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One Time Luck
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About Me

In short...

  • Quality over quantity (but please, no one-liners).
  • Third person, past tense.
  • MxF pairings, F role preferred (doubling an option, MxM may be considered).
  • I'm in the CST time zone.
I want a quality reply that drives the story and pushes character growth. That said, I don't do one-liners. No firing squad will be sent for a misplaced comma or typo (I guarantee I'll be making mistakes, too).

I write in third person, past tense and ask that you do, too (and I ask that you be consistent with this).

In single-pairing stories, I prefer to write the female role, but I can double on request, and I am perfectly capable of writing male characters. When I double, I like to connect the stories somehow, but this isn't a requirement. More importantly, whether the stories are connected or not, I play both characters as equally as possible, but will occasionally favor one over the other depending on where we are in the stories.

I am LGBTQ+ friendly and I will gladly call you by whatever pronouns you prefer (for me, it's she/her). That said, my preference is for MxF pairings.

I myself am 18+ and would ask that you are, too. I prefer pairings be 18+. There will be no illegal age gaps or otherwise illegal relationships.

Romance is a must for me. I love a slow burn or a whirlwind -- it all depends on the plot we run with.

Some other "limits" you might want to be aware of:
  • I will not write out active drug use. Smoking a joint or indulging in some edibles don't count. Drinking is also okay. I will not write out someone experiencing withdrawals.
  • "Fuck" is my favorite word and I will use it. So will my characters... so cuss all you like, but don't bring any racist, prejudice, bigoted, narrow-minded, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic bullshit here.
  • I am not comfortable writing abuse/assault/sexual assault.
I am ghost friendly, but appreciate a head's up. Please don't take it personally if I leave a conversation after it's gone quite a while.

OOC chat is nice, but not necessary except for plotting and story-related discussion.

No forums. Google Docs, and Discord are preferred if possible, but pms work fine too.

  • Preferred role
  • Craving
  • Big craving
  • Not right now, thanks!
  • (plot) = I either have a plot idea, or need a good one to agree

Sesshoumaru x OC

My Hero Academia
All characters would be aged up.
I am completely up to date with the anime and manga
Katsuki Bakugo x OC

Dabi x Hero OC
Eijiro Kirishima x OC

Fruits Basket
Strictly OC x OC

Other Ideas:
childhood friends reunited
unplanned pregnancy (mom-to-be x father-to-be; mom-to-be x not-the-father)
bodyguard x client/ client's daughter
Demon / Vampire / Angel / Human / etc.

Arranged Marriage
Fake Marriage/relationship

Childhood Friends/neighbors returning after growing up
Human stumbling into the supernatural
Forbidden love: Between waring races/kingdoms/etc.

Plot Prompts:

Really craving this plot
In the year 2020 the world faced a crisis due to over population. It was estimated that nearly 10 Billion people lived on the planet, while the world was only able to produce enough resources to care for half that amount. As government agencies sat around trying to come up with a solution crime rate grew with the increased panic. Without warning a deadly virus was unleashed across the globe. The virus wiped out the majority of the human population within hours of its release. The virus, known as UDD targeted those over the age of 25, and cased the infected to bleed out within minutes of the virus entering their systems. Scientists worked endlessly to create a vaccine for the virus to save the rest of the population. After several failed attempts a private organization called Union developed a "cure". The side effects however proved to be just as harmful as the original virus. The "cure" caused fertility rates to drop drastically, making it so that only 1 out of every 20 woman could become pregnant. As birth rates continued to drop in the years following the outbreak mankind faced the end of their race as a whole. Once again the scientists at Union found a solution. They created a injection that woman could take that would send them into a heat like cycle. While this increased the birth rates it did little to offer a permanent solution.

With time it was discovered that females that where conceived with the serum had a genetic difference from generations before them. These girls had a gene that at birth could determine if they could reproduce or not. The New Gen or NG gave mankind hope, it gave humans a second chance. Girls where tested at birth and raised according to if they had the gene or not. Those who didn't where put to work, while those who did have the gene where well cared for and protected. However as with all commodities it opened up the world to a new black market. One where poor families would sell off their NG girls to the rich and wealthy. It has been nearly 40 years since the NG was discovered. Those that carry the gene are still rare and sought after by those who want to ensure their family lines continue. The black market thrives, with police and other government officials turning a blind eye. Many of which have benefited greatly from the whole thing.
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King of HeadPats.
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Hi! I'd like to delve into the plot prompt you had that you show to be really craving. If you'd like to do some plotting send a DM my way! Cheers!

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