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sad lil rat

  • intro


    big time rush



    elcome to The Palmwoods; home of the future famous! Located in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, you’ll never be bored when you’re surrounded by a lively shopping district- or look no further than the hotel’s premiere and *heated* private pool!

    The Palmwoods is proud to house Hollywood’s youngest and upcoming stars- familiar faces ranging from actors to singers have gotten their start here, and perhaps you’ll be among them someday!

    This group rp is heavily inspired by Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush! yes, i have been obsessively listening to their music, no we’re not going to talk about it- While we will be keeping the silly charm and episodic format, we’ll also have more mature and realistic moments woven in.

    One of the main differences between this rp and the show is that our story will be focusing on two bands; one’s a girl group, one’s a boy group. Both groups are best friends who come from the middle of nowhere, and only meet the other band when they arrive at The Palmwoods for the first time. They’re directors expect them to work together to support each other marketing-wise, but will they be able to pull it off, or will they lose the chance of a lifetime?

    We’ll be writing about both groups’ rise to fame, as well as the drama between them as they get to know each other and the general teenage chaos they’re bound to get into.



    Both groups have been best friends since grade school; each role is available for both groups (ie: ‘the looks’ will be available as a role for the girl AND boy group, so in the end we’ll have two ‘looks’ of opposite genders). Think of the roles descriptions as loose suggestions rather than set in stone. The characters do need to keep the same sense of the description, but it doesn't have to be spot on.

    Because the roles are available for their male and female counterpart, I want you to get creative so we don’t have two versions of the same person (although it would be kind of funny if both groups realized they were just different gendered versions of each other)- and I should note here: all of them are charismatic and/or charming, if not a tad socially awkward- there’s a reason they ultimately make it big.

    All of the characters are almost done tenth grade, and are between the ages of sixteen and seventeen. There are no exceptions to this, save for the genius roles who I’ll allow to have skipped a grade.




make your luck,

with the life you


slice of life, fame



spots open



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welcome to the CHARACTER APPLICATION thread !!

i will be playing both the leader (female) and the clutz (male) -
you, however, are only allowed to apply for one character for the time being.
if you would like to specify your willingness to double as a different role for the opposite gender/band, it would be much appreciated.
all other roles (including the male leader and female clutz) are open and able to be applied for.
coding is not required, but it is loved. i am looking for quality of writing and character over all else!

friendly reminder that this is NOT first come, first serve.

please DM ME with any questions. as of now there is no deadline for applications, but expect that change in the coming days.

thank you so so so much for your interest !
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lena gall

the leader.

aslihan malbora.

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--- & ---​

walker toblerone

the clutz.

froy gutierrez.

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Lola Villanueva

# the klutz

# olivia rodrigo

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Trigger Warning: Family illness (unspecified), ongoing.
  • Go and make your luck with the luck you choose. If you want it all, lay it on the line.
    Lola Villanueva
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The Brains

Lara Mae

Lara Mae Sterling

goes by






chinese + white






eye color

hair style
waist-length, wavy w/ curtain bangs

body modifications
double ear piercings

wardrobe style
lara aims for a comfortable, casual form of stylish. she has a preference for baggy jeans, occasionally adorns baseball caps, and has plenty of vintage t-shirts. she recently began to think green and purple look very good on her, so part of her wardrobe has been overwhelmed by hints of the colors. however, she can also be found with oversized hoodies that she's thrifted to go for a more 'vintage preppy' look.

face claim
courtney eaton


personality type

Ah, to be blessed with smarts from such a young age. That's exactly what Lara Mae was: blessed with smarts. Although, she really only had book smarts. Of course, she knew how to navigate friendships - although she'd learned the hard way of being incredibly awkward and shy during her childhood and preteen years, not fully perfecting socialization tricks until she turned 16. Nevertheless, she's quick, intuitive and has incredibly dry humor. Lara is often sarcastic, and although she is gifted with book smarts and an endless knowledge of facts, tends to take a pause to process what those around her are saying before she reacts. The way she finds herself getting flustered tends to be endearing to others but endlessly embarrassing to herself. She's been trained to remain optimistic but finds herself accepting the harsh realities soon to come, leaving her to spiral into what-ifs. Which means she often poses questions to others to think of all the possible outcomes of their actions. She's practical: looking out for those close to her and finding all pieces to solve the puzzle of life.


