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Fantasy Isekai Aerth; "hope"


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When Wakki finally arrived he had a small wooden cart behind him filled with a assortment of stuff. Clothes of various styles to rummage through, leather armor for three people, orange crystals, orange potions, some goods for eating and cooking, a few bottles of grog and two small bags. Wakki was quick to pocket one of the bags before calling everyone over.

Once attires had been sorted and the rest of the equipment was stored, Wakki dove head first into giving a lesson before accessing the god sent.
"these crystals with a orange glow? This is a healing rune. A rune is mana in a solid form... they are found in monsters and in nature. One activates a rune using their own mana. Then one needs to give the magic inside the rune form"
to demonstrate Wakki takes his dagger and drags it across his arm to show everyone a bloody slice. Swapping the dagger for the smallest orange rune, the old man mumbles to himself as he slowly ran the crystal over his newest wound. With a orange glow the rune evaporated and wiping the blood from his arm revealed to all watching that it was completely fine. Literally by magic a cut that would have required stitches and bandages is fixed within seconds.
"healing magic is best performed by those who have studied medicine and surgery. A doctor has much more understanding and could use a orange rune to its potential. I can only remedy simple injuries such as this by watching others perform said magic on me. But that is why I bought these!"
Wakki wiped his dagger clean and put the runes away to reveal four orange potions with a similar glow to the runes.
"One can be on the brink of death but if you get this into you you'll be fine. Drink half if your hurt, drink it all if you fear the worst. A potion can't grow back limbs or replace eyes so don't think this is a miracle juice..."

After some questions were answered Wakki insisted on seeing the god sent use their weapons...
Wakki bought a decent shortbow and a quiver of arrows and told Yahno to show Maria how its done. Yahno wasn't a teacher but he tried his best to give a lesson, only really giving a blunt example of what he was doing.
"Hmm... i guess figure out which is your better hand and take a few shots. I find it easier to hold at a angle, aiming is different for us all, you kinda got adjust any time you hunt, its definitely worth shooting a target from different distances so you can adapt. You can make one shot and miss the same shot cause of wind, your target might be bigger or smaller, moving... practice makes perfect. Everyone in my village was taught to use a bow at a young age because hunting was how we survived. I'm guessing you'll be practising til your just as good cause that's what you got given... I think you lucked out but if I was given the choice I'd have chosen the sword"
Yahno let a arrow fly which soared into a tree about thirty feet away, "aim for that tree, just keep hitting it over and over"
Yahno grabbed another arrow from his new quiver and demonstrated again. Maria soon would discover the armguard given to her is for stopping the bowstring from bruising her arm (assuming she's a beginner)
(her arrow limit so far is ten every three minutes. Though a arrow that hits its intended target is like instantly gaining a new arrow. The numbers change with experience and each form the bow takes. Stronger magic having less weaker having more.)

Barney and Valentina were given a few pointers in wielding a weapon.
As a master of many weapons over his years the man is able to see one's stance to determine their skill. From watching one swing he can instruct the wielder on how to better and improve the technique...
Wakki only discusses the basics, but both heroes would feel more confident holding their respective weapons.
Using his staff to mimic the sword and the axe Wakki gives demonstration on how to parry and block aswell as the most effective way to attack regarding, the weapon, yourself and the enemy.

(I'm not researching and breaking down lessons, yall can just assume what you want from the lessons and the end result is your character is better than before. Even if only like 10%)

As the sun begins to set and a green moon is visible, the isekai lot would notice they have been at this now without a break for at least two hours. Shooting arrows, practising stances swings and more. Time seemed to fly past because none of the god sent souls have gotten tired or felt exhaustion since arriving. Infact they would feel healthier then ever before. Levels of stamina and endurance never felt in their lives...

