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Realistic or Modern In Moonlight Born (Werewolves)

Sub Genres
Adventure, Cyberpunk, Horror, Supernatural


In the future a very tiny percentage of humans from around the world begin to discover their primal natures as Garou - werewolves. Some discover in adolescence. Others will not discover their true nature until adulthood. Typically it occurs when the young Garou finds themselves in a wilderness type setting. It is important to note that your Garour nature tends to make Humans uneasy and distrustful. You will tend to be the sorts of humans that the law doesn’t trust, viewed as a natural troublemaker.

For these humans (all Homid), they will lack the upbringing of old Garou society. Instead they will find themselves with spirit guides, which will guide them the members of the pack to one another when they are ready. (The spirits were sent.) This will be a path of discovery - and of survival. There is a reason there are so few Garou. The Wyrm and Weaver have won - or think they have.

The Garou will be vastly outnumbered by Vampires and their servants, Nephandi, malevolent spirits, and technocratic mages.

Read the Lore!!!
Please use my CS Format (I rarely ask this.)
Resize your image so that it isn't huge, please. Just easier to go through CS's.
Choose Auspice and Tribe.
You must be Homid.
You must abide by the gender and racial rules of the Tribes. (Some are only from certain races, like Native American. One tribe is female only. (Ignore the part about Metis as there are none.)
You may create a second Character.

Blank CS

Lore - Google Drive

We will decide where the group will converge in OOC Chat. I may try to create a Discord. Never done so before. If we get enough members I may break the group into sub groups initially that will arrive at the first Sept Meeting.

Once the group meets, a leader needs to be chosen. First I will accept volunteers. If there is more than one, you can either let the group vote - or fight it out. The rest of the group will study your CSs and vote on the outcome. The loser gets to decide whether he wishes to be killed or yield. The winner can opt not to kill of course.

After this, it is all about survival in a very, VERY dangerous world. Stupidity will get the entire group killed. Think like rebels, spies, etc. Once you make the bad guys aware of your existence, they will actively hunt you. You will be vastly outnumbered and ill prepared. It IS going to happen, but the longer you can put it off, the better.
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Basically White Wolf rpg Garou - after their Apocalypse - minus all the dice - for those who ever played the rpg system. The Characters are kinfolk whose latent genes are being awakened.

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