Lara isn’t big on dreams if it strays too far from her reality. She knows that to secure a strong future, she needs to go to school. That isn’t any different from anyone else’s life, but she long accepted that people may think differently. She thinks that there are reasonable, logical solutions to issue that arise and wants to navigate her life as efficiently as possible. She’s been known for trying to explain things rationally to her friends, sometimes too often.
emotionally intelligent
Lara Mae doesn’t excel socially, but she does recognize when boundaries are being crossed or when those around her aren’t feeling their best. Being attuned to their emotions has helped her maintain the few relationship dynamics she does have.
Lara Mae is naturally friendly and approachable. She enjoys connecting with others and building positive relationships. Although she may not recognize it herself, people do appreciate her for her gentle nature.
She has a knack for finding common ground and resolving conflicts. She acts as a mediator in tense situations among her friends and family, often taking a logical and practical approach to help them find reason.


Lara Mae is, to put it gently, socially awkward. She has been for as long as she can remember. She tends to struggle with social interactions and feels uncomfortable when meeting new people, although is slightly more at ease with her friends. Although she’s worked on socializing over the years, her social anxiety continues to loom over her to some degree.
She dedicates herself to an unreasonable level of perfectionism. She strives to be the best, often leading to a competitive nature, and will not be satisfied until she reaches college and beyond. This drive for perfection can sometimes create undue pressure and stress for her, as she holds high standards for herself.
Lara has set goals for herself, including where she wants to end up even years into the future. When things don’t go as planned, she tends to break down - or at least be on the verge of it. Last minute changes are unacceptable for Lara, who is on time or early for anything. When she comes up with a plan, she must see it followed through.
Sensitive to criticism
She takes criticism very personally. How can someone be perfect if they’re being criticized? It easily makes her flustered, embarassed, and hurt. and may take it personally. She does try to self reflect in her own time, but in the moment can react without thought.

green + purple colors, cotton candy, sparkling water, superheroes, crossword puzzles, indie rock music, lakes, swimming, led lights

carbonated soda, thunderstorms, insects, mice, birkenstocks, noisy neighbors, small talk

brain teasers, singing, playing the guitar, local volunteer work, watching documentaries

Lara has trouble hiding her facial expressions - it's a dead give away to how she feels about a particular person or what she's said. Getting caught by a friend often results in her inability to stifle laughter. She moves the rings on her fingers around often - swapping the finger that they're on. When involved in a conversation, she usually leans forward to hear better, but that doesn't change the fact that she'll zone out because she gets lost in her own thoughts.

She’s competitive and a perfectionist - Lara Sterling simply enjoys being right at everything. Not being the best, or simply being wrong, will not suffice. It’s a sign of failure and Lara cannot be a failure. Failure means instability, so Lara needs to be the best at everything to ensure a comfortable future. Going to school, getting a good job, a home - she needs all of that, and she can’t wait too long. Having fun is great, but she needs to be realistic. Lara wants to get into a UC school or go to UPenn, one or the other.

love language
Quality time! Lara is no stranger to being caught up in homework or studying, so she appreciates simply sharing a space with those she has a strong relationship with. She doesn’t mind sitting around and watching a new show instead of going out, as long as she’s with her friendships and family.

online presence
Lara uses instagram more than anything else - but it’s mostly filled with photodumps from her outings. Sometimes she can’t even be bothered with leaving captions. That’s why she prefers using her story to post. Surprisingly enough, she does enjoy getting her friends to do tiktoks with her - usually acting out scenes for shits and gigs. She’s big on keeping her online presence clean, because how else will she improve her odds of getting into a good college? No cursing, no alcohol, no drugs - those are her rules.