During this time of practice Wakki had sent Andy and Yahno to scout around the area, with Yahno's eyes and Andy's magic they made quick work of finding multiple nests. The largest nests being the tunnels and mines up and down the mountain. The closest nest was actually at the base of the mountain a short walk from where the party is. Yahno was able to see many goblins leaving in groups presumably to hunt. When the two arrived back Wakki was finishing his tea with a smile, placing the cup down he announced to the party.
"who feels like hunting goblins?"
Assuming the answer is yes, Andy and Yahno would lead the group to where the mountain nest is. The plan being set a ambush for goblin hunting parties leaving or returning to the nest, so they aren't waiting just outside the nest but they are close.

If you post next feel free to summarise the party arriving and getting ready.
Gob hunting parties are generally 8 or 10 a squad.

Wakki's idea being the isekai lot in a party of three fight against goblins until they give up or get in danger. The rest of the party would be standing by to assist as needed but generally the rule is not to interfere.
They can shout encouragement and advice, "on your left!" Etc etc. They can also herd goblins or kill any trying to escape.
Natives can play as goblins here if they wanna.
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Maria Makarova
Location: mountain base

"Is it? I guess that makes a bit more sense." Maria nodded at Valentina's suggestion. So she had bow magic, healing magic and one white aura magic. Seems solid to her, though she raised her eyebrows when the twins explained that people usually only had one mana. She couldn't use her other two magic yet so she wasn't sure if she actually had them, this felts like a bunch of artists suddenly trying to convince her that she had Beethoven's musical talent. Oh, well, she would take this step by step.

Once Wakki arrived with carts full of stuffs Maria simply picked clothes that seemed the most practical. Simple tunic and trousers, with chest armor, arm guard and boots. Next Wakki showed how healing works and Maria watched intensively as one of her magic was healing right? After the demonstration she decided that she should try mastering at least the basic as soon as possible. She used to do volunteer works back during her college so she understand this kind of ability would be something that most people don't care during peaceful time but becomes absolutely necessary when the time comes.

Next Yahno showed he how to use a bow and after watching his demonstration she realized that her bow wasn't quite a normal one. Yahno's short bow was easier to carry and use, meanwhile the divine bow was a bulky one, its length almost rivaled Maria's height. It's a longbow designed to deliver the most power. Maria fumbling awkwardly as she tried to nock the arrows and carefully pulled the string, she absolutely didn't want to accidentally release it and shoot someone nearby. Once everything was set though, she found it much easier to handle. As long as she had time and space to aim she was able to reliably hit the target.

isn't this one of those bow that twist skeletal structure??

She realized, nothing she can do about that though. Other bow flew out of her hands whenever she tried to grab one. Yahno was right, if she could choose she might also pick a sword as she now felts vulnerable knowing that she can only holds this heavy bow and no other weapon.


Maria took a sip from her bottle to calm her nerves. Just like back in her previous life, she needs at least a bit of alcohol before any major meetings. Though now instead of talking to some CEO she's going to shoot some goblins.

"Mister Wakki, is it normal to hunt goblins at night? My father would definitely scold me for this, if he's still alive." Maria asked the old man.

"Goblins hunt at dusk and dawn which is the best time to catch them aside from attacking a nest directly. However you have nothing to fear with all of us here i can assure you of that. If you feel overwhelmed or should any of us see you in danger we shall rush to your assistance"

"Ah, I see. So they're kinda nocturnal."
She nodded.
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When Wakki brought the equipment back, Valentina was the first to dig through the stash. She was obviously a bit picky about what she put on. By the time she finished her ensemble, it was very stylish and at a first glance, impractical. She also took a few extra pieces for later. To the other heroes, Valentina probably looked like a girl going shopping at the mall and to the natives, she was more than like a noble going dress shopping. She eye-balled each piece of clothing before tossing the pieces she didn't perceive as good to the side. Just as she finished, Wakki began to explain what runes are and how to use them. Just the sight of the blood brought a sinking feeling to Valentina's stomach, but she attempted to brush it off as it wasn't there even while things continued she could feel it, no matter how much she tried to ignore it.

