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Fandom Having a rough time need rps

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Anime, AU, Harry Potter, Naruto Universe, Realistic, Romance, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural


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looking for a few fandoms. I do double and will post who I would like you to be. Oc Canon pairings are love. Ask about modern settings or pairings. I prefer mxf but with doubling I wi do slash.In parentheses is who I want you to double as. And please be over 18

Marvel (Steve Rogers, Gambit, Kurt)
Harry Potter ( Harry, Draco, Neville)
Pretty Little liars (Ezra)
Naruto (Itachi)
Yugioh (Atem)
Game of thrones (Jon, Oberyn)
Celebrity (list below)
The Covenant (Pogue)
Smallville (Lex)
Avatar the last airbender (Zuko)
Twilight (Emmett or Edward)
DCEU (Aquaman)

Robert Pattinson
Pedro Pascal
Ian Harding
Prince Harry
Jason Moma
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
Matthew Lewis
Tom Felton
Daniel Radcliff

PM me to rp

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