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Multiple Settings I am bored and in need of rp

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Horror, Realistic, Romance

Pineapple Smoothie

~Telepathic Girl~
I am a female, but I would rather roleplay males. I try to write at least a paragraph with each reply, but sometimes I just have low muse, so I'm not really lit or semi lit. If interested, comment here or PM me. One final thing, I only do BxG pairings, sorry!!!

The more *'s the more muse

Original Roleplay:
~High school/College
~Insane Asylum
~Romance (a must for me!)
~Real life Celebrities (Thing is: I get to pick whom I want to be.)***
Chris Young, Tyler Christopher, Brandon Barash, Kate Mansi, Camila Banus, or James Roday

~Days of our lives *******
These are the people that I can rp as if someone wants to rp this: Stefan, Gabi, Abigail, Chad, Rafe, JJ, or Brady.
~Psych *
~Out of the black ******
~General Hospital (I have watched a few episodes only, so you may have to explain some of the story lines to me.)*********
Nicholas or Johnny
~F.R.I.E.N.D.S. **
~Go On**
~Warrior Cats (no muse at the moment though, sorry!)
~The Middle
~Henry Danger
~Serving Sara
~A Million Little Thinkgs***
~Resident Evil (First movie only) **
I am only familiar with Kaplan, but I may play others as well.

Pretty much anything that has the following people in it:
~Tyler Christopher
~James Roday
~Maggie Lawson
~Brandon Barash
~Matthew Perry
~Matt Leblanc

Single fatherxSingle mother*********
High school studentxcollege student
Mental patientxMental patient

Original Ideas:

Title: Searching For Ciara
Genre: N/A
Plot: Her best friend's name was Ciara Gray, the two girls always doing everything together. Until one day, Ciara disappears without a trace, but at first you think nothing of it. Because she had always mentioned travelling the world with her boyfriend. But things seem off when he comes to her house looking for Ciara, when the first thing she notices is he's covered in dust. When she asks him about it, he just shrugs it off. So now, Ciara is officially listed as a missing person. Can her best friend and boyfriend work together, especially when they are not too fond of each other?

Title: Switched
Genre: Realistic
Plot: A young couple just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy or girl, in the same moment of another couple who gave birth to a sick baby boy or girl, but the sick baby's parents switched the two babies, in which the sick one later dies.

Title: Amnesic or Possessed
Genre: Horror (??)
Plot: A young man/woman was in a car accident with a drunk driver, which he or she died instantly, but the drunk driver was taken to the hospital where he or she was suffering from amnesia, then the angry spirit of the person they accidentally killed possessed their body. Mean-while, the angry spirit had been on their way to seek revenge on someone that had done them wrong.

I will probably add more later.

Or if you want to, we could do a fandom crossover and rp using two different fandoms. One you want, and one I want. Well, I am going to go now. I hope to get a response from someone on here anyways. Toodles!!!
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Master of Depressing Memes
Hi! I’m interested in the insane asylum Rp! I’d like to do a mental patient x mental patient, with a serious plot. Dm me if you’d like!

Pineapple Smoothie

~Telepathic Girl~
Sorry everyone, I was gone for a while. But I have sort of returned. So if you still want to rp, DM me, or if you can't dm yet, post here.

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