To ignore the feeling Valentina dove head first into the training. Before Wakki could get to her, she stretched her body. While stretching the young hero noticed that her body was more limber than before. She hadn't practiced gymnastics in a long time but she could stretch as she did in the past, "Mmm..."

I'm more limber than before...A lot more limber. I wonder if I could pull off a few flips like used to.

Standing up, Valentina posed as if she was about to do a gymnastics routine. With a running start, Valentina tumbled on muscle memory but she slipped up on the ending flip. A loud gasp could be heard as her body went higher than she was expecting, landing roughly on her butt. Valentina sat in place as she mentally analyze what she just did,"Damn...Th-That was...Awesome!" She chirped with a great smile on her face. She could tell that her body wasn't exactly the same as earth, especially since she was able to gain a lot of air without any springs, but then again she hadn't done gymnastics in a very long time.


Valentina wiped away the sweat from her brow. She wasn't holding back during the training, although her swordswomanship wasn't the best, everything else made up for it. She was obviously able to take to the art of combat, especially since she had been in a few scraps before because of her sister. Looking up at the moon, Valentina let out a low gasp,"It's beautiful...Hunting under the moonlight...Ugh, that doesn't sound as beautiful." The young woman turned back to the group as she put on the rest of her leather armor. Her ensemble gave her a full range of movement but also covered her vital areas, while also looking cute. A small smirk spread across her face as she was obviously proud of herself,"Is this too cute for hunting?" Before anyone could answer her,"Not really. Definitely not better than anything I could make, but it'll do for now." Valentina answered her own question with a proud smirk.

"Um...Are we all moving together...orrr...are we gonna go to separate nests? I'm fine i-i-if we stay together..." As they neared hunting time, Valentina could feel the sinking feeling coming back, but she wasn't gonna show it.


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Nike Luxiom

Nike looked at everyone speak and contemplate, making moves and learning the arts of the bow. She heard Valentina question their positions; and so she stepped forward and clapped again in order to receive a bit of attention.

"I believe the smartest option we have is the god sent will be the ones fighting. use teamwork to take out the goblins. Us natives will be nearby; ready to rescue those who may end up needing it. think of it like a test---manage to impress us and we might as well give you more of our trust. fail, however, and that means you will have consecutive training sessions that will help you get up to speed. Oh and before anything; I assume most of you haven't taken a life yet?"

She asked, throwing her knife at a nearby bush as you hear a squeak. Reaching there and pulling out an impaled rabbit Nike threw it in the fire.

"While goblins aren't cute and don't squeak like that rabbit; if you do not possess the ability to take a life, we have no use for you--godsent or not."

Nike then wiped the blood off her blade with a cloth from her pocket--already being drenched in blood from whatever lives she took before.

"Also--be prepared to kill humans and humanoids. it is a likely thing. kill or be killed."


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Andy Naza

Ah, it’s almost time for some combat again. All of the world natives in the party were all used to it by now, as it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence during their travels. From the looks of things however, this is going to be unfamiliar territory for their new companions. It doesn’t even seem like they even had the slightest idea how to properly use their weapons. At least that’s what Andy thinks as a first impression.

He is curious how the heroes will be handling their first attempt at actual combat. Having just gotten back from scouting out goblin nests, it appears that it should be manageable at least. Even though they don’t yet have the necessary skills to handle their own weapons, from what they have been doing, it seems they still have some sort of strength helping them out.

Andy found himself nodding at Nike’s cautioning. Not wanting to take lives can be quite understandable, but other more unsavory folk might just not care at all. In a life or death situation, hesitation can be a cause for failure.

They aren’t supposed to be thrown off the deep end however, it would be just as likely for them to blunder that way. Andy nods at Valentina's question with a serious expression, and puts a hand on his sheathed sword at his hip. “I say we all move together. That should also help you practice fighting together as a team. We’re all here to support as needed.”


Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?

