences in the other's clothing. She could see that they were mostly for function rather than fashion, but with magic, Valentina could improve the designs. They could both be fashionable and functional.

Ooooh, magic! With magic the time it takes to make even a single article of clothing could be cut in HALF! I've made skirts, but I've never, made a BATTLE SKIRT before! A battle dress....Can clothes be infused with magic....How would they!? Since there are different creatures from earth, are clothes made from different creatures....Ugh...I should-

A voice interrupted Valentina's thoughts. It was like a fleeting wind on the mind, but she could simultaneously perceive it and yet it was like it wasn't there. A shiver went down Valentina's body,"Uggahha....Th-That was strange. Umm...Maria...I don't know how, but I don't think that's your magical ability, just an ability of the...bow? I think?" Valentina gave Maria a slight shrug as she explained. That sensation was strange, but it didn't feel bad. Just weird. Turning to Nike,"I think the twins said that my energy was pink and you said that was mental based, what exactly does that mean!?"

Kikimura Kikimura Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread

Nike pondered, rubbing her forehead. Did she really categorize as a MILF?...on second thought what the hell is a MILF?...
She looked to Yahno, hoping he might be able to answer her internal question.
He seemed to shrug at her not knowing the answer either.
Hopefully her question would be answered by the one who claimed her to be a MILFcat.

"Well. No-one would be expecting you guys. I mean--if I told you god has sent heroes to your original places of rest; would you believe that? And other then that . . . As per your other question; we are currently in the lands of Karma. We reside in beastkin country, and the capital is grimgar. However, the land was conquered by an ice dragon... A Dragharta prince."

she finished her explanation and smiled upon the "heroes". They were almost like lost kids. The thought made her chuckle.
Listening to Valentina's question, Nike tilted her head as her tail flailed around.

"Well, Mental magic usually refers to magics of the mind. Hypnosis, telepathy, stuff which unlike fire magic you can't see and most can't perceive."
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Gar & Kei
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The twins watched as Nike continued to explain to the group how magic worked. They were content for the time being to watch the exchange until they were mentioned. "That would be correct, however, Miss Maria's case....Well its a bit strange if I have to be honest," Kei started to explain as she was trying to find the words or some reason to explain why there were two mana colors coming from one person.

"What my sister is trying to say Maria is a special case, two mana types have never been a thing here. As far as our education goes no one has ever held two mana types. Everyone only has one type of mana," Gar explained as they he noticed Barney started to question if people were expecting them and what about the outside world. "I mean my sister or I could tell you a little about other nations but, we really only know a lot about our homeland. While we might not hold royal blood like the princess over there we are the children of a duke. But as Nike said about this country we have a Dragharta prince which makes our status moot in most instances," Gar explained before taking a few steps forward.

"My brother and I have enhancement magic, we can strengthen our bodies to move quickly or be stronger. But even that has its limitations, and you won't really ever see it similar to mental magic since most normal people cannot see mana. But with our cursed ability? I guess you could call it cursed we are able to see the mana types of people. Though the longer we use it at one time the more damage it will cause to us. Right now about 10 minutes of active use is all we can do before we start to strain our eyes. Much longer past that and we risk going blind in one of our eyes," Kei explained to the arrivals though she wasn't as well versed as someone who had practiced with magic for decades she knew the basics at the very least.


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