Lara Mae's parents didn't go to college - they got married early in their 20s, had Lara's older brother Hudson, and opened a restaurant. Growing up, the family frequently went on trips, concerts, and museums. It was a lifetime of thrill and adventure for the Sterlings. The two Sterling children were raised in the restaurant with free range. It was sort of implied that they would go on to run the restaurant one day, especially as it expanded across the town, and Hudson had no issues with that. He was a free spirit, he was social, he was genuinely living life to the fullest. Meanwhile, Lara Mae enjoyed reading, stayed close to her mother, and collected her family's old records.

At the very least, her parents were very supportive of her. She was quite literally the embodiment of a spoiled, youngest sibling. Although it didn't come with the harsh expectations on her older brother that often went hand-in-hand with such a dynamic. He received just as much support and understand from their parents. Lara would say that they were almost too understanding. The Sterlings had no expectations or pressures for their children. As long as they were happy and survived, what more was there to ask for?

As a child, there wasn't more to ask for. Lara would often sit with her mother and read books far above her age level, dance to the classics and help mix pancake batter for her parents to whip up for customers. It was a good life to live. But everyone knows that being advance for one's age in school rarely leaves a healthy mark. She didn't skip a grade, by any means, but she took on a faster pace than other students and took advanced classes as early as the third grade. At the time, it was fun. But it meant that Lara wasn't often in classes with kids her own ages. For someone who was already shy, it came at the cost of understanding how to socialize. Lara didn't like talking to people she didn't already know and had no idea how to fit in with the kids who were older than her. They already had their own friends, so they wouldn't want someone as young as her.

Luckily, those were only problems for when she was at school right?
As Lara grew older, she was sure there was plenty one could ask for. She couldn't imagine not having her life fully planned out. If things didn't work out the way she originally envisioned, Lara would fall apart. Plans had to be perfect. She didn't want to end her education after high school - that was too much pressure, too soon, to find a career. She needed to get at least a bachelor's degree, although she was certain she would shoot for a master's program as well, so that she could enter the public health research field. That was a big ask.

As a teenager, she found her escape in the few friends she was able to make and music. She was content with singing in the background and strumming on her guitar - she honestly did not have the biggest stage presence and she hated talent shows at school. She couldn't dance. The pressure of standing in front of a crowd was too much. At least singing and playing guitar meant she could occasionally sit, or at least hide from middle stage.

But that was just a way to relieve herself from potentially overworking her brain. A mental escape, so to speak. Lara was constantly reminding her friends to study for their exams or finish an upcoming paper. Sometimes she would reject the opportunity to go out because she wanted to get ahead on her work - if that was even possible. There was no escape from school. Lara was constantly on the move. Her brother had graduated after her first year in high school, so she didn't have him to lean on. She only had her friends and music as an escape from the looming future. Life wasn't just going to stop so that she could have fun, after all.

It was a blessing that Lara had even made friends by the time she was in high school. Her heart tended to race just a little faster when she met someone new and although she desperately wanted to spend time with others, it meant that she'd have to suffer while socializing. She proved to be a loyal, trustworthy teenager. Lara clung to those she built strong relationships with and actually made efforts to go out, but not without a book to keep up on her readings or schoolwork.

It was just a shame that she didn't do so well at making new friends without her current group around. She often found herself cracking jokes that others wouldn't understand and not knowing how to recover the conversation (but it was probably harder because she was so nervous and made things more awkward).

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  • I'm Too Sexy

    Right Said Fred

    Jack Paulson
    date of birth
    23rd December
    The Looks
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  • nobody likes the opening band

    legal name
    Dominic M. Damon
    Dominic Diamond
    Damon - Friends
    Dom - Fans
    date of birth
    The Leader
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  • Do you think a life has any value if one doesn't leave some mark upon the world?






    hair c.


    eye c.


    hair styling

    Most often left natural, if not in a protective style. Well taken care of with a rigorous routine.


    Always perfect, never a hair out of place. Her presence is of perfection and commands attention. It would be impossible not to notice when she walks into a room.


    Nat is always dressed to impress. You won’t catch her wearing anything that isn’t brand named. She commands power, and knows she won’t have it if she doesn’t dress the part. All in colors she picks to make herself look more trustworthy. Don’t forget the makeup, she wouldn’t be caught dead without it.


    Sofia Wylie

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