What was there to say, it was the tutorial. Really this was starting to kinda follow suit like a videogame... Should he be thinking of things like that? Like, maybe skill points and stuff...? Maybe he shouldn't have booped all those slimes without knowing exactly what they were... He did kinda take alot of em...

Thinking of it as such may take some of the sting off... This... however was real life... Alot of stories have already made it clear thinking that way is a path to numbness about those around you.

They become less persons, and more stat sheets to be used and thrown away...

The thought may Barney tear up a little, as he was taught the ways of the axe.

The axe was, by nature, a simple weapon.

It chops. It doesn't care what, it will chop. The blade is wickedly sharp and double headed, but it has just enough handle space for two hands, but not enough reach to be conaideted what he'd call a great axe in gameing terms. It was abit short on the blade, not having a long bearded blade but enough that the cutting force was focused... In essence, he would have to wield it as one might hit something with a pick axe, belying it's true complexity.

The complexity comes from the sweet spot of the axe, it was seen as a brutish weapon but in truth, as he would see it, it would require immense timing practice. Knowing how ling it'll take to swing, knowing where you want your enemy, what to hit... Alot of these things were the same for all weaponry of course, but for the axe, this was life and importance of all.

A tree is felled not by simple power but by understanding the tree.

Where does it's weight stand, where does it lean? Is the bark stronger here? Is the tree's wood have gnarlls where your cutting?

Its these things he would have to think about... Though he was lightly thankful he had a small amount of philosophy knowledge and having read that survivalist's guide a week before his death.

Well read, less practiced, he might say...

He took his stand at the target, aimed, then swung, he missed, but he had better understanding now.. One step at a time... Another miss, but the wright was becoming understood. Swing, glance, better but no bite.

A swing, deflected.

Another, bit, but not enough power.

He rested a moment, digesting what he learned...

He rose again, struck, it bit, satisfying, but not as deep as one might like... But it was enough. Flesh is lesser than dirt on defence against cutting... Pehaps he will find better luck there... Though they likely wont stand still for him...


"...Really quick on the kill or be killed huh...?" BAarney couldn't help but sigh, this was all so troublesome... He'd been killed not a day ago and now he was being tasked with being the axe murderer.

"Were really cutting up goblins... Nothing speacial about it?" He asked, as if he was trying to find any signifigance in all of it. Or seeing if there was any.

"...Really are going goblin slayer route huh...

...Starting to feel naked, without the armor he wore..."

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The party made their way towards the goblin nest to search for a decent spot for a ambush, Valencia stayed behind to guard the camp. The three isekai souls wouldn't have much longer to wait before their first encounter with a goblin. The sun had set and two moons cast light over the lands...
A large blue moon and a smaller green moon, they appear to almost be full. Everyone is able to see on a night like this, only in shadows is one obscured.

"I don't see any about... but you'll see them coming from the mountain and hear them returning from a hunt."
Yahno approached the three godsent to point at the entrance of the nest and into the forests as he said this. "Im gonna climb that tree an keep a eye out, ill whistle- Phhw-wiph when I see something coming."
Wakki approaches from behind.
"I wont be up a tree but I'll be around ready to help in a instant"
He warps from side to side to show what he means. The natives say their piece before getting to a spot to watch or assist from.

Whatever the plan is be it to wait in the open like a challenge or to hide in the shadows and jump out at the opportune moment. The trio does this...

Minutes pass...
When everyone was set up waiting. A "phhw-wiph" Sounded out softly alerting the three that something approaches... it wasn't long before seven goblins came into view from the forest. Five of them drag a dead boar looking creature using vines as rope, the other two walk ahead of the others chattering quietly to themselves... only these two seem to hold weapons. One has what looks like a pitchfork with most of the handle snapped off. The other holds what looks to be a decent sized rock in a strap of cloth.
(Like a sling to throw or swing a rock, not a rock wrapped in cloth lol)images.jpeg-32.jpg
Seven things like that about four feet tall. Dressed in rags.
who starts the battle?...

