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Multiple Settings Hello! I’m looking for a new RP partner!

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“Love is Love, cannot be killed or swept aside.”
Howdy! The names Hale! I have an EST USA time zone so be patient if our time zones dont match up! I’ve been roleplaying for the better part of five years! I am typically semi-lit and would love if my partner can return that to keep things interesting! But, lets move onto the rules, shall we?

Further Writing Requirements:
I would like if my RP partner can write anywhere between 1-3 paragraphs since that’s the goal I tend to aim for with responses as well as semi good grammar so I can understand what you’re trying to say. The only exception to this rule is if English isn’t your first language.

Characters: I will never Roleplay with fandom characters so, please, don’t request it! I have over 50 characters of my own to choose from. All of which are entirely different from one another, also, unrelated but please don’t OP your OCs! It makes things frustrating and annoying on my end.

Plot Building: Please please please don’t leave the plot building to me! I love hearing whatever ideas you may have so please don’t be shy about sharing them because, trust me, I’m pretty sure we can work out a compromise and work in your idea into the plot!

I don’t have any roles or anything like that, but, I’m super chill with all and any kind of pairings so
I think that’s all.

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