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Multiple Settings Horror, sci-fi, and romance: the ultimate combination (original scenarios and fandoms)

Yami Tempest

Borderline insane
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Heya! The name's Yami, 16 y/o horror, sci-fi, and dark romance enthusiast. I'm looking for someone who shares these interests and would like to do a wonderfully suspenseful and grotesque roleplay in those genres!

Some guidelines;
  • I'd prefer a partner who will reply multiple times a day, with the exception of days you are preoccupied with school, work, self care, etc.
  • I request one paragraph per character, per response. If you play two characters, that's two paragraphs. You are welcome to write more, but this is a loose minimum.
  • Please approach with an open mind and a willingness to work with a neurodivergent partner. I will do the same for you.
  • Respect me and I will respect you.
  • Ask questions when you need to. Ooc communication is vital to me.
  • Don't forget to take care of yourself! Rp does not take priority over your health
Disclaimer, I like to include dark and potentially triggering aspects in my rps such as mental health, loss, worldwide disasters, etc. If you are uncomfortable with a topic being included please tell me and I'll be sure it's excluded from any further conversation/roleplay.

Story ideas!

The ISIS experiment - an original setting of mine based on a 'short' story I wrote some time ago. Overview; the leader of a government program developing biological weapons goes rogue, circumventing laws and policies to genetically alter a virus with the ability to form a symbiotic relationship with the host. It is intended to increase cell longevity to permit development of superhuman strength and regenerative abilities. The Incorporation of Supremacy Inducing Symbiosis, or ISIS, project is a success, until patient zero escapes the facility, and the virus begins to mutate in horrifying ways.

You could play patient zero, a mad scientist, someone who helps the escaped patient along the way and/or a subsequent infected. This is not a zombie apocalypse story, nor is the result of the ISIS experiment a zombie virus.

Inspired by Plague Inc, The Last Of Us pathogen, Deco*27's song 'Zombies'. The Cordyceps fungus has evolved to be able to infect humans, turning infected hosts into zombie-like shells of themselves with the sole purpose of spreading the spores. It seems almost sentient, dodging any attempts at developing a cure.

A story in this setting could follow infected people, survivors, scientists in an attempt to find a cure, perhaps even someone who helped along this evolution and unleashed it on the world. The possibilities are endless.

Other assorted story ideas!
  • A containment breach of any Euclid or Keter SCP (or a safe class one capable of causing a lot of chaos), preferably not causing a world-end scenario, bonus points if Dr. Bright was involved somehow.
  • A spacecraft crew discovers something humanity was never meant to see (inspired by various Analog Horror series)
  • Basically any kind of yandere story, this doesn't have to involve sci-fi at all but it definitely veers into horror territory.
Fandoms I'm currently open to rp;
  • Higurashi (not yet finished but don't mind spoilers)
  • Mahou shoujo site (also not finished)
  • Madoka Magica
  • SCP as mentioned above
  • Home invasion/defense type horror scenarios similar to The Strangers, You're Next, and so on
  • Anything cosmic horror related (Gemini Home Entertainment or Local 58 anyone?)
I'll add more as I think of them! Adding romance to any one of these stories is a-ok and I'd even say encouraged. I'm up for playing any gender, though I prefer playing my own (female), or pairing as long as it's legal

Alright I'm done spitting out ideas for now, please pm me if you're interested. I also have discord if you prefer that, in which case also pm me lol have a great day yall

Tanya Degurchaff

A lone warrior reincarnated over countless worlds
What you are looking for sounds interesting I would be willing to give it a shot. Tho I would rather use my oc if that would be acceptable. He doesn't have powers, not much to learn about him.

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