Orikanyo Orikanyo Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread BFabulous BFabulous Renny Renny Kikimura Kikimura saxon saxon
Post order is being ignored for the first fight as its basically only the isekai heroes who should be fighting. This is essentially the video game tutorial so there's no way to fuck up or get seriously hurt unless you wanted to write it as such. Normally I ask that players write their combat actions as attempts so I can reply with what works, what didn't, what happens next etc. While I still want this to be the case it isn't so much when it comes to enemies or battles like the one coming up. If you want to slay three goblins with one shot have at it. I'll let you guys know in post or ooc if the fight is one shot shit or the type that's more serious.
For the most part goblins in such small numbers is "one shot" easy to kill for anyone capable of swinging a weapon without falling over or hurting themselves.

Goblins in large numbers or in enclosed spaces like a nest is still one shot but characters have much more chances of getting hurt
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Nike Luxiom

"Good luck kiddos. Whoever kills the most gets a kiss from me."

She joked, knowing none of them will take her seriously or be interested in it as she climbed up the tree aswell, sitting besides Yahno and swinging around her knife playfully.

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The Lord of the Uneaten
Maria Makarova
Location: goblin nest

"I will trade the kiss for some cigarettes, or something along that line. I need at least 50 mg of nicotine per day to function normally." Maria said as she put down the bottle she was drinking from. She knew there wouldn't be any of her favorite brands here so she should try finding the best replacement, or maybe she should use this opportunity to quit smoking?

"Barney, Valentina, let's go. We can't change our weapon so our roles are clear. I will try to shoot some of them and then you two hit the rest till they stop moving." Taking position, Maria waited until the other two was ready to launch their attack before nocking an arrow and carefully aimed her bow.




Maria released the arrow and it literally punched a hole through the sling goblin's stomach without even stopping, the arrow was stuck deep on the tree behind it. Definitely an overkill, but she felts she would be less accurate if she didn't pull the string all the way through. Immediately nocking another arrow, Maria aimed next at the goblin that move the least. She released the arrow and one of the unarmed goblin got pinned through his chest against the dead boar. Looking at the surrounding, Maria decided to lay low and stop shooting. She's not confident enough to do the next one without risking the other two in the melee range.


As the time of combat neared Valentina could feel the unnerving feeling slowly returning. Like a chill from the northern winds, it blew across her body, leaving chill bumps in its wake and the young woman couldn't ignore it. Her breathing began to slow in an effort to calm herself down.

Can I really do this?
I can't? N-no. No I can! I will!

You'll just d-

Valentina's intrusive thoughts were interrupted by Maria,"Oh-Uh, Y-yea. Let's go." She shucked off her nerves but the thoughts still plagued the back of her mind. With a quick inhale and release she steeled her nerves and tighten her grip. if she was gonna go out, she was gonna go out in style and this wasn't the best she could do. On Maria's mark, Valentina rushed forward with her rapier ready. Her trajectory fixed on the goblin with the pitchfork, but just before she got in range she cartwheeled over the green beast landing in front of the other goblins hauling the boar. Without missing a beat or losing momentum, Valentina delivered a roundhouse kick that sent one of the goblins flying into a tree to the left. Valentina readjusted her stance and quickly stabbed the creature closest to her, leaving four holes in its neck, shoulders, and stomach, creating a diamond. Quickly retreating, Valentina jumped to the edges of the tree line. She felt her heart pumping in her throat but it was kind of exciting. Maybe it was because these creatures really didn't stir any fear within her.

Neon Chilli

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The seven unprepared goblins basically shit themselves at the sudden attack, the one with a pitchfork having the most experience and a weapon turned to face his would be target only to see her leap over him and cause the immediate deaths of more brothers. One getting kicked away like a hollow skull, dying crippled on impact with said kick and then the tree. The other getting stabbed four times before realising it had no chance. Not to mention the other two goblins decimated by arrows around the size of them.

The pitchfork goblin and the two remaining group up back to back trying to survey the area... they are visibly shaken by the ambush and confused as to how they are left alive. The one with a pitchfork head realised its outmatched and let out a terrible screech... a cry for help as they are close to home. Yahno watched the skirmish before him with no strong impression beyond one of them being acrobatic.
"Look Ni look, she flips like you whenever I've shocked you..."
Yahno's tone was like sarcastic imitation of a younger brother.
(This next part would be after the first seven goblins are dead due to isekai peeps)
The dying screams of the goblins was enough to warn the nest. Sixteen, maybe twenty more goblins armed with rocks and sharpened bones soon emerged from within the nest, Yahno peered towards them with his eyes aglow to notice the new threat. Being able to see multiple souls blurred together though he couldn't count them properly. Nike with her beastkin eyes should most likely be able to determine better If they got closer...
"look Ni look, more have come out of the nest to avenge their allies, should we warn the heroes or see if they notice?"
His eyes returned to normal and his tone was still a playful sarcastic one. While he loves killing goblins as much as any other, he was unsure if interruption of any sort would ruin Wakki's training plan for said God sent heroes.
Wakki was hidden somewhere alone so asking was out of the question...
Kikimura Kikimura
Yahno speaking to Nike

Orikanyo Orikanyo Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread BFabulous BFabulous your attacks can't fail!
You may notice more goblins coming if your perception is up there.
Like out of 10 if you have above 6 Perception you probably notice them from a distance despite being in your first ever goblin battle.

Everyone else can act as they please or control three of the twenty or more goblins


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Nike Luxiom
Nike hit Yahno over the head as he spoke in that annoying voice, her eyes fixated on the add-ons to the battle.

"Let's wait and see; I'd rather not ruin whatever Wakki has planned. Let's get closer however--if it comes to it we can help."

She then hopped from tree to tree, keeping her distance and watching to see what the heroes would do. Will any of them even notice the oncoming force?

The force of the twenty or so goblins were getting closer, still obscured by the forest trees.

Neon Chilli Neon Chilli - Nike to Yahno

Orikanyo Orikanyo BFabulous BFabulous Spoiled Bread Spoiled Bread - goblins getting pretty close °^°


Do you hear it? The screams of Gacha salt?

"Okay so were just gonna go straight to killing then, no lead up or pacing just drop in and start killin." Barny really felt like there was a few more steps before he was suppoused to start murderhoboing his way across...

...Wait what was this place called again...?

Wait, its not like he didn't have a tutorial... or... Explanation...?

Seriously, was he gonna kill these little wierd green goblins and- Eww why the hell do they stink! Gross ugh just- ugh is that a fork? Just send em dude just go off and- Oh god is that blood hurry up Barny just do it man!!!

Looking close to hurling, Barney just... Well... Found the last Goblin of this group and, with an unsure gaze put both hands on the axe and... Oh god it was looking at him, why dod it have to be looking at him.

Well, he was hesitating until it screeched.

"AH!?" In panic he brought down the axe, which did most the work in truth, damn well bisected the thing in half, not finely like a sword but more like an industrial accident with a large cleaving machine.

Suffice to say, he threw up now.

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The Lord of the Uneaten
Maria Makarova
Location: goblin nest

If there's any goblin who tried to run away or got isolated from the main crowd they would find themself with an arrow through their stomach as Maria observed the battlefield and picked the rest of the goblins one by one. She was rather surprised at how calm she was at handling this first hunt, all those time carrying her father's guns were really paying out. Valentina was pretty good and already displayed notable gracefullness with her weapon but Barney didn't seems to be doing too well. In this regard Yahno was right that she was lucky with her weapon, it's easier to kill something if she didn't need to stare at them in the eyes.

"Good job. We clean them all." Maria approached Barney and gave him some back rub to help him relieve his nausea.

"We're near their nest though so that scream might calls the other here. Barney, can you still continue? If not we will retreat now."

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